06-23-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, June 23, 2014

Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Jan Driggs, and Chris Mohler. Jeremy Allen was absent.

Mayor Lantz asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany Ross stated that the first thing on her agenda is Ralph Hill with a discussion on Fire/EMS.

Ralph Hill stated that Credence Milner was present and he would like to join the Fire Department.

Credence stated that his dad is currently on the Fire Department and that he has his 120 fire fighter card. He stated that he has heard a lot of good about the Crooksville Fire Department and he would like to make a career out of it by learning from the best.

Ralph stated that he needs to buy turn out gear. He stated that they are $2500 a set and he needs two. He stated that he would like to be approved for four new sets total but two for now and two later as he is having new people being added. Ralph stated that the fire classes for new fire fighters will be free because he received a Fire Marshall grant.

Ralph stated that the next thing he wanted to discuss with council is that George set up the new computers and put the fire house reporting program on there and this program will no longer work after December 31st without an upgrade. Ralph stated that there are other options available that include an online format and will combine Fire and EMS. The approximate cost of this would be $7,000, which will be split between Fire and EMS. The maintenance cost per year would be $1,082, which includes the upgrades and right now the cost is approximately $900.

Ralph stated that the new siren is in and operational as of today. He stated that they tested it within the Fire Department, as well as the County and New Lex Police Department. He stated that the power is shut off to the old building and the controls can be taken out of there now. He stated that he would like for the commissioners or EMA to grant money to make this old siren a disaster siren that can be put down at South Park for elderly people can hear better.

The next thing he discussed was that the squad is completed in Canada. The matter is getting it home because the freight to take it out there was $15,000 from Twinsburg, OH to Canada. He stated that they mentioned shipping it to North Dakota and someone picking it up. The insurance company paid to take the ambulance out. Ralph stated that he will check with the insurance company to see if they will pay for this to be shipped back. Council discussed this matter in further detail. Council told Ralph to let them know once he finds something else out.

Brittany stated that Council has been given a statement of cash. She stated that not everything was paid but Burr Oak has been paid and all of the transfers have been made.

Mayor Lantz asked Chief Walters and Dallas Taylor to come up and explain to Council about the 28th. Chief Walters stated that first of all, over the weekend Officer Carr and he went to an abandoned house with a search warrant and this was the second time that they had found some things. He spoke to the Prosecutor and instead of sending them a letter about a misdemeanor, and the Prosecutor stated that if they find drug paraphernalia they can put a report together and get the owner for providing and permitting drug abuse which would be considered a felony 4 to get the companies attention. Chief Walters stated that he is investigating this angle and the Prosecutor is working with him on this.

Next, Chief Walters stated Johnny Simmons niece is terminal and she is 13 years old and she always wanted to be a police officer. He discussed with the Mayor about letting her ride in the police cruiser for the parade on Saturday. Also, Officer Taylor is putting together a shadow box for her with uniform, shirt, patch and some other law enforcement trinkets as well as naming the 28th her day retroactively and giving her a paper showing this. Mayor Lantz stated that it would be Hannah McClelland day on June 28th.

Officer Taylor discussed this in further detail and stated that he contacted the Ohio Attorney General’s office to make sure this can be done to make her an honorary member for a day. Present this and shadowbox to her at the Fourth of July celebration. He wanted to do this to try and help the family to hold on to one last thing for her.

Mayor Lantz asked Tom Collins to start his agenda.

Tom stated that Council has been given a copy of the two funding scenarios that we may find ourselves in for the Water System Improvement Project. Tom stated that he is confident that we will get the ARC and CDBG money. He stated that until we get a permit to install, we cannot even apply for the CDBG money. Tom explained that the worst case scenario that the annual debt payment would be $200,000 annually. July we will have an extra $109,000 freed up from the Water Works debt that will be paid off as well as the 30-40 water breaks a year that this will take care of, this will not be hard to pay. Tom stated that he will have Alan from M.E. come back in and explain the options to Council that is now available. Tom explained to Council the scoring scale that determined what funding options we would be able to get. Chris Rice asked if this would push the project from starting back to 2016. Tom stated that he believes this is correct and explained to the citizens present that this will include a $3 million grant on a $7 million loan. He stated that this will be a project that will take about a year and a half to complete.

Tom stated that the next item on his agenda is the discussion on Wilson Street. Chris Rice asked Brittany if she found anything out about where to pull this money from. She stated along with Tom that the only place this can be done is from the Income Tax fund. She stated that in the reserve there is a little over $76,000. Tom stated that the $60,000 estimate for a concrete wall but the bid can come in lower. Fred Redfern stated that he would like a bid for each of the proposals. Council discussed in further detail about the three options presented and what it would entail. Fred Redfern asked the residents if a concrete wall would suit them. Bob McClain stated that he has waited eight years and this does not suit him and stated that a trash truck tried to come down that street and a sign is not working to keep traffic off of this wall. Tom asked if temporarily if another concrete barrier would work. This was discussed in further detail.

Fred Redfern stated that he passed out the Village of New Straitsville’s ordinance on property maintenance where they adopted ORC section 93. He stated that we adopted the same code in the Ohio Basic Code. Fred wanted Council to focus on the second item with the fine amounts increasing for repeated offense. He wants council to look into this and maybe amend our current policy to have more strict violation fines. Chris Rice stated that this needs sent to Jan to see what can be done. Officer Taylor explained what we currently have to Council in regards to Ordinance 2257. He suggested that Council look at what we have and what we have seen from New Straitsville and amend to make it better.

Mayor Lantz stated that Council is going into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) Personnel.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Darrell Lantz

Fiscal Officer                                                              Mayor