01-23-2017 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, January 23, 2017

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was present. Jan Driggs was absent.

  1. Present was Jerry Watts and Luke Gussler to discuss with Council the problem with the football stadium lighting. The light poles need replaced and this will be a very expensive process with estimating the total cost to replace being around $150,000. The Athletic Association explained that they do not have extra money available to be spending like that. Tom Collins suggested they get ahold of Mr. Prater with AEP as well as Southeastern Electric because they may be able to provide some insight as to what needs done. Tom explained that they need to assess what they have and assess what they will need. They discussed this in further detail.
  2. Next item on Brittany’s agenda was a Fund Summary Report that was updated throughout the end of the day. All bills are paid and all transfers done.
  3. Next on the agenda was to inform Council about the Public Notice from EPA regarding discharging waters into the Moxahala Creek.
  4. Ralph Hill was present to discuss with Council updates with Fire/EMS. He explained to Council that he received from the Department of Commerce that they informed them of the tanks that will be getting removed from Lunch n Munch. Next, he explained that there were approximately 14 fire runs and 80 squad runs from beginning of January to date. He stated that he would like to give EMS a raise and feels that $0.50 is feasible and would like it to take effect first meeting in February. Mayor Redfern explained that Corning no longer has an EMS on call so Crooksville could be picking up some calls. Chief Hill discussed the Township contracts that needed updated and the ones that just needed to be renewed. It was discussed that a plan was being put together to reduce any loss for Fire and EMS when the waterlines will be going in or the bridge closing on Main Street to be replaced. They discussed a few grants that Ralph was applying for including Safer Act Safer Grant that will fund a person for five years. There were going to be four members attending training for EMS Intermediate and the Village would have to pay for 2 to go at $1,600 apiece. Mayor Redfern asked Ralph about the time card issues and he explained that he was getting this taken care of.
  5. The last item on Brittany’s agenda was a water/sewer temporary termination permit for Rodney Wilson at 525 Amerine Street. Brittany explained that she would like to have this done to where it can be lowered for the next billing and at the meeting on the 6th have it approved to be retroed back to the 23rd. This property will be up for sale and Tom explained that this is a property that the Village would be interested in due to them owning a portion of the way back to the fields by Village Green.
  6. Tom stated that the first item on his agenda was that he had George evaluate all the sanitary pump stations and his finding and deficiencies are not good and will need to be taken care of.
  7. Next item on his agenda was to let Council know that they have a couple ideas from Playworld to look at for the splash pad. This does not include piping and replacement of the pump and filter system if our current system cannot be used.
  8. The last item on his agenda was to give Council an updated list of projects that are still outstanding including the Reservoir Property, Guaranteed Deposits, The Beaumont Building and the Fire Station. He explained where we are on each of these projects and what the next steps would be. This was all discussed in further detail.
  9. Ralph stated that there is a grant available for building a new fire station and he will look into that and get back with Council.
  10. Council discussed Reservoir 1 & 2 and what needs to be done next with it and what the County could possibly do with it if Crooksville sold it. This was discussed in further detail. Tom and the Mayor stated that they would get ahold of Ben Carpenter with the Perry County Commissioner’s office and see if he would come down to discuss this.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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