03-24-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, March 24, 2014

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Jeremy Allen, and Jan Driggs. Mayor Lantz was absent.

Chris Mohler asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany stated that the first thing on her agenda was Ralph Hill to discuss Fire/EMS.

 Ralph started off by stating that he had received a grant from Bluegrass Pipeline for an ATV. He received a check today for $1,000 and said that since there were so many applicants, they gave everyone a check for $1,000 with no stipulations and does not have to be used towards the purchase of an ATV. He stated that this would go to the Fire Department.

He stated that the next item that he would like to discuss is in regards to a letter from an attorney’s office where a person that passed away and left the Crooksville EMS Department money to use towards supplies or equipment. He stated that he is not sure of the amount yet.

He stated that he received a quote for the siren proposal that Council had discussed. The price for getting the new siren, pole mount, controller, and radio receiver, and installation. This does not include a battery back up. The amount was $13,934.20. Chris Mohler asked if he would be splitting this 50/50 and Ralph stated that he would be. Council discussed other possible locations that this could go. Fred Redfern asked if this was the only bid that he got and Ralph stated that this was the only recommended one. Tom asked if he was planning on getting a battery back up. Ralph stated that he can and it would cost another couple thousand to get this as well. Chris Rice asked what the time frame was and Ralph replied that once this is approved, he can get everything ordered. This would get everything out of the old Municipal Building in regards to electronic equipment that is still being used. This was discussed in further detail.

Ralph stated that he wanted to get an upgraded camera system. He said that George spoke to the guy from I2C and this would take 10 cameras that would cover outside/inside, all of the doors, parking lots, bays inside, as well as one covering gas pumps. Ralph stated that his camera system now is outdated and is analog and parts cannot be bought. Chris Rice asked if he had a price yet and he replied that it was $7,500 and this was without George’s cost for installing.

Ralph’s next item was to discuss the paint job on the squad. This was the job done in November from Jim Miller Body Shop. He stated that he has been told that they are going to take this to court and since his name is on it, he will have to go as well as the Village. Ralph proposed that the Village pay it and try to collect what Med Tech should have paid. Tom stated that this should be given over to our Solicitor to handle to try and get Med Tech to pay. Chris Rice told Ralph to get a hold of Jan on this.

He explained that he finally got the quote to get the new ambulance fixed. He stated that this would cost $28,900 and that three quarters of the shell had to be replaced. He stated that insurance is covering this and just wanted to inform Council about the cost and damage done.

Ralph explained about the busy weekend with four fly outs and quite a few fires. He stated that right now we are sitting at about 400 squad runs for the year. Chris Mohler asked what his total was for this time last year and he said that it was around 300. Ralph and Council discussed what happened over the weekend with 210 Taylor Street and fire alarm going off. He talked about not being able to get in to the apartment building.

Chris Mohler stated that the 2013 Cemetery Report is not complete yet and would have it at the next workshop meeting.

Present was an Eagle Scout, Hunter Foster. He wanted to present a proposal for his Eagle Scout Project. Hunter explained wanting to do a community board sign and put it at the corner by Blacker’s before you get out to 93. Tom stated that this would show any non profit organizations in Crooksville. Hunter stated that his requirements for this would be that he would need someone to be his project supervisor and that they would need to coordinate with him on the work. He stated that his completion time is 60-90 days, so this would need to be proposed, approved, and completed before the end of July. The Mayor was the one that helped do this in the past. Tom asked who was financing this project. Hunter stated that he would like to get donations or do a fundraiser.

Brittany stated that the next item on her agenda was the statement of cash that was updated earlier that afternoon and it reflects all of the bills paid and transfers done for the month. Chris Mohler asked Tom if the Eagle Scout could be helped out with money out of the State Highway fund since it is along the highway. Tom stated that they would not even consider this and the only things they do is if it is to fix something. Fred Redfern asked if a new tractor can be bought out of this fund to mow the highway and Tom replied that no equipment can be bought out of this fund. Tom stated that you can charge for the equipment and hours worked by employee. He stated that we can buy paint and brushes for the lines out on the State Highway but no equipment. Chris Mohler stated that they should consider using some of this money for a beautification project out on the highway. Tom stated that this has to be approved and a horticulturist has to be hired, planned, approved, and submitted.  He stated that he would like to put Crooksville on the hill in plants so it would not have to be mowed. Council discussed this in more detail.

Brittany stated that the next item on her agenda was a copy of the solicitation/ peddling permit application that Chief Tysinger put together. She explained that he looked at New Lex’s and made it in to ours. Chris Rice asked if the Social Security number can be asked on this. Tom stated that it can be on there but it is not required.

She explained that Joe Messina approached her again wanting to rent the lot up on W. Main Street. He stated that he would sign a six month lease if that is what Council wanted at the same price of $150 a month plus electric. Council stated that they want it to be a month to month lease with the $150 up front each month. They stated that he needs to specify the vehicle that will be parked there and have a picture of the vehicle. He is to pay the electric and each party can be out of the lease with a 30 day notice. Council discussed how this mobile vehicle is included in the soliciting/ peddling chapter in the Ohio Basic Code. Council stated that he will also have to fill out the soliciting permit and pay the permit fee of $25.00. Chris Mohler stated that Joe Messina needs to be added to the agenda for Monday.

Brittany stated that the last thing on her agenda was to discuss direct deposit for all employees for the payroll checks. She explained that since we are switching over to the new UAN software system, now would be a good time to change this. Brittany explained that since we are going to one bank account and all checks will be cut from this, it would be easier to do direct deposit because only a remittance sheet would print instead of using checks. Fred Redfern asked if two signatures were required for checks. She stated that it is not a requirement but the Auditor’s suggested that we have more than one signer on the checks. Fred Redfern asked her to put this on the agenda for Monday to make the checks have two signers.

Chris Mohler asked Tom to start his agenda.

Tom stated that the first thing on his agenda is that he received a call about HAPCAP, which is where commodities are brought in annually and they would like to see if we had a distribution center for them to use. The volunteers must be age 55 or older. The lady that called him stated that this is income based and she will help to come up with the volunteers. This would be no cost to us and is done once a year.

Tom stated that the next thing on his agenda was to inform Council that he would like to purchase 10 new computers. This would cost around $1,247 each and will include a 20” monitor and Microsoft Office Pro 2013 because as of April 8, 2014, our current computers will lose all support and updates because we still have Windows XP. This is a state purchasing price and George picked all that this would include and would be needed. Tom asked about finances. Chris Mohler stated that this should be divided between the departments they are for. Brittany stated that the finances would be there and that most would come from the General fund.

Fred Redfern asked if the website was fixed. Brittany stated that she does not think that it is. She explained that anything she has done since the beginning of 2014 is gone. Fred asked Tom if he has heard from Ryan at all. Fred Redfern stated that he has had two complaints from people about the website not having updated minutes.

Fred Redfern asked if we were going to be able to pump any septic tanks this summer. Tom stated that as long as the money is there, we should be able to. Tom said that he is pretty sure it was the Sewage Replacement fund. He stated that it was 90 tanks and it cost around $30,000.

Chris Mohler stated that Council is going into executive session.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Council asked if the Pool ad had been placed for Pool managers and lifeguards. Brittany stated that it would be in this week’s Tribune. She also stated that it has been placed on the runaround channel and that she had made copies for Bill to take out to the school.

Fred Redfern discussed trash pickup prices as individuals and what savings may be if we bid out the whole town under one trash hauler. Council discussed the Village of New Lexington’s trash hauler, who is Waste Management and how they bid out the entire town. Council discussed this in further detail.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Chris Mohler

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem