01-22-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, January 22, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Billie Smith, Jan Driggs, and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was present. Bill Hampton was absent.

  1. Chris Sparks with Christy Catalytics was first on the agenda. He just wanted to follow up with Council on if they were going to move forward with vacating the alley since Christy Catalytics stated that they would agree to a utility easement with the Village. He presented a video to show Council more in detail about the property and their plans. He is asking Council to get back with him as soon as possible so they know what their plans are moving forward.
  2. EMS Chief Ralph Hill was present to discuss with Council the medic that was in the accident. The insurance settlement was $30,713 for the medic that was totaled due to Finley Fire calculations with depreciation taken into account. Some quotes were collected to review for purchasing a new medic. He presented three different bid quotes ranging from $166,000 to $189,000. The plan is to take the insurance money plus 50-60,000 from Star Ohio to put down towards. Brittany spoke to five different banks regarding financing. The insurance is possibly going to continue paying for a loaner medic, the negotiations on price is going on right now to try and get the other insurance to agree to continue paying for that rental. The specifics of what medic they were looking at was discussed in further detail. Mayor Redfern asked about financing on the new Fire Station and if he has looked into that. Ralph stated that he is waiting on the Solicitor to get back with him regarding bonds and he is looking at a few grants that he is awaiting a response from in order to see if we are eligible to apply. Tom asked Ralph to get the State Purchasing specs for these medics. Mayor Redfern asked Ralph if he has had any progress on the Levy’s with the Townships. Ralph stated that he will meeting with them in the next few weeks. Tom asked if Pat Kelly was comfortable with the $850,000 and asked if he had the breakdown yet on pricing. Ralph stated that he would get ahold of Pat Kelly regarding this. This was discussed in further detail regarding the progress of the plans being done by Pat. Tom asked Brittany to put together a spreadsheet showing that Fire/EMS can afford both the new medic and fire station.
  3. The next item on the agenda was a discussion from Mayor Redfern regarding setting up a formation of Asset Management Team. The Ohio EPA has made this a requirement to have in place for the water system. They suggest including the Mayor, Water Superintendent, Fiscal Officer, Council members, Billing Clerk, and Village Administrator. Mayor Redfern asked for two Council members to be part of this. This was discussed in further detail. Tom explained that the Village has always had funds set up for this. Scott Locke and John Loomis stated that they would help the Mayor with this as well as Tom. Mayor Redfern asked for this to be on the agenda for approval at the next Council meeting.
  4. Next on Brittany’s agenda was a Fund Summary report for Council to look over. This was updated at the end of the day with all bills paid and most transfers done.
  5. Brittany asked Council if they would like to continue having Champion Services pump 100 more septic tanks. It was asked to put on agenda for approval.
  6. The last item on Brittany’s agenda was to discuss the storm drain issues involving Delaware and Mohican Drive. Mayor Redfern asked Council which way they wanted to take on this issue. He rode out with Tom to look at this subdivision and determined that the 4 ft. utility easement applied to the electric poles that were put up. Tom stated that the Solicitor needs to let us know if the Village owns this and would need to take care of this. Tom explained in further detail to Council about how the setup is and what happened that has caused this. Tom doesn’t think that this should be the Village’s problem to fix but that if the Village did decide to take this on, he agrees with assessing the properties.
  7. Mayor Redfern stated that there is a grant for ODOT where we have to pay 5% regarding the Industrial Drive bridge. The Village has no money set aside to put this 5% in. The engineering fees and matching funds has to be paid up front. Right now, we do not know how much it will be to replace. Mayor Redfern asked if Council would like to hold off until after Main Street bridge is done. Tom suggested asking Hull & Assoc. to go after Public Works money and there is approximately $80,000 in Permissive Tax. If approved for funding, it will be replaced in two years. It was asked to have this placed on the agenda for approval.
  8. Tom had Lisa put together a list of accounts owed in water and sewer back accounts. Some of these accounts have liens already in place. He explained that the water/sewer bills will be put in the property owner’s name June 1st. Tom wanted to make sure that all questions were answered and taken care of before this was complete and felt these questions were never answered and was just asking for Council’s input on this. If the utility bill is in the property owner’s name, then we are able to put a lien on the property and have a higher possibility of collecting what is due someday. This was already recommended by RCAP to be put in place.

Tom explained that due to a question that a Council member had, he wanted to let them know that a payment plan for the utilities are not turned down unless they have already received a termination notice to be shut off. He stated that he would be glad to discuss with anyone and that the employees do not treat anyone different.

Chris Rice asked where we stood with having the ability to accept credit cards for payment. Tom explained that we were not going to do this at the time because there is 2-3% added and as a utility we cannot recoup that. Tom stated that he is still in favor if Council is and asked Brittany to get together and get some more answers on this. This was discussed in further detail.

Mayor Redfern stated that Tom advised him that all of the timber has been collected off Reservoir 1 & 2. He wanted to know if Council would like to move forward with selling these two properties. Tom asked if this could be discussed before that decision is made on the pros and cons with the County’s interest and would like to go over some things with Council so they have a better understanding about the properties. Tom stated that he is in agreement to be rid of the properties and does not see the Village ever being able to use it and is a maintenance headache and quite a bit in fees with the division of Dams.

Bill Dennis asked about the chat the Mayor had with the railroad. Mayor Redfern explained that he spoke with the Ohio Railroad Commission and MORPC on a conference call regarding the monies available for repairing certain crossings that were left over in budget. But the Ohio Railroad Commission inspected the bridge and the only problem he found was that the approached were too high for the elevation of the rails on Industrial Drive. Mayor asked if the railroad could help us on grinding them down. They suggested the Village use their planer to do this. Mayor Redfern asked if there could be an agreement made with the Railroad if they supply the railroad guard if the Village takes care of this. The Railroad Commission representative stated that this probably would not be reached and there has to be a signed agreement with the railroad company. They were going to see what they could do and get back in touch with the Mayor on this. Scott Locke stated that he would just like to pay the railroad safety coordinator and get it done. Tom stated that they have tried to meet with the gentleman twice but he has had emergencies each time and hasn’t shown up.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.


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