08-06-2018 Council Minutes

Crooksville Council Meeting Minutes   Monday, August 6,                      2018


ROLL CALL: Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order with the following members present Mr. Rice, Mr. Locke, Mr. Hampton, Ms. Smith, Mr. Mohler and Mr. Loomis. Tom Collins and Jan Baughman were absent. Police Chief Walters and Fire/EMS Chief Hill was present as well.

First on the agenda was Debra Raney with the Perry County Health Department. She is part of the Health Education Division and just wanted to give Council some general updates with some useful information about what her division takes care of as well as information on Tobacco 21. They are trying to attend all Council meetings and Township meetings across the County. The Ohio Department of Health has asked the County Departments to push information about Tobacco 21 to help everyone better understand what may be going on. Ms. Raney passed out a survey for everyone to fill out to see what is known before she explains what this initiative really means. This will make 21 the age of sale for tobacco. The reason behind this is to try and prevent kids from getting addicted to tobacco if they are older before they can buy and makes it less likely that younger kids will start. Perry County does not intend to put this on the ballot but feels that it will be a statewide issue. She explained the divisions that are within the Health Department. They are focusing on active transportation now, for example bike trails and want communities to be walkable and bike able. This funding comes from a grant Creating Healthy Communities and will be looking to partner with a community in 2020. This is a five-year project and will be partnering with 3 communities. Right now they are working in New Lexington and focusing on Carroll Street between Wendy’s and McDonalds as this is a very unsafe area to walk. They have had 9 grant funded programs so far. Ms. Raney gave out General brochures on the County Health Department.

The annual drive thru flu clinic is coming up in October. The reasoning behind this is a mass vaccination practice. This is to help prepare if there is an outbreak and allows people to stay in their car so there is a lower chance of contamination. Support for this would be greatly appreciated. Perry County is asked to do this because they are in close proximity to the Franklin County area.

MINUTES: Motion to approve Clerk’s minutes was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Ms. Smith. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF REPORTS: Motion to approve August Revenue Adjustments to the 2018 Budget was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Mr. Locke. Motion carried.

Motion to approve Mayor’s Court Report for July was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Mr. Locke. Motion carried.

PAID BILLS: A motion to approve Resolution 2018-54 paid bills and payroll was made by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Loomis. Motion carried.

TO BE PAID BILLS: A motion to approve Resolution 2018-55 to be paid bills was made by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Mohler. Motion carried.

TRANSFER: A motion to approve Resolution 2018-56 transferring funds was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Mr. Locke. Motion carried.

PARK & RECREATION: Motion to approve Bathhouse Agreement with Crooksville Schools for the 2018 Football Season was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Ms. Smith. Motion carried.

Brittany explained that the Pool Manager was going to be at the meeting but without an Assistant Manager she cannot leave the pool. One thing the manager was wanting to ask is if the pool can purchase a PA system (speaker) to have for movie nights, etc. There is one currently down there but it is not portable. Jody is wanting to use fundraiser money for this. They currently have $55 left of money collected after purchasing basketball hoops and are getting approximately $56 from Pizza Hut so they would be short about $40-$50. Mr. Locke asked why they would need the speaker being that there are only a few days left and Council responded that this will be used for future pool seasons as well. Motion was made to purchase PA System by Mr. Rice and seconded by Mr. Loomis. Vote went as follows: Mr. Rice yes, Mr. Locke no, Mr. Hampton yes, Ms. Smith yes, Mr. Mohler yes, and Mr. Loomis yes. Motion carried. Jody was also trying to figure out what the last day to work was because she cannot get any guards to work the 14th or 15th so the last day before it would switch to only weekends would have to be the 13th. This would push dog swim to possibly September 8th and would like to ask people that come in for donations to the Perry Animal Welfare Society. Council discussed if it is feasible to keep the pool open for only weekends. Chemicals have to be checked twice a day and Mr. Mohler feels that it will cost more to keep it open during week just for weekends. They were discussing how much the pool would bring in with the costs that goes out to keep this going all week. Tim Bobb does not have the time to check chemicals with everything else going on and being shorthanded.

