02-24-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, February 24, 2014

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, and Jeremy Allen. Tom Collins was present. Mayor Lantz was absent.

Chris Mohler asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany stated that first on her agenda was the statement of cash report that was updated today.

Brittany informed Council that the UAN training was good but that it will take a lot of work. The system has to be completely transferred over by the end of March and Angel will be helping on getting this done. She explained what all needed to be done in order to get the system converted over.

She stated that just as an FYI to Council, unemployment benefits have been allowed for a Part-Time EMS employee. She stated that she can go into more detail once Council goes into executive session.

The next item on her agenda was the weight limits/ trash discussion that Fred Redfern wanted on the agenda. They discussed single axle trucks being the only trucks allowed on alleys. Council discussed moving trash cans to the streets to help keep our alleys in tact. Fred Redfern stated that he would still like to see one trash hauler for the entire town. Tom stated that if it is contracted out to one company, you would not have to worry about the alleys as much. They discussed how the billing is done in other villages for the contracted trash hauler they chose as the sole hauler.

Tom Collins began his agenda.

Tom stated that the first thing on his agenda was to inform Council that Alan Brown with M.E. Companies will be at the Workshop Meeting on March 10th to discuss waterline replacement scenarios. Chris Rice asked if Alan could bring with him on radio read meters as well. Tom stated that he would let Council ask him when he is here at the Workshop meeting.  

Tom stated that the next item on his agenda was a copy of a letter he received from EPA about a violation due to someone not getting a sample at the end of last year.

Tom stated that the last item on his agenda was a proposal from HD Supply regarding a new handheld auto read gun. He stated that he recommends we get this as a backup because the one we have now keeps acting up. Also, he stated that a positive point of this would be we could send more than one person out to read meters and it would be a good investment. He stated that he will look at the finances to make sure we have this.

Tom said that an agreement was made up for Leckrone Sanitation that came in late. He explained that he had already discussed with them all of the dates and times but he could talk to them if he needs this changed. Tom asked Council if they were all in agreement with this. Council stated that they were. Council discussed this more in depth.

Chris Rice discussed the proposed solution to our water/sewer bill problems. Tom had found information from Butler County on rental property and how they handle water bills and who is responsible for them.  Council discussed the pros and cons of this. Chris Rice stated that if we go by their way of handling rentals, the unpaid balance would stay at 30 days instead of the 60 like Butler County has in their process. Not all of Council agreed or approved of this process. Tom stated to Council to make it clear that what they are saying is there will still be a deposit and if the tenant fails to stay up on their bill and the landlord doesn’t take care of it, the water bill will go in to the owner’s name and will not come out of their name again. The amount of deposit was discussed to see if it should be raised. They discussed how this would be implemented in to how we do our billing and how it would get started. Council discussed this option further in detail. Tom discussed sending the form out to all owners and give them a time limit to send it back in filled out to choose which option they want for the water bill. Bill Hampton stated that this will help us to track who owns the properties that the bills are for. Chris Rice asked if it would be a good idea for every household to fill this out and to run it by Jan to make sure everything checks out okay. Tom stated that he will run this by Jan and that she will be here Monday to discuss.

Council went into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) for new hire and unemployment benefits.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Council discussed getting the new schedule of times put on the web site for the Rec Center.

Fred Redfern asked when the permits and ordinances were going to be put on the Website. Brittany stated that she hasn’t got this done yet because of all the reports that have to be done. Chris Rice stated that he was willing to start on this. Tom stated that once they were scanned in, they can be emailed to Ryan to put on the Website.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Chris Mohler

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem