03-12-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, March 12, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Billie Smith, Bill Hampton, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Bill Dennis was absent.

  1. First item on Brittany’s agenda was a program change quote from the utility billing software for Council’s review regarding adding the ability to charge for storm water billing. This change will cost $700.00 to do. Mr. Rice asked about the timeline for the numbers to be provided by Jobes Henderson. Tom recommended tabling this approval for quote until we receive those numbers in for council to review.
  2. Next item on the agenda was a Fund Summary report that was updated at the end of the day.
  3. Mayor Redfern asked about Silver Sneakers and what Council’s thoughts were on this program. They do not think that this needed to be done due to the small number of people that are wanting to walk at the Rec Center. Bill Hampton stated that if they have a Golden Buckeye card then they can walk for free. One lady needs to be designated as a contact and get a key then the others should get ahold of that person.
  4. Mayor Redfern presented Council with an update regarding the Main Street Bridge Replacement. They met with the County Engineer and the estimated start date will be in July. He stated that Ohio Power contacted him today letting him know that the flashing lights that are up for the Fire Department needs the wires removed so they can get the bridge in. They are lowering the ton limit on the bridge and will most likely be lowered to where our fire trucks will be too heavy to go over so he has asked Chief Hill to get them weighed. They are looking at a 5-month turnaround time for completion. The center brace underneath the bridge is broke and they just found this but we don’t know specifically how low they are putting the weight limit until later this week. No emergency vehicles or trash trucks will be able to cross it.
  5. Next, Council had been given a community service report that Jerry put together over what he has done over the past couple weeks.
  6. Mayor Redfern passed out a pamphlet regarding skilled games for Council to look over.
  7. The first item on Tom’s agenda was an FYI to let Council know that he met with Jesse Brown, of the Verdin Bell and Clock Company, last week. He explained that he will have this on agenda for approval next Monday night. If there are any questions from Council, he would like to go over now. Verdin Bell offered a tour of their factory if anyone was interested in going. Tom explained that he would like to elevate it up on a concrete slab and have landscaping around it. They will set the bell on this and Tom will take care of the rest of this.
  8. Next item was a discussion regarding Christy Catalytics again. Tom put together an agreement form that the Village will agree to and what he believes Christy Catalytics will have to do. Council discussed this in further detail regarding what needs to be done and what this entails so Christy Catalytics can proceed forward. This agreement is what Council would be passing allowing them to proceed. Tom reviewed this with Council in detail. John Loomis stated that they are waiting to look over because Chris Sparks just got back in town.
  9. The last item on his agenda was a proposal for the Crooksville Website. It will cost $1,900 to develop and will cost $60 per month for maintaining and updating this website. This will be done by Dynamic Digital Solutions and will be on the agenda for approval next Monday night. It was discussed in further detail what this gentleman will do for this, including photography needed. Chris Rice stated that he would like to be included in the training that will be available.
  10. Mayor Redfern asked the citizens if they had any questions. They asked about the property up on Main Street and what was going on with getting that cleaned up. Mayor Redfern stated that this has been taken to court but they were granted a continuance and does not know when it will be rescheduled for.
  11. Last item was to go into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (3) for possible litigation.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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Brittany Ross                                                              Fred Redfern

Fiscal Officer                                                              Mayor