05-29-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Billie Smith and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Bill Dennis, Bill Hampton, and Brittany Ross were absent. Police Chief Walters and Fire/EMS Chief Ralph Hill was present as well.

  1. Mayor Redfern explained that first on the list was Grant Schooley with Jobes Henderson to give an update on the Waterline Project and the Storm Water Study. He passed out the Needs Analysis for the Stormwater Utility for Council to look at and review. Grant asked if Council had established a Stormwater Utility yet and Tom stated that he believes it has not been done yet, only the debt side of things. This will need to be done Grant said and will need to get the information on that. The first page, is for current level of service meaning what it would take currently per year that included employee cost with rates, maintenance, and repairs. When you divide your monthly cost by the ERU, it gives you the monthly cost per account and for the current level this would be $1.27 monthly per account. Following, they did an improved level of service with higher percentages for a 30 year replacement cost that would cost $12.85 monthly per account. Grant stated that he knows this is too high for Council’s approval but wanted to show what this cost would be. It would be $2.42 per month for just the improved level of service. This entails nothing being put back. Grant explained that he put together what would be brought in if the Village would charge $4 and $6 per ERU. The remainder will be put back to be able to put towards projects after repairs and maintenance. Grant stated that he will wait and see how Council would like to proceed and will be available to answer any questions. Scott Locke asked how they come up with 2,800 square feet. Grant explained the process taken to get this number with random selection of 250 properties and impervious areas like garage roofs, driveways, etc. for Stormwater run-off. This was discussed in further detail. Mayor Redfern asked Grant to explain if Council went with a rate that puts money back, how this starts as an improvement on the system and where it ends. Grant stated that everything that collects go to one point, you start with the creek because this needs cleaned from the start and work your way back to have a new infrastructure and back to the smaller areas. Mayor Redfern believes that a study needs done to see what actually needs replaced and Tom stated that once there is money setback, the jet truck can be ran with cameras to have a start. Grant stated that this is why the improved level is important to try and get ahead of any problems. Grant explained the different credits that could be available for non-residents that Council could offer including water quantity, if they treat the water, if they have their own storm sewer system, etc. There is also a map available showing the non-residential users and address and square footage for each of these areas if Council would like to review with an index. Mayor Redfern would like a copy of the 250 addresses used for this study. Mayor Redfern asked Council what they were thinking regarding this. Tom explained that Council really has two options in front of them and just need to choose which route to go.

Mayor Redfern asked Grant if he had any updates regarding the Waterline Project. Grant let Council know that Freedom Construction is still working up on Summitt and E Brown Street. They have made it to the top of First Street. Regarding service lines, they are halfway down the alley North of Burley. He spoke with them on Friday and they were starting up on Brown Street. Tom stated that up on Brown he found out that we purchased pipe because they thought if they tore it out the Village would pay it back. He said that he agreed to it up on Washington Street and said that he would look at it but that we were not doing this in advance just so they can tear it out and we pay to put it back. Tom explained that this cannot be afforded and that they were even given 2 maxi fits at $175 apiece. Mark let Tom know this but this needs to be looked at first before it is done. Tom stated that this needs to be straightened up at the following meeting. Chris Rice stated that they need to fill some of the trenches back in after the big rain. Tom stated that this needs talked about again Thursday about getting Brown Street reclaimed as well as Brown Circle Drive. Freedom Construction was supposed to get a pay app to Grant by the end of the day and said they would have it with the waiver of lien but has not received it. Mayor Redfern stated that he is tired of the Village being lied to about what is going to be done. It is time to bring it to a halt and there is no reason the streets cannot be paved. Tom wants some of the reclamation work done. Grant stated that he will bring this all up at the following meeting once again. This was discussed in further detail about what needs to be done and said. Tom stated that he does not think that they have any money to function with. Scott Locke asked what will be done if they cannot do what they are supposed to? Tom believes that something drastic needs done to get some of these things done. Mayor Redfern stated that he would like for them to stop all main line installation until this is all done and reclaimed. Grant will address all these issues Thursday at the construction meeting.

Tom asked Grant for a sample Ordinance regarding the Stormwater utility. Grant stated there are still some rules that need addressed and discussed as well as a public meeting for non-residents explaining any credits or concerns of why this needs done. Grant asked Tom to check with Jan on what needed done regarding the readings of the ordinance for this and let him know what still needs done.

  1. Tom Bolyard was present to discuss the parking and potholes as well as discus the alley by his mother’s house. He stated that something needs done with Star Street and could fill the pot holes with cold mix instead of the gravel that they keep putting in there. He brought a copy of the ORC if anyone on Council would like to review regarding parking. He has a gentleman who thinks it is ok to block his driveway and he cannot find how far off the edge of his driveway that someone has to be. Chief Walters stated that it was 10ft. Mr. Bolyard stated that they are supposed to be 30ft from a stop sign. Tom explained that he does not do parking and asked if nothing can be done about that? This was discussed in further detail about what needed to be happened. Chris Rice stated that this is a problem that Council cannot do anything about. Other than calling the Police Department, there is nothing that the Village can do. Mr. Bolyard explained that there has been a car sitting on the street that hasn’t moved in three months with flat tires even though he got letters about a truck sitting in his yard that he was using for parts. Mayor Redfern asked Mr. Bolyard to file a complaint with the Police Department every time and if this isn’t taken care of in a month then to come back. Mr. Bolyard asked if the grass can get mowed over on the property the Village owns over on Walnut Street and Tom explained that as soon as the Village can get a tractor, it will be taken care of.
  2. Next on the agenda, Council has been given a Fund Summary Report for review.
  3. Council was given a copy of the Incident/Accident report that was given by Jody Bowen to see if Council approves using this form. Mayor Redfern stated that she needs to be here to explain and Tom stated that the Village has both forms already and asked if she can use them.
  4. Chris Rice was on the agenda to discuss with Council about bringing in six kids that are state bound to get in the pool free for an hour to get them refreshed. Council stated that they do not have a problem with this.
  5. Mayor Redfern stated that he left a letter in their packet that was given to Chief Hill and explained that he was out of town and someone was supposed to be present at the meeting. Council explained that they would like for him to be at these meetings to help answer questions regarding the new Fire Station or any questions that may need answered. Mayor Redfern explained that if Chief Hill or Chief Walters cannot be present, they need to let Mark and Bryan know that they need to attend these so that they can get answers quickly. Tom asked if this should be every meeting or just Council meetings. Scott Locke stated that he feels they should be there more at Workshop meetings when they are having discussions. Mayor Redfern stated that he would like for them to attend every meeting. Chief Walters explained that he cannot be present every meeting and Chief Hill explained that he as well as Mark was out of town that evening. Mayor Redfern asked to be notified if they are not able to attend. Chief Hill stated that they were waiting on the architect to get back with a breakdown on numbers for Council to look over.
  6. The first item on Tom’s agenda, was regarding the ODOT property on Walnut Street and within the correspondences between Jan and their legal counsel, instead of going through a reversionary clause, he feels that we should just purchase the property for $500. Tom explained that he would pass this on to Jan.
  7. Tom gave all of Council a copy of a new tractor estimate due to the accident that happened with Jack. He has been on the State Bid purchasing site and they are offering a John Deere that is 4-wheel drive and will be 45-50 HP to replace the Massey Ferguson. This is going to cost approximately $24,000-$28,000 with our discount through the state bid process. Tom was going to go in if he had time this week to look at them and the funds are available to split between street, water, and sewer to purchase this. Scott Locke asked what would be done with this tractor. Tom has been in contact with Maedke and they are currently working on this.
  8. The last item on his agenda, was an estimate given to Council for the cleanup for 228 W brown Street. Per Jan, the bank, First National, is also looking into getting this property cleaned up and was under the impression from the owner that it had been cleaned up. It has been up for sale twice. This was discussed in further detail. Now that the bank knows it is not cleaned up, the bank is going to work towards getting it cleaned up as well.

Scott Locke asked questions about the tractors. Tom explained that there are two tractors that he has shown them that the Village can pick from. This was what he was given for Council to look at. The size isn’t in concrete and these are just to review to give them some type of number. Tom asked Chief Walters if they had a chance to go up to State Purchasing for light bars and he replied that they did not because they received a call that they did not have any but the Sheriff’s Department has two and Chief Walters is talking to them about this. They are also looking at cruisers and found one around Cincinnati that was used by the federal government that has 87,000 miles on it and they want $8,900- $9,900 for it. This was discussed in further detail. There were two grants that were turned in, and Crooksville did not receive either one.

Chief Hill has looked at the numbers so far for May and they have had 18 fire responses and 108 squad runs with 24 being just the past weekend. He sent Council an email regarding Jan pushing forward with the Fire Station funding. He explained that he forwarded them the numbers from Pat Kelly. He sent everyone an email regarding the grant that Crooksville received for protective gear and SCBA from the State Fire Marshall. We are still in the running for the grant from FEMA for this year. Scott Locke asked what he feels the chances are that we will get approved. Chief Hill stated that he believes about 50%. The items requested on the State grant were not the same as this other grant.

Council went into Executive Session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) for Personnel and (G) (2) for Real Estate.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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