Mayor Redfern explained that the Main Street bridge will be closing August 20th and this will put a burden on people getting around town. They moved his meeting regarding the Industrial Drive Bridge. There is a lot going on and does not know if it is economically feasible to keep the pool open but this is Council’s decision. Mr. Rice stated that he would like to see the pool stay open but does not want to lose money in the process. Brittany asked Council to let her know what they wanted to do. Mr. Hampton asked about keeping it open an extra week for the weekend of the 17th -19th and being that this is paid for by a levy and feels that it should stay open a little extra with dog day being held on the 20th. Council asked when Wet N Wild was and Brittany explained that she will find out and let them know so they can determine when it should be shut down and asked for them to come back to this in a little while.

Mayor Redfern clarified that the Main Street bridge will be closed the 20th and has to get with the Fire/EMS Chief on safety routes and where the street needs blocked to keep access open to businesses. Fire/EMS Chief Hill stated that he spoke with the Foreman and he said he is going to move back 30ft from the bridge and close it off at the alley. Everyone will have to go out on China at the Fire Station and Street garage. The foreman had already spoke with Jim as well. Mayor Redfern stated that the meeting will be towards end of August with ODOT on the Industrial Drive Bridge. Regarding the railroad, Mayor Redfern spoke with them and there was an agreement made that he gives them a 5-day notice on when we want to plane down the Industrial Drive crossing. He doesn’t think this can be done by the 20th.

Mr. Locke explained that three weeks ago there was a water meeting. They asked to go back to once a week instead of twice a month to know where everything stands. Mr. Locke explained that black top was supposed to start the 23rd of July but he hasn’t seen anything other than out at Brown Circle Drive. There hasn’t been a meeting for three weeks and Mr. Locke made a motion to go back to having waterline project meetings once a week. He believes that the engineers do not want to get involved and just want to let it go. Mayor Redfern stated that he gets complaints before these meeting and just call them but it doesn’t work that simple because it involves the engineer. It is easier to sit down with all parties involved so they can go over problems and what is going on. The communication is worse when these meetings don’t happen. Mr. Locke stated that he needs Council’s backing because the Engineer’s will fight this and he doesn’t think they want to come down here every week. He thinks that somebody needs to be present to push things along a little bit. Motion was seconded by Mr. Rice. Motion carried. Mr. Locke asked Mayor Redfern to email the Engineer office and let them know what Council wanted.

SAFETY: Fire/EMS Chief Ralph Hill stated that hose testing was done today and a couple sections failed so he will be getting a PO in to the Mayor for approval. He stated that he will get the monthly numbers to Council by the end of the week. Chief Hill stated that he had received a preliminary drawing from Pat Kelly on the new Fire Station and as soon as he gets him the estimated cost he will forward on to everyone.

Police Chief Walters explained that the E-ticket writers are online and done and are just awaiting inspection from the State that is supposed to be done on the 27th and then they will be ready to use. Regarding the drug drop box that was donated by the State, Chief Walters would like to get a camera placed on it. He will probably place this right in front of the front door to the side and have this mounted to the sidewalk. This has to be weighed every month when the paperwork is sent in to the State. There cannot be any liquids and is used for prescriptions that are not finished. He explained that Chief Hill was working with him on developing a policy for this. He stated that they are about a week or two out on the Plymouth. He explained to Council what all was done to it to restore/repair the Plymouth.

Jerry Marks was present and explained that the HAPCAP program was great this summer and they were able to keep everything mowed. He stated that he will have to start going after people for community service and start working on the list of properties that the Mayor had put together for their yards needing cleaned up.

BUILDING: Motion to approve Building Permit for Thomas and Linda Moore at 402 Elizabeth Street for a porch with a roof was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Mr. Hampton. Motion carried.

LEGISLATIVE: Motion to approve Resolution 2018-57, a Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Ms. Smith. Motion carried.



EXECUTIVE SESSION: Motion to go into Executive Session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) for Personnel was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Mr. Locke. Motion carried.

Council is out of executive session with decisions made.

Motion was made to make the last day of the Pool being open August 12th with Wet N Wild being the 10th and Dog Day being held the 12th with any Pool Parties that are scheduled beyond those dates being refunded by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Mr. Locke. Mr. Mohler stated that next year Council needs to revisit the celebration regarding the School and the Hall of Fame and should have probably done this. They need an advanced notice and need to send someone to speak to Council about what this event is all about. Motion carried.

ADJOURNMENT: A motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Mohler and seconded by Mr. Hampton. Motion carried.


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