07-28-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, July 28, 2014

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Jan Driggs, and Bill Dennis. Mayor Lantz and Chris Rice were absent.

Chris Mohler asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany Ross stated that the first thing on her agenda was the fund summary report that took the place of the statement of cash. The new system will generate all different reports. She stated that it looks a little different but has the same information as before.

Brittany stated that the next item on her agenda is a discussion on keeping half of the deposit on the new tables purchased for the Rec Center. Bill Hampton stated that he thinks this is a good idea. He stated that it is still cheap to rent tables at $50.00 and if $25 is kept as non-refundable that will help with cost of replacing tables and purchasing chairs. Tom stated that he thinks this is a good idea because we had to purchase the ten we received out of the general fund. Brittany asked Council if this needed to be on the agenda to approve next week and they said yes. Tom stated that chairs will have to be bought soon.

Brittany stated that Ralph Hill was next on the agenda.

Ralph stated that he received a few estimates on the 6×6 utility vehicles and he stopped at The Toy Store in Thornville. He stated that with a trailer and winch and power steering is $14,700 with a 7% discount for the Fire Department where a 4×4 is $10,000 from The Toy Store. Chris Mohler stated that it is about a $9,000 payout for a 6×6 split between Fire/EMS and $2,300 each if they would go with a 4×4. Ralph stated that a 6×6 would be better to go with because it would go better. Ralph stated that he was checking on the units that go on the back as well. He explained this in detail to Council about what all would need to be added to make them Fire and Rescue capable. He stated that this would be a great asset to the Village and they could rearrange to have the room for this to be hooked up on the trailer behind the Brush Truck.

Ralph stated that so far they are at 948 squad runs for the year and that they did have a fatality the other day. He stated that his department did a good job at taking care of everything. He stated that the fire runs are a little over 200 right now.

Brittany stated that the last thing on her agenda was a discussion on the Public Records Policy. She explained to Council that every term, there is a three hour training course is required to be done and that if they choose, they can designate a person to go to it. She stated that Marietta is the closest location for this. Chris Mohler stated that council has appointed Marcella to go to this many times. Brittany explained to Council that she is the one that usually handles the record requests. Fred Redfern stated that he feels that maybe Angel should go as well so there are two people trained to handle Public Record requests. Tom stated that all of this information can be pulled off online under the Sunshine laws but it is required for one person to attend the training as well. Council discussed this in further detail and asked that this be added to the agenda for next week.

Chris Mohler asked Tom Collins to start his agenda.

Tom Collins stated that in regards to the RCAP courses, they can be completed online and there is one in the spring time in Athens that Council could attend in person.

Tom stated that just as an FYI for Council, he has a meeting tomorrow with Ken Ohler, from Habitat for Humanity in preparation for the house to be built on Washington Street. He stated that this is in replace of the one that the Village received money from the county to be torn down. Tom stated that the Mayor was handling it but now he is. Jan Driggs explained her extensive experience with Habitat for Humanity and stated how wonderful this is.

Tom stated that in regards to the new waterline project, Alan from M.E. has finished the survey work and they are going to start finding locations for the new lines.

Next on his agenda, he explained that he spoke to Tim Linn about Wilson Street and found that Linn engineering has surveyed the existing conditions last Thursday in preparation of the design work.

Tom stated that Amerine Street will be closed on August 4th and 5th for Hull Pottery Project (USEPA) to patch and seal road from construction use. He stated that all of the neighbors have been notified of this. Bill Hampton stated that he will get a hold of the coaches that may have had games scheduled for these two days and see what can be arranged with parking or rescheduling. Chris Mohler asked if this could be put on the run around channel for the people that still get this.

Chris Mohler asked what the plan would be for this. Tom stated that he is going to maintain this and that he believes that this cannot have anything built on top of this. Tom stated that it can’t be anything that is residential or deal with kids.

Tom stated that the last thing he has is the request to vacate the alley west of Bennett Street by Christy Catalytics. Bill Hampton stated that he does not really want to vacate that alley. Fred Redfern was concerned about how far out the alley goes and is not in favor of vacating this alley either. Tom stated that he thinks more consideration would be given if they wanted to build but their primary reason is to maintain it. Tom stated that Council should have Jan look into the septic system easement that belongs to the Village. He explained that there is a house on one of the properties that were purchased by them and that they would have to get the permit to abandon utilities. Ralph explained that they had spoken to them about this and they approached the Fire Department about burning it. He has until December 1st to burn it but the Fire Department has to wait on Christy Catalytics to take care of their part. Tom asked Ralph if we were going to get a donation out of this due to all of the water that would be used. This was discussed in further detail.

Chris Mohler stated that he had an application for Police Auxiliary for Jason Gard who was an officer here at one point in time before and stated that he would like for this to be added to the agenda for next Monday night. He also explained that he received a report from the police department showing 108 hours worked for the Village and that a couple of auxiliary officers have been removed due to lack of participation. He also stated that there was a breakdown of cases that Council had been given and Mayor’s Court information given from May through today on what has been collected.

Chris Mohler asked about the abandonment being on the agenda. Tom stated that this needs to be on the agenda regardless of how Council votes.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Chris Mohler

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