09-23-2013 Workshop Minutes

Council workshop minutes Monday, September 23, 2013

 Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order.  Present were Chris Rice, Chris Mohler, Bill Hampton, and Fred Redfern. Jeremy Allen and Tim Moore were absent. Tom Collins was present.

The Mayor asked Judy Thomas to go first. She stated that she lives at 246 Sand Street and she has a complaint about her neighbors next door with the rabbits. She explained her medical problems that have arose because of being allergic to the rabbits. Judy feels that nothing has been done with this situation and if she needs to she will get the Governor and Attorney General involved as well as her lawyer. Chief Tysinger stated that he had spoke with her neighbors about cleaning the rabbit pens daily. Judy stated that she never asked them to get rid of the rabbits, just to control the odor. The Mayor told her that he will get back to her on this problem within two weeks.

The Mayor asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

 Brittany advised Council that they have been given a copy of the statement of cash report.

She advised them that on October 1, 2013, the Sewage Debt Service payment of $59,500.00 will automatically be withdrawn.

She stated that Council needed to have a discussion on fences in town. Fred Redfern had given everyone a copy of an ordinance put together as a rough draft for Crooksville.

Council went on to revisit the problem with rabbits in the front yard or certain animals being allowed in town like chickens or goats. Council decided that this will be looked into further to see what surrounding areas do to correct this problem. Chief Tysinger stated that he will get a hold of the Village of Somerset and see if they have any ordinance that may reflect this problem that we could reference to.

Fred Redfern stated that this was the ordinance he has but Jan is stating that she has a different one that he does not have. Overall, the Village of Crooksville does not have an ordinance regarding fences. Chris Rice stated that once we contact Jan and see if she has it, Council needs to look at it as well as the one Fred Redfern has presented and have Jan write up an Ordinance.

Council then discussed the line of sight and not being able to see at intersections. Some of these places include Burley Street, top of East Brown, and the alley behind senior center. Fred Redfern stated that some have shrubs that you can’t see around and are scratching vehicles. Bill Hampton stated that we may be able to put something like this in with the fence ordinance. The Mayor informed Chief Tysinger that these need to be taken care of as it is a law enforcement issue.

The Mayor asked Tom Collins to begin his agenda.

Tom stated that it is time for our annual flood insurance renewal and asked Council if they would like Chris Mohler to go through them individually. They discussed each one and stated that the only one that needs changed is for the Rec Center and they would like to change the building coverage to $80,000.

Tom stated that he had received 410 preliminary points from OPWC District 18 Integrating Committee for the 2013 Paving Grant. He stated that this was 10 points more that we had last year. He stated that Crooksville needs County points and that someone needed to go with the Mayor to the County meeting. The Mayor stated that he needed to take someone other than a councilman. They will put someone on the Committee if there is a tie from the people that are there. The last time we did any paving was around 2008 and that we are against Shawnee for a paving grant.

Tom stated that the large shelter house has three to four leaks in it. Chris Mohler stated that diving boards need taken care of next year. The Mayor stated that he had a lot of problems with the pool this year but they will be taken care of next pool season. Fred Redfern stated told Tom to get an estimate for the large shelter house roof.

He then presented Council with an estimate for a 72 inch Kubota Mower from Buckeye Power Sales with a state purchasing price. Tom stated that we are going to demo this to see how it works against the 60 inch mower. He also stated that we need diving boards and that they will not make it another year. He stated that he thought the boards were estimated around $10,000 and around $10,000 for each of the stands. The Mayor stated that in the chemical room down at the Pool, there is a window out that needs replaced. Tom stated that he will get a price for the diving boards and if there is a state bid on them as well.

The Mayor asked if there was anything else discovered about getting a van. Tom stated that the auction will be coming up the beginning of October.

Fred Redfern asked what the generator was for that he had an estimate in front of him for. Tom explained that this will be for Street, Water, and Sewage so that when there is a water break a set of lights can be ran and is a state purchasing price as well.

He stated that the last item he has on his agenda is a discussion on a 2” water line off of Township Road 196- Allen’s residence. The meter has been bad since 2007 and there have been leaks. He recommended to them to abandon that water line and connect to Portersville water line on the other end. A notary waiver is needed from us for them to connect to Portersville’s water. Tom recommended that we cap their line and keep the meter since we have already paid for it and see if it will work down at the pool.

The other issue Tom stated was with the Crooksville School’s water line. In the EPA report, by September 2014, a new design, fees, permit needs done and if we can get the water line in without the extra expenses by next year, we will be okay with this. If there is a break, the school does not have water. There is an 8” water line from the water plant to the School. If we tie the school into the line on state route 93, the school will still have water if we need to shut that other line down at the water plant. Tom recommended that PCC tie into another line as well so they will not get shut down because they are without water. 

The Mayor stated that Council needs to look into trying to get a local loan and get out from under the USDA loan because they have restrictions on what we can use the Rec Center for.  He stated that there is no penalty for paying the loan off early and there is no harm in going up to the bank and seeing if we can get a better rate.

The Mayor asked if there was anything else to be brought before Council.

Ralph stated that Dallas Taylor was present because he would like to join both Fire and EMS. The Mayor stated that he needs to get his application in. Ralph stated that he has his application and will get it to him.

The Mayor stated that Council needed to go into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) personnel.

Council is out of executive session with no decision made.

Ralph asked if the Village had anything to turn into the State from the flood because it has to be in by Friday. The Mayor stated that there is nothing to turn in.

Fred Redfern stated that when problems come in for the Street department or Water department, they need prioritized because nothing is getting completed.

Chief Tysinger stated that he cited the drivers for BA Disposal on W. Brown Street and another driver.

Chief Tysinger stated that there were 983 hours community service hours. Fred Redfern asked if the list is getting smaller for properties that look bad. Dallas Taylor stated that the list went from around 80 to around 21. The community service workers need to be taken around by the Community Service Supervisor. Tom stated that the workers are needed but the Supervisor needs to take care of the workers.

 Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                               Chris Mohler

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem