05-14-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, May 14, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Bill Dennis and Brittany Ross were absent.

  1. Mayor Redfern explained that Brittany could not be here this evening but has laid out an agenda. First item on the agenda was Jody Bowen with a discussion on the Pool. She introduced herself and explained all of her qualifications. She passed her CPO test with a 96%. She stated that she has 14 guards and that this is the right amount for this pool. She asked if the Village pays for the swimsuits for the guards. She would like to get a one piece for the girls at $38 and for the boys at $27.95. Another question was if Council would like for her to have her lifeguards be trained in using the NARCAN, a drug administered when there is an overdose. She has two doses as she is qualified to give this. Chris Rice stated that any free training is good for them to have. Jody stated that they will be refreshing their skills as in using a tourniquet as well as first aid and CPR. She asked about the concession stand regarding the pop machine since there were problems with it. Pepsi can put a cooler inside of the concession stand and as mentioned in the interview, she explained that they will keep the concession stand open the entire time that the pool is open. She asked if Council would be in agreement to her getting this cooler as this will be the same price as having the machine. Bill Hampton stated that he wanted her to check and see if there was a contract in place with that pop machine and should talk to Pepsi regarding this. Jody spoke to Loreen Collins from Pepsi and she can complete any conversion as she is in charge of this district area. Scott Locke stated that he does not see a problem with this. Chris Rice asked if this will give them access to pop the entire time the pool is open and she responded that they would. Another thing she wanted to bring up was having fresh pizza from a pizza shop in Crooksville. She spoke to Clay Valley about a large pepperoni pizza with 8 slices and can do pizza for $10 for the first three and $15 after that. Peach’s said she could for $8.50 and Domino’s said they could do a pizza for $6. She tried to get a hold of Four Star for this and they are closed on Mondays. Jody thought that the price would be good to be set at $1.50 and wanted to know from Council about which one to go with. Scott Locke asked Jody which one she would go with. Jody stated that she would go with Dominos because it is a good product and stays good for a while and will give the Pool the cans for warmers but that it comes down to price. Scott asked Chris Rice and Bill Hampton if they were in agreement for this and they did. Jody stated that she would get ahold of Dominos tomorrow. Jody spoke with Peggy regarding pool hours from 12-8 and parties from 8-10 for $125. She asked if Council would like for her to do swim lessons or water aerobics. Chris Rice stated that he would love for there to be swim lessons but no one has ever been licensed for it. Jody stated that she can do this if Crooksville will sign off that there is a certified person to do this at the facility. Jody stated that she will be in the water with her guards all the time. She can lead the swim lessons and asked what rates they would like to charge. The normal charge that she had for swim lessons would be $25 per week and $5 week per hour for the guards. Bill Hampton asked if this would be split up into age groups and when this would be. It was also asked about adult swims. Chris Rice suggested opening it up and see what the demands will be. She asked about the water aerobics and if Council would like to have this being that last year she charged $2 per person and had 35 people attend. The problem would be when the hours would be for this and this was discussed. Chris Rice stated that he will leave this judgement on when the best time would be up to her and Jody stated that she will report back with her thoughts. There are two pool parties from New Lex and Crooksville schools that already want to be booked. There is also another group, Ashley Wollenberg from Perry County Board of Summer Camp who would like to pay $125 for two days, being June 21st and July 26th from 10-2 with 14 campers and 7-10 staff. The pool would be opened early for them with two lifeguards on duty. Mayor Redfern asked if there was any kickback from the activities with the lifeguards and explained to her that there is a group that goes on vacation together and does not want to get caught not having enough people. She explained a concept called substitute guards that can be pulled in if needed if Council agrees with this. She discussed the Crooksville Pool Face Book page with Council and that Peggy will give her the login and she would be the only one running this page. Jody would like to have an app called group me that will post all schedules and a way to communicate with them to let her know if they received it. It was discussed on moving the time clock and using baskets for people’s personal items. She stated that her guards will not have their cell phones. Jody questioned the intentions of the baby pool and discussed splash pads and grants and wanted to know if this is something Council wanted her pursuing. Scott Locke explained what they have looked at regarding this. This was discussed in further detail. Council stated that if the Village had the money they would get this done and Mayor Redfern explained what all has to happen in order to fix the baby pool compared to making it a splash pad. The last item she asked Council about was the stenner pump and explained that this would feed the chemicals equally into the pool and asked Council if they would like for her to get a price from O.P. Aquatics. Tom asked her to get the information on this and he will get a price. Jody asked if it would be okay to use the chemical room at the baby pool to separate the chemicals from each other. Mayor Redfern stated that the Village will pay for the whistles as we have in the past and that the Auditor’s explained that the Pool has to make several changes that will be forthcoming regarding money handling, attendance, etc. Jody explained that she spoke with Angel today regarding this and would email her the forms that she uses and can get tickets for entrance or even wrist bands of different colors. She is open to any suggestions.
