09-10-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes Monday, September 10, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Chris Mohler, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Brittany Ross was absent.

  1. Mayor Redfern explained that he had passed out to Council a copy of information given regarding a meeting being held the third Tuesday of each month for them to call in and listen to an open conversation discussing Community Development in Perry County.
  2. Village received a letter from ISO explaining classifications changing based on Building codes for everyone just for Council’s information in case they are asked.
  3. He has a proposal for discussion about Larry’s Tire Shop. He is wanting to pave his alley and his parking lot. He is wondering if the Village will pay for the paving of the alley or at least half of it. There is a designated alley shown on the map but it is used for his business. Tom wanted the Mayor to bring before Council to discuss as he does not have a comment on this. This is the alley that extends off of Baker Alley. There was an estimate presented to Council to look at and decide what to do. This is a business and generates tax revenue for the Village. Chris Rice stated that he does not feel that we can afford to do anything like this because we need to take care of the main streets before we can consider any alley. This was discussed in further detail.
  4. There is an applicant, Michelle Hampton, present to introduce herself to Council that would like to join Crooksville Part Time EMS. She has already passed her EMT test. She will be on the agenda for approval next Monday night.
  5. First item on the agenda was Fire/EMS Chief Ralph Hill to discuss Fire/EMS with Council. Chief Hill explained that he sent everyone an email letting them know about the grant we received to purchase our new gear and air paks. This has been a long process but got word the other day that the Village did receive this grant. Each air pak cost about $5,400 and getting a second set of turn out gear which costs approximately $2,000 apiece. He will be sending Council the building design, but is still awaiting cost breakdown for the New Fire Station. He will be going for this FEMA grant again to try and get updated rescue tools. There is a Medic in the shop due to DEF sensor going out of it. Approval was given for Henning to fix the Heating & A/C unit for the Fire Station. Chief Hill went over his run volume with Council and explained that they have been transporting into the new ER. Chief Hill explained that he will start having his crews go up Main to 93 and back down Industrial due to Buckeye being so congested.
  6. Tom explained that the next item on his agenda is a job description that he attached for the Police Department to include the job description for the newly created Assistant Chief Position but Police Chief Walters would like for all the job descriptions to be added to the Policies and Procedures Manual.
  7. Next item is just for Council’s information that they have been given information pertaining to construction from Ann Bonner, ODNR Arborist that was passed onto our Engineer, JHA regarding the concern about trees brought forward from Joann Boring.
  8. All three reservoirs are due for inspection by ODNR, Division of Dams. This inspection will take place sometime in September and he will receive a call one week prior to the inspection date. There has been mass dumping out at one of the Reservoirs. Alexander has been taking pictures of this and is currently investigating. The adjacent property owner is concerned with this as this dumping has been going onto that property as well. He hopes this will be cleaned up before inspection but does not believe this inspection will go in our favor because they have not been maintained or really anything done with them.
  9. Tom asked Council to discuss a flat storm water rate for businesses and explained that this needs completed and discussed before the Storm Water ordinance is passed and the plan is to have this ordinance in effect January 1, 2019. Chris Rice stated that this was one thing that the Engineer from JHA stated could not be defended in court. Council discussed possibly costing $1 per ERU for businesses to help keep this cost down but still keep that ERU concept. Chris Rice would like for this to be ran past someone to clarify if this is accepted. Mayor Redfern reminded Council that businesses can get credits. This was discussed in further detail. Council discussed lowering the ERU price for businesses and how to handle this in the future for any business that may try to get a credit. Mayor Redfern stated that he appreciates the discussion and will have on agenda for Monday. They are thinking half of the price per ERU for non-residential. Tom suggested that this be ran across the desk of Jobes Henderson since they completed the Storm Water Study.
  10. Mayor Redfern explained that he was surprised of the increase in cost for materials for Phase 2 Storm water down on China Street. The cost estimate back in 2003 was approximately $86,000 and now would be approximately $253,000 fifteen years later. Mayor Redfern submitted this for FEMA grant. This would be 2-3 years down the road but the engineering part is done. He only had to update the cost.
  11. This is the only plan that was available at the time this grant come up. Mayor Redfern seen what Council would like to see included in the Village Plan and has a couple things he would like to add and thanked Council for the ideas that they added. This will all be used to start building the plan.
  12. Rocky Chevalier was present to discuss with Council his complaint regarding a letter he received about a junk vehicle on his property. He stated that there was no dispute on this but that the Village should obey these laws as well and discussed the cruisers that were sitting out back. Tom stated that he agreed with this and that is why they are not out back any more. Tom explained to Mr. Chevalier that he had been waiting on information to get these cruisers sold. He believes this sounds like an excuse and that if he would have that in Mayor’s Court, it would not have mattered. He asked about the red trailer that sits down by the Rec Center and asked if this can be moved permanently. Tom stated that this has up to date plates on this and if Mr. Chevalier had valid plates on his vehicle, there would have been nothing that could have been done. Mr. Chevalier is stating that he is not disputing the law but bringing up what he believes is a double standard. Mayor Redfern discussed the dilemma with vehicles around town and stated that he does not know the answer other than to keep them licensed and able to move.
  13. Council went into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (2) for Real Estate.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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