02-27-2017 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, February 27, 2017

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, and Jan Driggs. Chris Mohler was absent. Tom Collins was present.

  1. First item on Brittany’s agenda was a Fund Summary Report that had been updated at the end of the day.
  2. She let Council know that we are looking into a cloud backup for our server for prevention measures. She explained that she has discussed this with George and he feels that the backup plan costing $599 annually would be beneficial to us. She explained this in further detail.
  3. Brittany let Council know that the 2016 Annual Financial Report is done and filed with the State if anyone would like to review.
  4. The ad for the Elliott Building will be in the Perry County Tribune for the next (5) five Wednesdays starting this week. Tom explained that the bids have to be in by 10AM on April 3rd.
  5. The last item on her agenda was to ask Council what they wanted done next with the three trash haulers that have not turned in their trash hauling permit. She explained that she did not know if they still hauled inside the Village limits but a list of the three non-compliant trash haulers, Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Republic Services, and CMI Waste Removal was given to the Police Department to contact.
  6. Tom stated that the first item on his agenda was to let Council know that he has received quotes on the purchase of a new mosquito sprayer being that our current one is obsolete and parts are no longer available. He recommends the 18HP machine for $12,000 with a breakdown of departments paying with 60% Street, 20% Water, and the last 20% Sewer. It was asked to have this on the agenda for approval next Monday night.
  7. The last item on his agenda is an FYI that the Water Project WSRLA app was re-submitted and the Army Corp of Engineers revisions will go out today for their approval. Tom Maedke is preparing the RR insurance certificates for signatures and submittal. He explained that Brittany had the checks ready for this as well.
  8. Jerry Marks was present to give Council an updated report regarding Community Service and Property Maintenance for January. He explained that the hard part is finding the community service workers being that their addresses that we have on file are not updated.
  9. Mayor Redfern stated that he was present with Chris Sandefur and he had asked the Mayor if the Village could do anything to help with the Little League field and the roof that has blown off of the grand stand shelter at the Park. Tom stated that this is not ours and Council stated that the Little League has always taken care of the field and the upkeep of everything.
  10. Jerry Marks discussed an event that was going on in New Concord called Attacking the Addiction within the Village. He explained that both Crooksville and Roseville has a problem with addictions and thought maybe we could hold something like this at the Rec Center. Most cases involve drugs or addictions in the Village. He thought that this was something that Council might want to look into. Chris Rice stated that he could probably talk to some people about this.
  11. Mayor Redfern stated that he needed help from Council regarding the Rec Center and the rules and regulations that go along with this. Mayor Redfern stated that he has found two times where the Rec Center was left unlocked. Tom asked Jerry if this was something that the Police could add to their checklist to check the doors each night. Council discussed maintenance needing done in the Rec Center and Tom asked to be emailed about it so he can let Tim know that something needs fixed. Chris Rice stated that he would like to start having Climbing Wall on Tuesdays so the adults can have time to enjoy as well. He explained that the donut eating contest was great and there were 23 kids that participated in this. The original rules and regulations were done back in 1998 or 1999 and that they just need redone anyways to update. Council discussed the Rec Center in further detail.
  12. Scott Locke asked if we received a building permit for the place on China Street. Mayor Redfern stated that he spoke to Mid-East Ohio Building Department to see if a permit was done. He spoke to the gentleman and asked if he had a building permit and he stated that he did not and Mayor Redfern told him to stop until he has it approved by Council as well as the Mid-East Ohio Building Department since it is a commercial building.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.


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