  2. The only other item on Brittany’s agenda was a Fund Summary Report that was updated at the end of the day Friday with all transfers completed and bills paid.
  3. Tom stated that he has put a construction plan in front of Council to look at from AEP. They will be doing some grounding work and cutting holes out of the sidewalk on W Main Street to put in 60 feet of grounding rods. He does not have a problem with this and would bring before Council. There are highlighted places for Council to review.
  4. Mayor Redfern explained that he received communication that Freedom will be working up E Main Street by the old school going up to First Street and plan on going up Fairview Heights and then Sand Street. If anyone asks, this is the updated schedule.
  5. The Chamber of Commerce Luncheon is this Wednesday at Dodson’s if anyone would like to attend. The cost is $15 and there will be a guest speaker there.
  6. We were awarded the mosquito grant and there will be a presentation and reception in downtown Columbus if Council would like to go.
  7. Buckeye Hills on May 24th, will have two four hour classes on Community Traffic calming patterns and Conducting Walk and Bike audits regarding safety issues like along Industrial Drive.
  8. Mayor Redfern received from Charter Communications explaining that they will be going all digital including those devices in our office that our channel will be going to 1020 and will need a box to get it.
  9. Mayor Redfern received an outdoor permit from Ceramic Chill N Grill regarding a car show and some music on June 23rd. The profits will go to the animal shelter and he explained that he did not have a problem with this. He explained that if she needed an auxiliary officer, she will need to get a hold of Chief Walters.
  10. Mayor Redfern received a bill today from our Stormwater Study totaling $4,230 and wanted to remind Council that we received a loan for this totaling $35,250. Mayor Redfern wanted Council to think of how they plan on paying this back.
  11. He received from Chief Ralph, the breakdown of cost for the new Fire Station with highs and lows with a few changes to the design of the building. Low price is $865,525 and high price is $1,174,790 for the range. At this point, we are still looking at funding.
  12. Council has been given a copy of the Community Service report from Jerry Marks for the prior week.
  13. Bill Hampton stated that Chief Hill received a State Fire Marshall grant for equipment totaling $10,180.51.
  14. TJ Glanemann was present to introduce Brayden Glanemann to Council. His background check come back okay and would like to join Crooksville Fire and EMS. Brayden introduced himself and explained that he will be starting the EMT class. He is still in school and Mayor Redfern stated that he can take the class and he will be able to test as he is 18 and when he finishes he will be in school but as long as he is 18 and has his certification he is eligible.
  15. Chief Walters stated that Roseville was closed today but would like to ask the Clerk about a grant that was available that he would like to apply for. He explained that he had a complaint about CMI Waste and he checked with Angel regarding paperwork. Chief Walters explained to them that they will be cited if they do not get the paperwork in. They claim they never received paperwork and Chief Walters told them it is their responsibility to get this paperwork. CMI ran over the stop sign while backing up and when confronted about it, he bent it back up. Chief Walters explained that if he sees them back in town, they will be cited. Bill Hampton asked Chief Walters about the grant he is looking at. This will be to allow full time officers to run radar and pay for overtime or to pay auxiliary to run radar. The Ohio Dept. of Public Safety will be coming out with more grants that he will be applying for.
  16. Gene Riggs was present with a complaint regarding what the Village will be doing about the cleanup for the property behind the State Liquor Store on 669. It is approaching 5-6 months that it has been this way. He feels it has been long enough to see results from this and asked if different set of rules apply for different people. Mr. Riggs asked if everyone was on the same page and would like to know what the policy is for this but the time frame that has been taken already he feels need explained. Chief Walters explained the process that has been taken for this. Mayor Redfern let him know that the Health Department has spoken to the owner of this as well and only asked for him to sign the papers to get locates done so this can be cleaned up. Tom stated that Council needs to pay to have this property cleaned up, file a lien on the property, and when the property sells, the Village will get their money back. Council agreed that this process needs to be done. Mayor Redfern stated that it can be put on the agenda next Monday night to approve having this property cleaned up. Tom explained that he had spoken to Council about implementing a fee for all vacant properties if nothing is done with them in the 12 months and even further the following year and if something has been done with it, waive this fee. Tom discussed this in further detail with Mr. Riggs. Mr. Riggs asked what the timeline for this will be. Tom stated that if Council would like for him to take care of it, he would take care of it. Scott Locke asked if Tom will take care of this or if he will hire someone to take care of this. Tom will get a hold of the Solicitor regarding this and take care of it completely.

