03-17-2014 Council Minutes

  Crooksville Council Meeting Minutes   Monday, March 17,   2014                                                                                         

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Mohler called the meeting to order with the following members present Mr. Rice, Mr. Redfern, and Mr. Hampton. Tom Collins and Jan Baughman were present. Mayor Lantz, Mr. Allen, and Ms. Driggs were absent.

MINUTES:  Motion to approve Clerk’s minutes was made by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Redfern.  Motion carried.

Ms. Driggs is now here.

REPORTS: A motion was made by Ms. Driggs and seconded by Mr. Rice to approve the Clerk’s Reports for February. Motion carried.

PAID BILLS:  A motion to approve Resolution 2014-18 paid bills and payroll was made by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Redfern. Motion carried.

TO BE PAID BILLS:  A motion to approve Resolution 2014-19 to be paid bills was made by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Hampton.  Motion carried.

TRANSFER:  A motion to approve Resolution 2014-20 transferring funds was made by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Hampton.  Motion carried.

PARK & RECREATION COMMITTEE: Mr. Mohler asked Brittany how things were lined up for the Pool advertisement for managers and lifeguards. She stated that she is getting the ad done and Mr. Hampton stated that he will take some flyers out to the high school.

SAFETY COMMITTEE: Chief Tysinger stated that this assembly needs replaced due to wear and tear because the lights are facing the ground. A motion to approve purchasing two cruiser headlight assembly from Police Equipment Replacement fund was made by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Hampton. Motion carried.

Bryan Alexander was present and would like to join the Crooksville Police Auxiliary. He stated that he has been working with the Division of Wildlife. Chief Tysinger stated that he has passed his state test and background check and will request his certificate. Chief Tysinger stated that he would be the 10th person on the auxiliary and believes that to be the maximum. A motion was made by Mr. Redfern and seconded by Mr. Rice to accept Bryan Alexander to the Crooksville Police Auxiliary. Motion carried.

Council discussed the renewal of the CSA contract for EMS billing. Mr. Redfern stated that at a previous meeting it was voted on to solicit bids for EMS billing and this was not done so therefore, the contract cannot be accepted until this is done and options are looked over. Mr. Rice asked why this was not done. Tom Collins stated that usually the Mayor takes care of this but he has been out and no one else was appointed to do this. Ralph Hill stated that if he was told to do this then he would take care of this. Corlyn Altier from CSA stated that she understands what Council needs to do and will continue the EMS billing in this time period.

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE:  A Motion was made to accept the second reading of Ordinance 2487, an Ordinance establishing indigent drivers interlock and alcohol monitoring fund by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Redfern. Motion carried.

CEMETERY BOARD:  Mr. Mohler stated that he will have the 2013 Cemetery Board report for Council next week at the workshop meeting.

UTILITY: Mr. Hampton asked if this agreement for engineering services needed bid out and Tom Collins stated that since this is a professional service, it does not need bid out. Jan Baughman stated that she believes this is correct in that it does not need bid out. A motion to accept Water System Improvements Project Agreement for Engineering Services with M.E. was made by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Hampton. Motion carried. Tom stated that this morning he and Brittany met with Julie Ward from RCAP and Alan Brown from M.E. and put together the application. Mr. Redfern asked if the Village will have any out of pocket money for this to get it started. Tom Collins stated that we will not but the remaining amount due will be added to the loan payment.

Jan Baughman discussed the Butler County application and the tenant/landlord past due water bills. She stated that she needed to correct her previous statement and that if the water bill is in a tenant’s name, the past due balance cannot be a lien against the owner’s property. Our water and sewer regulations make the owner’s liable and she can do collection letter or sue to collect but cannot put it on their taxes unless the utility bill is in their name. She stated that this has all been reviewed many times. Our registration of ownership section states that the owner needs to register when there is any change in the account. Jan also stated that maybe we could implement a penalty to owner’s that fail to register and make a violation. The application for Butler County has a place for the owner to sign and she feels that this would be a good process to have. She stated that we could follow our own rules and may be able to adopt their application form. In our Ohio Basic Code, there is a section on water and we may be able to adopt. Tom stated that there is no enforcement in place. Jan stated that if there were penalties then this would help. She stated that when she goes to collect, she will need both the tenant and owner information. Council discussed this in further detail. They discussed adding an insert to the utility bill about owners coming in to register.


NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Redfern asked if the highway could be cleaned up now that all the snow is gone. Chief Tysinger stated that he was discussing this with Jerry Marks to get some community service workers together to do this.

Mr. Redfern stated that in the workshop it needs discussed about adopting the property maintenance code. He stated that when he drove around and trash, furniture outside, and vehicles are just around homes. Mr. Rice stated that there are many things in the alleys as well. Mr. Redfern stated that he thinks something needs done about it. Chief Tysinger stated that Dallas should be back soon. He stated that until this time he has asked Jerry Marks to step in and help until Dallas comes back.


ADJOURNMENT:  A motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Hampton and seconded by Mr. Rice. Motion carried.

BRITTANY ROSS                                                    CHRIS MOHLER

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem