03-26-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, March 26, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Billie Smith, Bill Hampton, Bill Dennis, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Brittany Ross was absent.

  1. First item on the agenda was a Fund Summary report that was updated at the end of the day with most transfers done and all bills paid.
  2. Discussion regarding the basketball rims in Rec Center. Basketball coach said that they were loose and recommended they be replaced or fixed if possible. Council stated that they would have Tim Bobb look at this.
  3. Next item on the agenda was a discussion on Terra Hammer using the Rec Center again on May 19th. This would be for battle of the bands and from the previous event, we received $27 and wanted to know if Council was okay with her turning in half door money. They discussed the fact that it was not discussed with them over accepting canned goods instead of payment. Council stated that she will have to pay the rental amount for the hours needed and if all is cleaned up then she will get the deposit back. Bill Dennis stated that he thought that everyone was to pay a certain rate. This was discussed in further detail about how future events can be done. A minimum amount should be met. This money collected was just from concession that they had. The minimum we should meet is what the rental rate is for the Rec Center. Bill Hampton believes this should approximately be about $25 per hour plus a deposit of $50. It was discussed at what was still over at the Rec Center that doesn’t need to be there. She will need to pay the $150 minimum. Tom believes that a rental form needs filled out for this that details the amount that needs paid.
  4. It was asked if there could be a free swim again for the Pottery Festival as has been in prior years. Council stated that they had no problem with this.
  5. Council was given a copy of the EMS Truck Lease Purchase Finance package to review. Mayor Redfern stated that a few errors were made because it is not an engine rescue, but emergency services truck. Mayor Redfern stated that the error in the cover letter looks like the only item that needs changed as well as the certificate of incumbency that has the wrong wording.
  6. The last item on Brittany’s agenda was a discussion on putting a four way stop at the intersection of Vaughn Street and Buckeye Street. John Loomis stated that a citizen contacted him about having problems with speed down there and asked if this could be possible to slow traffic down. This was discussed in further detail. They discussed making possible changes to the Police Department and the revenue that was brought in for 2017 which was less than what the cost paid to auxiliary to cover shifts. Tom explained that the drug cases are overwhelming. Bill Hampton stated that you can’t put a stop sign everywhere. Tom stated that Vaughn is the only street along there that doesn’t have one and need to address this regarding Police work.
  7. First item on Tom’s agenda was that Albers & Albers Law will be here Tuesday, April 3rd at 11:00am to discuss the legal aspects of water account responsibilities whether it be tenant or landlord. Tom explained what all they handle or specialize in with further detail along with looking at our rules and regulations.
  8. Next item was to discuss the plaque for the Verdin Clock. He asked all of Council to verify their information is spelled correctly so that they can proceed.
  9. Tom stated that he contacted the Division of Dams for any requirements the Village may need to address prior to selling the Morgan County Reservoirs. He attached the response from Ms. Dena Barnhouse, Program Manager for the Division of Water Resources and discussed in further detail.
  10. A proposal from Lepi Enterprises has been given to Council to look over and discuss. This will be for them to perform an asbestos material inspection of the former Municipal Building at 22 China Street. This has to be done prior to demolition.
  11. Freedom Construction is requesting to cut across ‘certain’ alleys and streets vs. boring under. Tom explained this in further detail. The quote they have given for the Village as additional payment with street details is forthcoming and did not believe that it would cost this much. Bill Hampton stated that he does not want to pay them more money and Bill Dennis agreed. In June, the Main Street Bridge sells and beginning of July he believes they will start tearing this down and the Village has to take the waterline off. This waterline is the only one connecting the East and West side of town. Tom asked Freedom Construction if it would be possible for them to tie Industrial Drive in by Shriver’s so we can have both sides of town. Chris Rice doesn’t like this idea and John Loomis asked if they were not behind, would this still be a problem. Tom stated that it would still be an issue. Tom doesn’t believe that all of them should be bored. This was discussed in more details. Tom wants to wait to give his recommendation after seeing the streets they are wanting to do this with. Tom discussed the problems with the tank as well.
  12. Council has been given a quote for a 2018 Dodge Ram meter reader truck at state bid. This does not include the work cap from A.R.E. Truck Caps. Tom stated that the white truck Rick drives at the Park has problems as well as the 96 truck motor is shot as well. The plan is to get this and move the truck he has to Park for Rick to use.
  13. The last item on the agenda is a notice that was put together for Council to review. This is for delinquent water service termination notice that will be sent out to all accounts in excess of a certain amount. This will be discussed with Mr. Albers on any legality issues prior to mailing. Tom asked the Police Chief if he has looked into the customers who have had water turned off for two years and after a month he asked the Chief and he told Tom that it has been turned over to Officer Carr to take care of. Scott Locke stated that they need an answer next Monday night from the Police Chief. Mayor Redfern explained that all the people on the list given, has not been turned in for liens. Lisa has sent out 20 to Jan to try and get liens added.
  14. Mayor Redfern stated that the AEP Energy contract date is coming up for renewal. It was discussed if we wanted to go somewhere else or keep with who we have already.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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