08-25-14 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, August 25, 2014

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Bill Dennis, and Jan Driggs. Mayor Lantz was absent.

Chris Mohler asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany Ross stated that Mr. Kenneth Oehler was first. Tom stated that he is from Habitat for Humanity and will be involved with building the house on Washington Street. Mr. Oehler stated that he is the executive director for Southeast Ohio for Habitat for Humanity and serve 6 counties in Southeast Ohio. He explained how Perry County became involved in the Southeast portion. He explained that Habitat for Humanity is to help families not give it to them. Mr. Oehler stated the criteria for qualifying for a home from Habitat. This included having to 250-500 sweat equity hours on the house that they are building for them, they have to have a housing need, and last of all, they have to be able to pay a zero interest mortgage payment. There is an income requirement and the house is sold to the family at cost. The money from this is recycled into having money to build new houses. Mr. Oehler explained this program in further detail. He feels that Crooksville is the community that they will be targeting in the near future. Mr. Oehler stated that he feels that this will be starting early next spring and they have not found a family yet to place if there is anyone in mind. He stated that in order to get more information they can call the office and they take care of walking them through the application process. The average mortgage payments for the families are around $400-$450 and that would include the taxes and insurance. Mr. Oehler explained more about the history of Habitat for Humanity and all that they do as an organization.

Mr. Brian Randolph was next on the agenda to discuss turning the Old School into a Haunted School and was told that he needs a noise permit. He explained that it was offered to him to use if he cleans it up. He told Council the history of what he has done and about what he would be doing with the money that is made from this. He stated that he would be opening at 7pm and only be open on Fridays and Saturdays. Tom asked if this was an organization that was doing this. Mr. Randolph stated that it consists of his family and a few volunteers. Mr. Hampton stated that his concern is that there was a fire there and wants to know about the safety. Mr. Randolph stated that they are closing off the room that this happened in. He stated the floors and walls are solid. He explained how he was going to make this safe to Council. Chris Mohler asked who was going to have insurance on this. Mr. Randolph stated that he was going to try through his insurance company and he was going to have the Health Department check the building. Jan Driggs asked about entry fees. Mr. Randolph stated that adults would be $5, 12-6 would be $3, and 5 and under free with adult. He stated that on the 17th of October, if they bring a toy, on the 31st one adult gets in free with a paid adult. On the first, bring a non-perishable food and you get in and the food will go into a local food pantry. Chris Mohler stated that he needs to fill out the noise permit application and turn it in so Council can approve. Fred Redfern stated that he would like to have the Fire Marshall check the building to make sure it is okay for both the Village and for him. Mr. Randolph said that there will be no electricity powered on the inside.

Brittany stated that the last item on her agenda is the Fund Summary Report. She stated that everything was current.

Chris Mohler asked Tom Collins to start his agenda.

Tom stated that up at Peach’s Place, there is a request for a handicap parking spot in front of her restaurant. Police Chief Walters stated that they received a complaint about a car being parked on Main Street where there was not a parking spot and he went and checked. It belonged to an older gentleman who could hardly move around. Chief Walters stated that maybe in that area; there can be a handicap parking spot put there. This was discussed in further detail. Fred Redfern feels that the intersection needs to be clear but he does agree with having a handicap spot.

Chief Walters stated that Joey completed two drug raids. Tracy stated that Mayor’s Court is not too far behind last month. Chief Walters stated that there was a training they attended involving how to handle non-injury and injury accidents. He stated that the auxiliary department logged 88 hours of volunteer time.

Bill Dennis asked Chief Walters why our officers did not have vests on. Chief Walters stated that he feels they are uncomfortable and that they probably should have them. The ones that we do have are older. Bill Dennis feels that this would save on possible worker’s comp claims. This was discussed in further detail about where to get vests and prices for them. Tom stated that he had this conversation with Rodney and Joey about buying vests for them because of the way things are. This was stated that this is a department decision and is not required to have vests. Bill Hampton asked how much the flip vests would be. Joey stated that for one his size it would be around $700-$1200.

Jerry marks stated that in regards to the handicap parking spot there is a law or code from the state against parking so many feet from an intersection. Chief Walters stated that the Community Service Supervisor has had a lot of military duties he has had to take care of and that he has been trying to take them out. Tom stated that there was needed to be a person licenses in spraying for weeds and Mark Dalrymple just received his license and will be spraying. Council discussed the problems with the community service workers and not fulfilling their hours. It was discussed in further details about how to fix this problem.

Tom stated that the next item on his agenda is about Wilson Street and that Linn Engineering’s survey is attached. There may be some complications in regards to there is no Public right of way to Wilson Street. Half of the wall is on Mr. Brown’s property and Tom stated that he is going to have Jan look at this. This was discussed in further detail.

Tom stated that the last item on his agenda is an estimate from Headley Construction for the large shelter house roof. He stated that this is for 5,600 square feet and it will cost $16,222.29. Chris Mohler asked Brittany to put this on the agenda for next week. Council looked at the amount available in Pool & Park fund. She explained that we will not receive a large sum of revenue in until spring of next year. Fred Redfern feels that this will break the fund if we spend this for the roof. Council discussed what has come out and compared the last few years in regards to what has been spent and what has come in. Fred stated that he knows that the roof is needed and wants Brittany to look into if we would have enough money to do this.

Fred Redfern stated that he will not be able to make the next meeting.

Chris Mohler stated that the meeting next week will be on Tuesday instead of Monday at 7pm due to Labor Day.

Bill Hampton asked when the meeting will be held for the aggregation. Bill stated that he just wanted it said as a reminder to get it out there and was suggested that this be put on the run around channel. Brittany stated that the meeting on September 22 will be at 7pm and the one on October 13 will be at 6pm.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.

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