07-14-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, July 14, 2014

Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Jan Driggs, and Chris Mohler.

Mayor Lantz asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany Ross stated that the first thing on her agenda was the statement of cash that is only updated through the end of June due to problems with month end.

Brittany stated that the only other thing on her agenda at the moment was that Council had been given a copy of the Burr Oak bill. Council discussed that this was down from the previous month.

Mayor Lantz asked Tom Collins to start his agenda.

Tom Collins stated that he understood Council had questions in regards to the water/sewer service temporary termination for Michael Newlon. He stated that the process for this has been attached on the second page for Council to see. Tom stated that as long as they take care of their part and it is inspected by our guys then it can be approved.

Tom stated that the next item on his agenda was in regards to RCAP courses that Julie Ward forwarded information about. This stated that 50% of Council must attend these courses before receiving the 30% principal forgiveness on Disadvantaged Community Loan Program (DCLP) award. This consists of finance classes and if he is correct, Fred Redfern has already completed these courses within the last five years and this qualifies. Two more Council members would be required to take these classes either online or in Athens. This will pay for approximately $2 million of the loan.

Tom stated that the last item on his agenda was just an FYI for Council that Linn Engineering has approval to begin construction design on Wilson Street. He stated that he sent the PO number. Chris Rice asked if Tom had talked to Tim and Tom stated that he has not because Tim was on vacation. Chris Rice asked if he had a time frame yet. Tom stated that he had talked to Tara and she said it will probably be the end of the month.

Mayor Lantz asked Police Chief Walters if he had anything to discuss.

Chief Walters stated that he did. He explained that he spoke to Larry Rosser about the house on W. Main Street about padlocks because it is always open. Larry boarded the house up so no one can go in.

Chief Walters stated that the Prosecutor’s Office has approved the abandonment of 789 Keystone Street and it will be sent to Sheriff Sale.

He stated that in regards to the Mayor’s Report for June, increased from previous months and July so far looks like it is going to pass June’s. Enforcement has been stepped up the past few months. Chief Walters stated that he will get Brittany a copy of what all the community service hours worked were so it can be added to property taxes.

Mayor Lantz asked Tom Chevalier if he had anything to come before Council. He stated that he was here about a letter he received about a lien being put on his property for water bill that was unpaid for a meter sitting on his land. He stated that no water was being used and he does not understand why he is still being charged when he paid for it. Tom stated that the property at 11550 Snake Hollow has never had a sewer and he has been getting sewage charges on it. The other two places, no one has been there for years and feels no one should have to pay for it. He wanted Council to explain why this is the way it is. Tom Chevalier and Council discussed this in further detail. Tom Chevalier stated that he will take out the water meter and bring back to the Village so he doesn’t have to pay it. The Mayor told him that he can get a permit for utility termination to take care of this, which will cost $500. They discussed a few places that were not being charged but were being looked into.

Fred Redfern stated that he had a few things to discuss. The first was about First Street where the road is falling in. Mayor Lantz stated that the one part is fixed with a culvert but the one on the corner is being looked at to see what can be done.

Fred stated that the next item he wanted to discuss was a complaint he received from his neighbor on E Brown Street needs holes patched whenever we get hot mix.

Fred Redfern stated that the only other thing was in regards to Mark Dalrymple and his raise that wasn’t approved at the previous meeting for him getting his mosquito spraying license. He stated that Mark asked him about it. Tom asked what the raise was. Council thought that it was fifty cents. Tom wanted this put on the agenda for next week. Council stated that this needs to be retro back to when he got his license.

Tom stated that there is no help at the moment to fix these problems because the guys are taking time off to use their comp time.

Tom explained to Council what has been going on with the EPA as well. He also told Council that no one has ever come down to complain at the Village level but has taken it to the higher levels with EPA and others. The current complaint by the residents is that they want the levels checked inside of their homes and that there are flies. This was discussed in further detail about what was going on and what needs to be done. Tom stated that the Village, if contacted, will try to take care of the problem.

Fred Redfern stated that he had a gentleman approach him over the weekend about wanting to purchase dams one and two. He asked Council if they were for sale. Chris Rice stated that nothing was ever done on this that was official. Fred Redfern stated that he feels like we should put these up for sale. Tom stated that the last time it was inspected, whoever purchased these would have to have the resources available to maintain these like the Village does.

Mayor Lantz stated that Council is going into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) Personnel.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.


Brittany Ross                                                              Darrell Lantz

Fiscal Officer                                                              Mayor