03-28-2016 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, March 28, 2016

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Jan Driggs and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was present.

  1. Dave Minger, a representative with OH Network Facilities was present to discuss with Council what all would happen and explain a little more about the pole they want to install and what it would be used for.
  2. Tom stated that as an FYI, the meeting with the Army Corps, IBI Group and Buckeye Hills will be held this Thursday, March 31st at 11:00 am if anyone would like to attend. This is in regards to the new waterline replacement project that will be happening.
  3. The last item on his agenda is to discuss the update to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that RFG Associates wants to complete that will cost $750.00. Council felt that this didn’t need to be done at this time. Mayor Redfern stated that this can be done next year as we compile a list of projects to have ready.
  4. Brittany stated that the first item on her agenda is the Fund Summary Report. This was updated at the end of the day and all bills and transfers have been paid.
  5. Next was if Council wanted to review the pool applications.
  6. Discussion on the rules and regulations needed to be put together for the Rec Center was discussed next. It was discussed about alcoholic beverages not being allowed at the Rec Center. They looked over a draft rules and regulations that were started before. Mayor Redfern stated that he received two complaints on drinking in the Rec Center. This was discussed in further detail. He stated that he would like to see about getting a levy for the Rec Center because it is always in the hole. It was also discussed about raising the rates. Council discussed the Rec Center and their activities in further detail.
  7. As an FYI to Council, Brittany stated that the field work for the audit has been completed and they should be finishing up the 2014-2015 audits within the next couple of weeks.
  8. The following item to discuss on the agenda is about adding an auxiliary member for Property Maintenance. Jerry Marks was present and discussed his progress with Property Maintenance as well as what he has planned.
  9. Police Chief Walters stated that he would have his report for the next meeting as well as discussed having a requirement to set up a dependent’s fund for Peace Officers.
  10. Shellie from B.A. Disposal asked Council to consider putting up weight signs instead of picking a single trash hauler and help save her job.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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Brittany Ross                                                              Fred Redfern

Fiscal Officer                                                              Mayor