08-28-2017 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, August 28, 2017

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Jan Driggs, and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was present.

  1. The first item on Brittany’s agenda was a fund summary report for Council to review. This was updated through the end of the day with all bills paid and most transfers done.
  2. Next item on the agenda was Fire/EMS Chief Ralph Hill with updates and information for Council. There was a new applicant present to introduce himself to Council, Zachary Alfman. He would like to join the Crooksville Part Time EMS and his mother, Heidi is already on the department. Should vote on his being added to the department Tuesday as long as his background check comes back by then. Ralph stated that he is working on a BWC grant for the Fire side of things and will be trying to get a washer extractor and is waiting on quotes back from companies. He is also doing the BWC grant for the EMS side, which will be for an auto chest compression machine since it’s such a long route to the Hospital. We are still in the running for the FEMA grant that will help with the cost of getting turn out gear. Within 90 days, this grant will open back up for the next year and he would like to apply for this again using the same grant writer as before, Mickey Smith from Ohio First Responders. He will have this on the agenda for approval at the next meeting. The cost for this is approximately $2,700. Ralph explained that he will need to be replacing Medic 216, because it has been costing a lot to get fixed. It is 7 years old with close to 150,000 miles and the warranty expired May of this year. He has been collecting quotes from different places for pricing regarding new squads. This along with information about building a new fire station was discussed in further detail.
  3. Jerry Marks was present to give Council an update on property maintenance issues as well as junk vehicles that has been moved. He stated that the HAPCAP workers did a wonderful job and next year he recommended that the Village get four workers. He asked about the two Police Cruisers that are no longer in use that are sitting down at the Station. Tom stated that he needs to get with Chief Walters on this about what needs to be done. Mayor Redfern explained that Chief Walters will not be in tomorrow.
  4. Council was given a flyer from Hopewell Health Center showcasing their newest addition of a dental office. This is up by New Lexington schools and has services available for all.
  5. Just a reminder, that due to the Village being closed on September 4th for Labor Day, the Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 5th.
  6. The first item on Tom’s agenda was to let Council know that they have been given a copy of the ‘Notice for Timber Sale’ that will be ran in the Perry County Tribune. This included the advertisement dates as well as the bid opening date. He asked Council if there were any questions on this, and there were not.
  7. The next item on his agenda was to discuss the Stormwater Utility Study once more since there was some confusion at the prior meeting. He had asked Jobes Henderson to put together an overview with details on what this Study consists of for evaluating. The application deadline date for this is October 1, 2017. This was discussed in further detail with Tom explaining to Council what all this study will entail and help the Village with. Some members feel that the cost of this Study is high but if the cost to the residents will stay low, they are all for this. Tom explained that until you have a study done, you will not know what the charge should be. He also stated that we do not have to go with the recommended charge but that this will give Council a better understanding because the Stormwater drains need to be done.
  8. Mayor Redfern gave Council a copy of an Economic Development Administration Planning Program. This explains what the State government has available to us for funding for grants and what strategies we may want to use. This should help us move forward with economic growth.
  9. Mayor Redfern asked Council if they had a chance to look over the three funding opportunities for grant, two through ODOT and one through ODNR. He asked if Council had any thoughts or projects that can be done using these grants. Council discussed a trail down at the Village Park being probably the best option at this time. Jan Driggs thought that the one Grant opportunity would not pertain to the Village. Tom stated that the work can be done with the Skid Steer that we currently have if the trail was something that they would like to have done.
  10. Bill Hampton asked where the contractors were with the Waterline Project. Tom explained that they could have started two weeks ago and they are on the clock. It was asked if we had an overseer for the project and Tom stated that we have inspectors with Jobes Henderson.
  11. Scott Locke asked if anything was done with the complaint about a gun being on a property that some citizens were afraid that kids could get a hold of. Chris Rice stated that he spoke to Rodney about it and he explained that he was told it was a BB Gun. Jan Driggs stated that they were concerned about the kids up around there and Bill Hampton stated that the kids should not be allowed on private property anyways. This was discussed in further detail.
  12. Scott Locke asked Tom to explain to Council what he feels the advantages of having this study done since it cost so much. Chris Rice stated that the storm drains are not adequate to carry the water they are supposed to. Scott asked if this study will tell us the location of the drains. Tom stated that this will not help locate the drains but will help us determine what to charge residents based on a study to help at least with matching money to fix our storm drains because we do not have the money for this at the moment. Tom explained that this is a lot more in depth that Council thinks and will give them a lot of answers.
  13. The last item on his agenda was executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) for Personnel and (G) (2) for Real Estate.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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Brittany Ross                                                              Fred Redfern

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