04-28-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, April 28, 2014

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Jeremy Allen, and Jan Driggs. Mayor Lantz was absent.

Chris Mohler stated that first on the agenda will be the interviewing of 2014 Pool Manager Interviews. Present were Melissa Dennis, Peggy Higgins, and Brandi Love. Chris Mohler stated that he would like the pool to open the Saturday of Memorial Weekend and wanted to know if we could push the 24th of May as the opening date for the pool. He stated that school starts August 19th for kids and the staff has to go back the 14th and 15th. Chris Mohler asked Brittany to put the pool manager hires on the agenda for Monday night.

Chris Mohler stated that the next item on the agenda is the presentation on Municipal Electric and Natural Gas Aggregation. Timothy Nagy presented Council with detailed information about who would be eligible for this, the process of this, and what the Village would have to do if they want to go with Affordable Gas and Electric (AGE). He stated that he is part of a brokered consultant group that works between clients and suppliers and negotiate prices on their behalf. This is to try and get a group negotiated rate for the electric and natural gas. Timothy stated that a community can get rates that individuals cannot. He stated that this is not changing the customer’s bill, they will still pay the same place, and they will just see a line with the supply company on it. They take care of advertising and educating the community. The steps to this, is for Council to pass ordinances for both electric and natural gas, approve consulting services agreement saying that we would take a rate from them, then they start educating the resident’s with public meetings, webinars, and direct mailings, and sometimes door to door. Upon approval in November, AGE will compile the eligible customer list, bid it out to qualified suppliers, and return to Council with recommendation. There is price match and zero termination fees if resident’s want to participate in this. Tim discussed with Council the article that was in the Villages and Cities magazine. Tim explained the deregulation of utilities to Council and what this means when they choose a supplier. He stated that he had supplied Fred with a copy of the Ordinances that would need to be passed. More details were discussed in regards to Council passing these Ordinances and working with AGE.

Brittany stated that the next thing on her agenda was the statement of cash report updated through end of business today.

She stated that the next item on her agenda was in regards to the police ordinances. She stated that at the previous meeting, Council wanted her to bring Police Equipment Replacement Ordinance to discuss. Chris Rice stated that he thinks there should be a monetary limit on it but shouldn’t have to come to Council for everything and have Jan modify it. Fred Redfern stated that section two needs changed. Chris Mohler stated that it should be a limit of $500.00 on this fund.

Brittany stated that the Worker’s Comp premium this year is $29,615.24. She stated that 45% is due May 15th and if you pay it in full, you get a 4% discount. She asked Council what their opinion was in regards to paying this in full or the 45%. The previous year rate was discussed in comparison to the current year’s rate. Chris Mohler stated that she will have to let Council know what is available to be paid and what can happen. Council discussed different options for getting this paid in full by May 15th.

She stated that the last item on her agenda is that open enrollment is starting for MCO, the third party billing for Worker’s Comp. Fred Redfern asked if the current one we have is doing a good job and Brittany replied that they were. He suggested that we stick with them.

Chris Mohler asked Tom Collins to start his agenda.

Tom stated that his first item is in regards to the water tap for Steve Alloway on Watt Hill Road. He explained the location and stated that Steve thinks he can get a right of way from his neighbors to be able to hook up to our water system. Tom said that if he can do this, then we can get him hooked up. He stated that this guy wants this and is willing to pay the water tap fee of $2500. Chris Mohler stated that he does not think that Council has a problem with this.

Tom stated that the next thing on his agenda is to let them know that AEP is wanting to do a staging area agreement like what has been done before with being able to use the Village property in case of a major disaster.

Tom stated that the next item he had was to discuss the ODOT Local Bridge Inspection Program. He stated that we can opt in and there is no cost to the Village for this being done.

Tom stated that the last thing on his agenda is to go into executive session.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Chris Mohler gave Council the cemetery report for 2013. He explained the expenses and revenue to Council and gave the ending balance. He stated that this report can be attached to the minutes. He stated that they finished up the audit for the previous year and the audit is on the off year for the Village.

Brittany Ross stated that Council has been given direct deposit forms that need to be filled out and should be up and going mid-May.

Chris Mohler wanted to remind Council that the Independence Day celebration will be June 28th and would like to have Council’s blessing to have an all-day open free pool day for this.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Chris Mohler

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem