06-09-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, June 9, 2014

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, and Jan Driggs. Mayor Lantz and Jeremy Allen were absent.

Chris Mohler asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany stated that Council has been given a statement of cash. She let them know that this is only through the end of May because she was off Thursday and Friday and has not completed the month end yet.

She stated that the next thing on her agenda is that Council has been given a copy of the Burr Oak bill. Chris Mohler stated that this was for 12.3 million gallons and asked Tom if this included filling up the pool. Tom stated that this is high and the pool only uses about 250,000 gallons. He stated that ME has been out locating utilities. Fred Redfern asked about the Burr oak bill totaling $51,879 and how much the water fund brings in each month. Brittany stated that it is around $80,000 as Fred Redfern asked. He asked her how we can afford this with only bringing in that much and paying the rest of the bills. Brittany stated that the water works debt payment will be gone after the payment on July first and the water rates are increasing so more revenue will come in. She also stated that we have been able to pay all of the bills each month and stay caught up on the transfers.

Brittany stated that the next item on the agenda is a discussion on the sale of Heritage Hall. She explained that this was supposed to be on the agenda for the last workshop in May but the meeting was cancelled so it was put on this week’s. Fred Redfern stated that he is still in favor of selling Heritage Hall. Chris Mohler stated that a lot has changed in the past few months with Heritage Hall like the Art Council moving from Crooksville to Somerset. He stated that he thought it was going to be maintained for public use but now there isn’t anything being done in there and he would be in favor now of selling it. Chris Rice asked if there was an interested party for Heritage Hall. Tom Collins stated that Joe Messina had expressed interest and for Council not to forget there is a check for $4,400 from the water damage for Heritage Hall as well that he had not found anyone to go in and fix problems yet until Council decided what they were going to do. Tom stated that no one is meeting in there anymore.

Brittany stated that the last item on her agenda is the 2015 Budget for Council to review. Fred Redfern stated that on page two under intergovernmental revenues. He stated that in 2012 and 2013 it is low and in 2014 and 2015 it has jumped up that high. Brittany explained that this can change and this is the number we are budgeting saying we are going to try and collect that much. Local government can change from year to year. She told Council that if they would like this number to be changed, she can change it. Council discussed this in further detail.

Chris Mohler asked Tom Collins to start his agenda.

Tom stated that the first item on his agenda is for Council to discuss purchasing tables from Sam’s Club for the Rec Center. Bill Hampton stated that they have these tables out to the School and they are really sturdy. Council discussed the 6’ and 8’ tables and which was better. Tom explained the pricing of the tables being that the 6’ tables are $49 and the 8’ tables are $99. Tom and Bill agreed that the 6’ tables are better and would most likely last longer. He stated that this would be around $500 for 10 of the 6’ tables.

He stated that the next thing on his agenda is the sanitation maintenance. He stated that he received a quote from Champion Services for pumping approximately 100 tanks for $225 a piece which would be less than what was paid previously. This company is owned by Chris Zemba who was previously part of Zemba Bros. Tom suggested that these need to be done in sections and a street needs picked to start with. Tom stated that we will be locating access lids and if they cannot find, we will locate for them. Fred Redfern asked if they were going to do an inspection and report like was done previously. Tom stated that he believes this will be included in this price but will verify with Chris.

Tom stated that the last thing on his agenda is in regards to radio licensing. This has to do with the two way radios. A county in West Virginia is using the same frequency as we are and they contacted Tom. Tom explained that the gentleman called to talk to him about this and he needed to talk to Ralph about this. Fred Redfern stated that he does not believe this will interfere with us at all. Council discussed this in further detail and Fred Redfern stated that he will take care of this and find out more information and get back with Council.

Chris Mohler asked Brandon Frash what he had tonight. He stated that he needs some noise permits signed for the B&V Snack Bar. He explained that he is still having problems with a neighbor who keeps calling and the sheriff’s department is dispatched if the Crooksville cop is not on duty. Vanessa stated that they have tried to talk to this neighbor and abide by his wishes of only having a couple of bands a month. She stated that the ones that were complained about last year do not play there anymore. Vanessa stated that the noise permit is approved until 1am and usually they quit at 12am. She stated that ultimately they are looking for guidance on how to handle these situations. This was discussed in further detail.

Chris Mohler stated that Council is going into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) Personnel.

Chief Walters stated that he had a letter for Council to look over but feels that this should be discussed in executive session.

Chris Rice stated that the hedges by the Post Office in the alley are out in the alley and he hears complaints daily and want to know when this will be taken care of.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.


Brittany Ross                                                              Chris Mohler

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem