03-09-2015 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, March 9, 2015

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Fred Redfern, Chris Rice, Bill Hampton, and Jan Driggs. Mayor Lantz and Bill Dennis were absent. Tom Collins was present.

  1. Mike Sharkey was present to discuss with Council about a possible extension of waterline up to the residences on Cherry Lane/ Flint Ridge. Tom stated that this cannot go any higher without a pump station. It was discussed in further detail as to how far this went and what would need to take place for this to happen. Tom told Mike to get with him on this and he will go over it more in depth.
  2. Brittany stated that she has provided Council with an updated Fund Summary Report that has all revenue through the end of the day as well as all transfers and bills paid.
  3. She stated that Council has been given a copy of the Burr Oak bill.
  4. Brittany gave Council a copy of the Water and Sewer report for January. Fred Redfern told Brittany to tell Lisa thank you for getting this put together.
  5. She stated that the last item on her agenda was an update from the State Auditor’s Office about the Fire/ Police Auxiliary outside accounts. She stated that they are fine the way they are as long as what the Chief states go in and out is correct as well as the Police Auxiliary. The Fire Department is funded by levy monies so they are allowed to have separate accounts.
  6. Tom stated that the first item on his agenda is the Wilson Street bids that opened this morning. The low bid that came in was $65,811 to Paul Construction and will have the recommendation for approval next week.
  7. The next item on his agenda was to let Council know that IBI and Terracon will be staking and drilling test holes this week for the new tank location on East Hill.
  8. Tom stated that the last item on his agenda was executive session to discuss property per ORC 121.22 (G) (2).

Bill Hampton asked Tom about the flood insurance email that was sent around. Fred Redfern explained that the government is stating how much will need to be paid and are raising the amounts with the new flood laws that are now in place. Chris Mohler explained this in further detail.

Peach was present, as well as a few other business owners on Main Street and asked Council what was going on with the parking. It was discussed on what was happening that they were going to go around town and check for the parking and this would create more problems than just with Main Street on available parking spots. They talked about the lot beside the Post Office and if it was possible that it could be bought for public parking. Chris Mohler asked how much space there is for parking in back. Peach stated that there is enough room for the employees but not much beyond that. Different options were discussed on how to handle this problem to where there is still parking available but done correctly.

Council went into executive session.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.


Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.


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