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Crooksville/Burr Oak Interconnect Project

Purpose of the Project:  To provide a more reliable source of safe drinking water to Crooksville and resolve its current noncompliance with federal safe drinking water standards.  The chlorine used for disinfecting the drinking water reacts with organic matter in the water supply, creating trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids.  These disinfection byproducts, when consumed over a long period, have been shown to cause increased risk of cancer and possibly other problems, like adnormal pregnancies and heart or kidney disease.

Project Description:  The project will begin south of the Villageof Corning and proceed north along State Route 13 to County Rd. 22 (Tatman’s Rd).  It will proceed along County Rd. 22 to SR 37 at which point it will cut across country to the Sayre Reservoir at the interconnect point to Crooksville’s existing 8″ water main,  The project will consist of approximately 43,000 LF of 12″ waterline, a 225,000-gallon water storage tank, a 500 gpm booster station, and flush hydrants and gate valves.

Project Cost and Funding Source:  The total project cost is $2,595,000.00 and the funding sources are as follows:

-Crooksville $303,652 from a grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission.

-Crooksville $33,740 Ohio Public Works Commission loan at 0% interest.

-Burr Oak Regional Water District $280,570.

-Crooksville $750,000 Disadvantaged Community Funding from Ohio EPA-DEFA which is expected to be $250,000 grant and $500,000 at 0% interest.

-Crooksville 1% loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority for $1,227,038.

*The OWDA loan for $1,227,038 and EPA-DEFA loan for $500,000 shall be fully repaid by the BORWD.

Crooksville’s Current User Charges: Water in-town minimum monthly for 1000 gallons is $30.00.  Out-of-town minimum monthly is $44.00.  Each 1,000 gallons over minimum is $7.00.  In town water tap is $2,000 and the out-of-town tap is $2,500.

Project Schedule:  The anticipated project schedule is January–October 2009.

Contact:  Tom Collins, Village Administrator at 740-982-2712 or [email protected]