01-08-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, January 8, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Bill Dennis was absent.

  1. First up was Corlyn Altier with CSA Enterprises to give Council an overview of Ems billing for the year 2017 of what was collected compared to 2016 and what updates with the government changing things was coming up.
  2. Next up was Chief Ralph Hill to go over Fire/EMS with Council. He gave Council an update on the ambulance that was in an accident and explained what the other party’s insurance offered and stated that Jan is working on getting this raised. There is still a loaner squad over at the station that the other party’s insurance is currently paying for. The cheapest squad he has found is approximately $166,000 and has received three different quote and are looking at the highest amount of the Village getting for the accident is $40,000. He also stated that over the weekend, the rescue truck caught fire, with Finley Fire saying it was an electrical short. All surrounding departments bring in water due to the waterline project. Chief Hill stated that he is working on the year-end report for 2017. Mayor Redfern asked if we have the people to cover all the shifts available to keep from running over the hourly limit and Chief Hill would like to have people cross trained for Fire and EMS so they can do either, whichever the call is for. Chief Hill is meeting with the trustees to see if they will let us put on a 1.5 Mill for each Township. Tom asked Chief Hill if he has figured out any financing for the new Fire Station. Chief Hill responded that he emailed Jan about looking into getting a bond and is looking into grants. Tom asked if they can afford a new station and Tom stated that he feels Council needs to look at this as well.

Bill Dennis is now present.

  1. A motivational speaker, Brad Hurtig is wanting to rent the Rec Center. Mayor Redfern gave Council information that Angel had received and asked Council what the rate should be and if a discount could be available since they are non-profit. They needed to set up early afternoon but the concert would not be until 7:30 pm. Council discussed this in further detail and decided that they would have to pay the normal cost for renting it to follow what the Ordinance states. So it was decided that the cost to get back to them with would be $150.00 with a $50.00 deposit back if they clean up and this will be held on Monday, February 12th.
  2. Mayor Redfern stated that since they were on the subject of the Rec Center, he discussed with Council about the fire alarm system that needs to notify everyone because of the size of the building and explained that this is something being taken care of.
  3. Next item on Brittany’s agenda was the Fund Summary report that was updated at the end of the day with all bills paid and most transfers done. Mayor Redfern explained to the two new Council members that they get this twice a month to give them an idea of where they stand.
  4. Mayor Redfern explained the funding application timeframe that was passed out last Monday night that ODOT has available for. He explained that he will be applying for the Municipal Bridge program for the Industrial Drive bridge and if awarded, it will be on the 21-22 replacement list. This was discussed in further detail.
  5. Mayor Redfern stated that he would like to develop an Insurance Committee that would include the Council President as well as one other Council member to help with due diligence for employee’s insurance. It needs to be on the agenda to assign Chris Rice and Scott Locke to this committee to gain a better understanding of insurance available to employees. Tom explained that we were looking at getting on board with South Zanesville along with a bunch of other communities looking at doing a consortium to be ready for November. Mayor Redfern asked Chris and Scott because they are retired and are able to attend meetings and things for this. This was discussed in further detail.
  6. Brittany explained that each term, Council members are required to attend a Certified Public Records Training or designate someone to go in their place. She explained that one is coming up in Lancaster and is a good training for Council to attend if they would like. They stated that they would like to designate Brittany to go for them and would like this to be on the agenda for the following week to attend the training in Lancaster on February 9th.
  7. Mayor Redfern gave Council a copy of his 2018 State of the Village to look over.
  8. Bill Hampton asked Tom to thank Dana, Mark, and Bobby for a great job for the main line water break out on 93 with them even climbing down into the hole and that they are appreciated.
  9. Tom stated that the first item on his agenda was that he has given all of Council a 2018 ‘Hit List’ folder that includes the 2017 hit list that he felt might be a little overwhelming. Because of this, he narrowed the list down to five for 2018 that Council really needs to focus on and move forward one way or another with. He stated that this will be the first item on future workshop agendas until formal action is taken on each either for or against. He explained what was in this folder. This included Reservoirs #1 and #2 in Morgan County, water/sewer accounts in the Property Owner’s name, temporary termination and if they want to abolish or establish a time frame, business registration, and vacant property registration.
  10. Next item was an FYI for Council explaining to them that the monthly waterline project construction meeting is this Thursday at 9:00 am and would like for Council to attend if their schedule permits.
  11. The last item on his agenda was for Council to look over the GovDeals MOU and if there were no questions, he was going to have the Mayor execute and return back to GovDeals. Tom recommended getting someone else to learn how to do this as well as letting Council know that he is going to start designating things to get everyone to know what the job is for his exit out of here. Tom thinks that GovDeals is something that we should focus on because it makes us money and with this we could do what Mayor Redfern has been wanting to do with property maintenance person along with having them take care of the permits and GovDeals. He feels that if it was under one hat, it would accrue a lot more money. Tom went over what was in Capital Projects fund and stated that it can only be used for this. He stated that he would like to see Council use this to take the old Municipal Building down since the money is there. Tom explained that he has a lot more to sell but doesn’t have time to get it all on there. They discussed in further detail. Bill Hampton asked Tom if he could put together a job description for this position that they are trying to create. They discussed sign permits, and all permits in general as well as the house that needs cleaned up behind State liquor store. Tom explained that is the purpose for the vacant property registration.

Scott Locke asked about the Crooksville web page and wanted to know what the discussion was about the webpage. Mayor Redfern explained that they are looking at getting someone different to handle the webpage because they are not happy with what was done by who the Village currently has. There is a place in Logan that will come up and talk with Council about redoing the webpage and has been dealing with Government services for many years.

Council and Mayor Redfern discussed the railroad and about the bridge on Main Street and Industrial Drive. Bill Dennis stated that the Industrial Drive railroad track is horrible and needs something done about it. Mayor Redfern discussed putting up stop signs at this.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.


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