01-13-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, January 13, 2014

Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Jeremy Allen, and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was present. Jan Driggs was absent.

Mayor Lantz asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany stated that first on her agenda was Ralph Hill to give a Fire & EMS update.

Ralph Hill stated that he had a gentleman here that would like to join the Crooksville Part-Time EMS and asked him to come before Council and introduce himself.

His name was Anthony Williams and that he works as a medic currently and has been running medic since 2001. He stated that he likes rural EMS and that he knows a lot of people that work for Crooksville. He is an instructor in EMS fields and he is an RN.

Jan Driggs is now here.

Ralph stated that for 2013 there were 283 fire runs and 1571 squad runs totaling 1854 runs. He stated that this is up approximately 200 runs and this year to date they have done 59 squad runs since the beginning of January.

He stated that with the new truck, it is being shipped to Canada to the manufacturer to make sure there are no waves because the tree hit it on the corner and mashed it in. He stated that it is sitting in Twinsburg right now waiting to be shipped to Canada. Ralph explained what the bill for Jim Miller’s Body Shop was for and Council discussed what to do about this. It was something that was supposed to be warranty work and Med Tech backed out of paying for it. Fred Redfern asked if our solicitor should get a hold of the company on this and Ralph said that it would not hurt. Council stated that they feel even though our name is on the bill, we should not pay it if it is not our responsibility as Med Tech was supposed to be paying for it.

Ralph stated that the ambulance needs re-lettered. He stated that Chevron should be used because it is reflective. Ralph stated that the estimate with Chevron and all lettering would be about $1900 from a company in Marietta and that this was the cheapest.

Brittany informed Council that they have been given a statement of cash and this is showing the month end being completed but not with the year end.

Brittany informed Council that they had a list of all debt payments for 2014 in front of them.

She stated that Chief Tysinger asked her to put the following on the agenda. The Perry County Fair Board and Crooksville Eagles are donating money to the Crooksville Police Department and this money will be used to purchase three shot guns out of the Police Equipment Fund at approximately $666.00 a piece. Chris Rice asked what was going to be done with the old shot guns and she replied that she was not sure. Council discussed the old shot guns and why they wanted to purchase new ones.

Brittany Ross asked Council if trash haulers can be approved without the count of customers. She stated that there are three or four that this is the only thing being waited on. Council stated that this was fine to do without the count of customers. They wanted Brent Tysinger to write a letter to the haulers that have not responded letting them know that they have to do their permit and pay their fee to haul in Crooksville.

Tom Collins began his agenda.

Tom stated that the first thing on his agenda was that the bridge inspections have been done on the North Buckeye Street Bridge over Burley Run and the Industrial Drive Bridge over Moxahala Creek. The recommendations provided by Jones-Stuckey Structural Engineering were to post a 22 ton sign at the N. Buckeye Street Bridge and a 14 ton sign at the Industrial Drive Bridge. Tom stated that he does have signs ordered for both of these. Chris Mohler asked if this included the Main Street Bridge and Tom stated that the inspection for that bridge was completed at an earlier date.

Tom stated that next on his agenda; Bob McClain was in again concerning the wall on Wilson Street that keeps falling on his property and that he will be seeking legal advice. Tom wanted to let Council know that this will be coming.

He stated that the next thing on his agenda is in regards to the Policies and Procedures manual and that he is planning on having a mandatory meeting to go over this with all employees. He wanted to pass them out, have them sign, and have discussion. Chris Rice asked if employees should have time to go over this before the meeting. Tom stated that he will have a meeting on this next week.

Tom wanted to clarify the abandonment procedure with Council. He stated that they have all been given a letter from Lisa to him regarding some properties wanting to abandon services. Before he told these people what to follow, he wanted to go over it with Council to make sure all is still in agreement since it is fairly new. Council discussed the two properties wanting to abandon utility services.

Tom stated that the next item on his agenda is an administrator’s recommendation. This was to pay overtime in lieu of comp time, to employees that worked the sub-zero weather repairing water breaks on January 5th and 6th. Fred Redfern stated that he was not in favor of this because he did not want to open a can of worms. Tom stated that it is around 24 or 25 hours total in overtime for the three that were out. Chris Rice stated that other departments may complain and want this as well because they were out and there should be a criteria set. Bill Hampton stated that he does not see a problem rewarding the employees for going above and beyond for their Village. Chris Rice stated that he agrees with Fred Redfern that it will come back to bite us but he is still in favor of paying it.

Tom stated that the Rules of Council discussion was next on his agenda. He stated that Jan Baughman has sent him the ORC 705.13 that regards salaries and attendance of council members. It discusses the effects of absences and pay deductions. Council discussed what the current Rules of Council states and what can be incorporated in from this ORC 705.13. Tom stated that he was not sure if Council had to adopt this or not. Chris Rice stated that he didn’t think that we would have to because we already are supposed to go by the ORC. Tom thinks that this will need to be incorporated into our Rules of Council.

Chris Mohler stated that on average, three days out of the week he goes to work and looks at the Park. He stated that the trash cans are knocked over and trash is all over the place and he feels that the trash cans should be put away. Tom stated that the reasoning behind the trash cans being down there is so trash is not just thrown all over the ground but he will put them away.

Chris Mohler asked about the second house on the right on North Buckeye Street and if they got a building permit for the extension and roof off of the back side of the house. Tom said that they are good.

Bill Hampton asked about putting the dumpster where the trash cans are because it has not been flipped over like it is supposed to be. This will prevent kids from being knocked over. Chris Mohler said that he did not know what to do then to fix the trash problem down at the Park. Tom stated that the trash cans on Main Street are not ever emptied either.

Jan Driggs stated that she went in the thrift shop that Joe Messina had and he told her that he heard they talked about him. She told him that it was about his trailer and asked if anyone had gotten a hold of him. He stated that no one has yet. She wanted to let Council know that he is living in one of the buildings and his in-laws are living in the building closest to Four Star Pizza. Chris Rice said that he thinks there should be as many water taps as there are occupancies. More discussion took place on this matter.

Fred Redfern stated that Steve McNeal called him about when archery came back Sunday night, there was a leak but he thinks that they have this fixed. The other thing he wanted to let Council know was that on March 7-9, the State Bow Shoot would conflict with Basketball one night. They would pay $500 for this but the Basketball games would need to be changed for that Saturday. Bill Hampton stated that if there was more notice, this would not be a problem but the Basketball cannot be changed. Bill Hampton stated that he has already talked to the Mayor about this. Fred Redfern stated that the Rec Center is losing money and this would gain an extra $500 if it could be accommodated. The Mayor stated that Bill Hampton is in charge of the Rec Center.

Council went into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) Personnel.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Darrell Lantz

Fiscal Officer                                                              Mayor