02-08-2016 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, February 8, 2016

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Jan Driggs and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was present. Brittany Ross was absent.

  1. Mayor Redfern stated that Shirley Allen was present to discuss with Council about the Boy Scouts Food Drive. This will be Pack 151, who is registered to benefit their local community and will benefit both Crooksville and Roseville. April 16th will be when the Boy Scouts will be collecting food and all collected in Crooksville, will stay in Crooksville. They are asking Council permission to be able to do this.
  2. Tom stated that Brittany will be absent tonight and will start with her agenda. He stated that the first item on her agenda is the Fund Summary Report.
  3. Next item on his agenda was just an FYI to Council that it is time to get the license for Food Service Operation for both the Rec Center and Pool. The cost will be $196.00 each.
  4. The last item on her agenda is a copy of the Burr Oak Bill.
  5. Tom stated that the first item on his agenda is that the #4 Pump Station and the 95 F-800 Dump Truck are advertised on GovDeals.
  6. Next item on his agenda was that Council was given a copy of the Perry County Waterline Comparison. He stated that our rates are not up to date and he will get the information to Alan Brown to get this updated.
  7. Tom explained that Council has been given a copy of his email with Alan Brown regarding an update on the waterline project. Alan wants us to hold off on the CDBG and ARC funding to see if we get a potential grant from Army Corps totaling approximately $1-$2 million. This was discussed in further detail. Council discussed their concerns with waiting and not going forward with the CDBG and ARC grant funding.
  8. The last item on his agenda was a discussion with Council on questions and concerns that some trash haulers have been bringing up to him. Tom stated that he asked Tom Maedke with McBane Insurance his opinion on what the trash hauler’s insurance should be. Mayor Redfern thought that in the bid packet it was supposed to be lowered from the $5 million to the $1 million. It was discussed on what the Village’s insurance policy was compared to what is being asked of the trash haulers. A few trash haulers explained that a couple of the trash haulers told him that they could not bid because they could not meet those requirements. Tom was asked to get a hold of Jan to see what can be done about getting this changed and contact Mr. Maedke about the insurance requirements.
  9. Mayor Redfern asked Bill Hampton about his Rec Center schedule that he has provided and if this was for a month or the whole year. It was explained that right now it is but once basketball is over, this will change.
  10. Chris Mohler stated that he received in the mail the other day from Lake Isabella and he would like to discuss with Council about considering giving a discount to active military for the pool moving forward. It was discussed about giving a certain percentage and looking at Lake Isabella’s rates for guidance for updating the pool rates. This will be discussed at the following workshop.
  11. Mayor Redfern asked Council to remember that we have been setting money back for the baby pool and need to start looking at what they would like to do. He asked one or two members of Council to look into information on the baby pool as well as a couple citizens for ideas. Tom stated that he heard Roseville was discussing getting rid of their baby pool and putting in its place, the splash pool.
  12. Shelly from BA Disposal was asking Council about if the vote would be on the ballot for having a single trash hauler since she got the signatures needed for the referendum and wanted to know if it would be on there for March. Council stated that they will discuss with Brittany on what happened and to discuss this. She discussed what the results will be to her company if this happens. It was discussed about the weight limits on trash trucks.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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