Tom explained that the owner has not been cited as far as he knows. Chief Walters stated that the owner would not take the ticket when Alexander served him. This will need to be served to him again. At this point in time, he has not been served. Scott Locke asked how soon he can be cited. Tom explained that this may not be the way that needs taken at this point. This was discussed in further detail.

It was asked about the Sprankle property and if they have been cited or not. Council stated that they need more answers about what has been going on and if these places have been served. Tom stated that he will have Jan direct him in the proper procedure on how to move forward with the cleanup of the property behind the State Liquor store. He will work with Chief Walters to get this done.

Mayor Redfern stated that our system is not working and people will not want to move into this town. Tom stated that he brought it up before the waterline project regarding not installing water taps on vacant properties. Bill Hampton stated that it cannot be expected by Council to vote on something if it is not in front of them. Tom stated that we need to move on these things that have been brought up. It was stated by Council that if there is something that needs put on the agenda, put it on there and Council will vote.

Mayor Redfern asked about the time limit for people to get hooked back up to the waterline that do not meet the LMI requirements if their piping is galvanized or lead. Tom suggested making it 30 days. There were 23 households that signed up for LMI assistance and the bids to do this came in at about $90,000. This will be on the agenda for next Monday night. Chris Rice asked what it stated in the contract, if it was 90 days. Council thought this was discussed with our engineer. Chris Rice stated that if it is in the contract for 90 days, a motion does not need made. This was discussed in further detail.

Scott Locke asked what else Council has discussed in the past month that needs to be put on the agenda. Mayor Redfern said that the Storm Water Utility will come around and they need to figure out what they are doing for that. Tom asked about an amount that needs agreed upon for us to not put in new tap at vacant houses. He feels this should be approximately the amount of a new tap. John Loomis asked if someone owed a $3,000 water bill and if the waterline went through and did not install a tap, and it went to court and the Village would have to go, how much would it cost the Village. Tom explained what would be included in this cost. John Loomis is in agreement to not install a new tap if they owe this high amount. This was discussed in further detail.

Tom let Council know that Brown Circle is now completed. Chris Rice asked how many service lines are left to be hooked up to the main line that Freedom has complete. Tom stated that they may have the alley behind Sleepy’s hooked back up. They are hooking into the existing line until the new service line is ran. If the new line is already ran, they will hook it up to the curb box and all the owner is responsible for is hooking it up in the house.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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