08-13-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes Monday, August 13, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Chris Mohler, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Fire/EMS Chief Ralph Hill and Sergeant Alexander were also present.

  1. First was Tom Maedke with McBane Insurance to discuss and review Insurance Renewal with Council for Automobiles, Property, Liability, etc. He explained that the premium has increased to $33,311 and the Cyber Insurance policy has increased as well making the renewal for that $2,620. This will be on the agenda for approval Monday August 20th. Tom asked where the insurance company stood regarding the tractor that was recently totaled and Maedke stated that he will check on this and let the Village know. This was discussed in further detail. Kathy Maguschak stated that she will be back in a few months to go over with Council what is going on with health insurance and are going to offer to keep the grandmother plan another year. She will start to see renewal offers end of September beginning of October and see what rates are available.
  2. Brittany explained that the gentleman that was first on her agenda was not present tonight so she would move on. The next item on the agenda was the Fund Summary report that was updated at the end of the day with most transfers done and all bills paid.
  3. Mayor Redfern gave Council a copy of the rules and regulations regarding Special Amusement Buildings, Haunts, and Haunted Houses for them to review. The reason he done this was because he had been stopped a few times regarding the Haunted House here in Crooksville. The State Fire Marshall has not finished his report yet and Chief Hill is going to follow up with the Building Code people and give an assessment on the building. There was a fire within the Haunted House and are looking at the integrity of the building. Chief Hill stated that he believes it may not open back up and are awaiting the answers from the State. Tom asked if the owner of this property has been notified. Chief Hill stated that he is getting with the Police Department to get this number to notify him of what happened. Tom asked because this would make the second one close together that would be condemned and need something done about.
  4. Tom explained to Council that the Sheik property has been cleaned up but has heard that things were being questioned about the debris. He let Council know that there were no tires there and Chris Mohler stated that a neighbor come to him to tell him there were tires there. There were pictures taken of before and after the debris and that Mr. Headley would not compromise his business because of something like this. Sergeant Alexander verified that there were no tires there when Mr. Headley cleaned this property up.
  5. The next item on Tom’s agenda was regarding the Park Restrooms. He explained that they looked at the built in place restroom compared to Pre Fabs because of prices. These Built in place restrooms will have three stalls per side with split face block, metal roof, and stainless fixtures. This will cost approximately $125,000 and Council will need to make a decision on this next Monday night on which option to go with. It was discussed on what will be done in house regarding this project as well. This will be added to the agenda for Council to approve the Built in Place restroom facility. Chris Rice asked when they looked at the swings and the safety of them. Tom explained that this was done about three years ago. The hardware was all changed including chains and hooks.
  6. Tom explained that he spoke with Jody today and the pool is closed and is cleaned up except for the concession items they had left.

Mayor Redfern let Council know that they did receive the tables from the school and that they are currently placed on the stage due to lack of space at the time. He would like to thank the school for donating these. Bill Hampton stated that these need locked up to keep them from getting destroyed. Tom explained that they need to get rid of the kiddie lockers as well in order to put new stuff in. The room where the tables are stored includes light bulbs and chairs stacked and asked Bill Hampton if these other tables would fit. He stated that they would if it was organized properly. The lights are currently being replaced as they go out with LED bulbs. Council discussed in further detail about the LED lights and when they are all being replaced and switched over to these in order to save money. Mayor Redfern asked Tim Bobb to keep a record of all the LED bulbs that he replaced.

Scott Locke stated that at the prior meeting, it was voted on to have a weekly construction meeting with Freedom Construction and the engineering firm. He feels that the message back from the Engineering firm was that it did not matter what they wanted or request. There is a meeting Thursday with Waterline Project and he wants to have a meeting every Thursday with Freedom Construction whether the Engineer is there or not. He wants to try and solve some problems. Scott Locke expressed his concern with how the Engineer is handling this project and doesn’t feel like the Village is getting what they are paying for.

Tom asked Council to go into executive session for possible litigation. Chris Rice asked Council to adjourn to executive session to discuss possible litigation.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Redfern stated that he attended the Economic Development Revitalization Plan meeting and explained that he picked up a lot of information. They will have monthly phone conferences to see how everyone is coming along with their plan. Mayor Redfern and Scott Locke sit down and put together a plan that he presented at this meeting. He hopes to work on this and will be sending emails to Council on what they need to be doing to help on this plan. In September, Buckeye Hills is having a similar strategy meeting that Council may want to attend and will be forwarding this information on. The groups that offer the grants will be present at this meeting and will explain what they have to offer your community. These are almost all matching fund grants. Mayor Redfern stated that we need to start setting money back for projects that the Village would like to do. These matching funds are anywhere from 20-25%. These grants are all competitive and have to have funds set back. This is why Council needs to look at this plan and prioritize what needs done. This was discussed in further detail.

Mayor Redfern stated that he would like for Council to revisit the idea of having one trash hauler but is up to Council and needs everyone to work together on this plan.

It was discussed on the alleys needing paved and what needs done with the streets as well as getting things cleaned up.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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