02-23-2015 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, February 23, 2015

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Fred Redfern, Chris Rice, Bill Dennis, and Jan Driggs. Mayor Lantz and Bill Hampton were absent. Tom Collins was present.

  1. Brittany Ross stated that Eric Tokie was present to discuss with Council complaints on parking on Main Street in front of Peach’s and Winter Street on Sundays. He stated that he talked to Police Chief Walters about this because he has been close to having an accident more than once because you cannot see. Chief Walters stated that they will be issuing warning citations at parking in front of Peach’s and in regards to the other Joey will be working on Sundays so he can call him to come out.
  2. Brittany Ross stated that Council had been given a Fund Summary Report that was updated this afternoon with all bills paid and all transfers done.
  3. Tom stated that the bid opening for Wilson Street is March 9th at 10:00am in the Council Chambers.
  4. He stated that next is the state purchasing price for a Ford F-150 that will replace Tim’s maintenance truck and can be split between all departments.
  5. The last thing Tom wanted to discuss with Council was the ONDR grants that are available. This is $500 twice a year for equipment. Someone has to do the grant and administer it. Mr. McNeal would have to keep track of the hours and reports for them. Council discussed this in further detail.
  6. Bill Dennis asked Police Chief Walters how the new cruiser is doing and explained that he has had a few complaints that an Officer ran into a truck backing out of Cherry Lane and took off. Chief Walters stated that he will look into this and get back with Council.
  7. Council went into executive session to discuss personnel and legal matters.

Council is out of executive session without decisions made.

Fred Redfern discussed putting light back up at Star and Main Street. Tom stated that we still have not found anyone local to do this or even look into this. Council discussed how severe this one is compared to the one at China Street and if a traffic light should be put back up there.

Sergeant Joey Carr asked Council if ice fishing is permitted at the pond on Tatman’s Road because the county sent him up there to tell the people that they needed to leave. This is public fishing. Jerry Marks asked if there would be a liability for the Village if something happened to someone out there for ice fishing.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.


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