08-14-2017 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, August 14, 2017

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, and Jan Driggs. Tom Collins was present. Chris Mohler was absent.

  1. Tom Maedke and Kathy Maguschak was present to discuss the renewal for Property and Casualty Insurance through Argonaut. Maedke went over all parts of the policy and what it covered and what it excluded. This was a 2.5% decrease in premium from last year. Maedke explained that a certified mechanic will need to work on emergency vehicles like our Fire Trucks or Ambulances as well as crucial parts of all other Village vehicles including steering, brakes, electrical issues, etc. This is to cover the Village in case of something happening. The cyber insurance policy is separate from this policy.
  2. Brandon and Vanessa Frash was present to ask Council for approval to be part of a poker run on August 26th that starts in Roseville and would like to have the Snack Bar as a stop. This would be for UTV’s. Maedke explained that this would be a liability since UTVs are not allowed on public roads, only to go to filling station or trails. Tom Collins explained to Mayor Redfern that he needs to get ahold of Village of Roseville to see how they are doing this and will get back to them once the Mayor sees what is going on. Brandon and Vanessa presented a noise permit for the 19th for a band that will be playing from 8pm- 12pm.
  3. Kathy Maguschak stated that due to being grandfathered in our Health Insurance Renewal isn’t until January but due to requirements by the ARISSA law, the Village will have to have two open enrollment periods with one being September 1st – October 31st and the other being December 1st – January 31st. The other thing she wanted to let Council know is that she is presenting the employees with a Voluntary life insurance policy through Cincinnati Life Insurance and there is a real interest for our employees. The only part on the employer is to have payroll deductions and to be able to have a group meeting. This is a guarantee issue life insurance policy that they will be able to add spouse, children, etc. on and if the employee leaves, the policy will be a direct bill to them. This is available for all employees who average at least 20 hours a week. She discussed this in further detail regarding the options available.
  4. The first item on Brittany’s agenda was a fund summary report for Council to review. This was updated through the end of the day with all bills paid and most transfers done.
  5. Brittany asked Peggy Higgins if she would like to go ahead and go. She wanted to thank Council for hiring her for Pool manager this year and that she had done this for 7 years and she will not be coming back next year. There were 22 pool parties this year but 7 squad runs. She recommended Kaylea Brannon as Manager next year with Maddie Allen as Asst. Manager if they apply for the jobs next year. Mayor Redfern stated that our pool ran great and did well under Peggy’s supervision. Mayor asked Peggy if there is anything that could be improved upon for next year. Bill Hampton stated that Kaylea approached him about some changes she would like to make down at the Pool and he told her she needed to talk to the Mayor or Council about these changes.
  6. Next item on the agenda is a discussion regarding transferring sick time for Brian Bell. Brittany explained that in the ORC this is done between entities and he has 92 hours total that would transfer.
  7. A review of Grant Possibilities for 2018 was next on her agenda to be explained by the Mayor. Mayor Redfern presented three different grants that the Village could be looking into to apply for that the waterline project will not affect. Two were from ODNR and one from ODOT for 2018. Mayor Redfern asked Council to look these over and think of some projects that could be done and he will be bringing it back up for review again at a later time.
  8. The last item on Brittany’s agenda was to inform Council that they have been given a monthly water billing report for July.
  9. Tom reminded Council that the Water Project Pre-Construction meeting will be held tomorrow at 10 am if anyone would like to attend.
  10. The Rigid Pipe Camera demo will be Wednesday the 16th at 10am.
  11. There is a proposal from Jobes Henderson & Associates to complete the Storm Water Development Study that will have a cost of $35,250. If this is approved by Council on Monday night, Alan will be submitting an application to Ohio EPA for a 0% interest loan that will allow us 1-2 years of collecting these fees before the loan will have to be paid back. He asked Council to look this over prior to the 21st and he would like this on the agenda.
  12. Next item on his agenda is an estimate from Modern Glass to replace the front window of the Service Garage on East Main Street. He would like for Council to look this over and vote on this next Monday evening.
  13. Council has been given a timber tally from Buckeye Forestry for Morgan and Perry County Reservoir properties. Tom explained that he and Chris Mohler walked these properties last Thursday with Tim James from Buckeye Forestry. He stated that there is more there than he thought.
  14. There is a copy of a notice of timber sales that Council needs to review, make recommendations, or suggestions if needed before he advertises. He spoke with Mr. Maedke and stated that the insurance requirements will need changed to $1-$2 million from $500,000. He believes that this has to be ran for 5 consecutive weeks in local newspaper.
  15. The last item on his agenda was executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) for Personnel and (G) (2) for Real Estate.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.


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