09-22-2014 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, September 22, 2014

Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Bill Dennis, and Jan Driggs. Tom Collins was present. Chris Mohler was absent.

Mayor Lantz stated that RobWeilt was present from Affordable Gas & Electric. Rob stated that he was present to discuss and answer questions about aggregation since the election was coming up in November. He explained what aggregation was and how this process would work. Mr. Weilt explained that if a contract is already in place then they will have to get details on how to break it or wait until the contract is done and then they can join this. Mr. Weilt explained this in further detail to Council. Mr. Weilt stated that they would be doing more marketing to get the information about the aggregation out to the residents of Crooksville before the election so they could attend the next public meeting.

Marc Smith was present to discuss prior problems with the Police Department. He stated that he resides at 421 China Street. He stated that over the past six years he has numerous problems with the law enforcement agencies and especially Crooksville Police Department. He feels that proper procedure was not followed for paperwork that people may have to go back and get for certain cases. He stated that he could not get proper paperwork like police report or incident report. Mr. Smith stated that he feels that in order for the Police Department to cover themselves there should be documentation. Mr. Smith stated that he would speak to Council with further detail in executive session and Tom stated that if there is a possible litigation. He explained that Chief Walters has been very helpful and he is not sure what to do because it has to go to an official level to be resolved. Mayor Lantz stated that Mr. Smith could meet with the police department and Mayor after the meeting to discuss what can be done.

Bill Hampton stated that Trevor Piccone was present to discuss with Council about his leadership program that he is working on. He stated that the kids that he is working with are challenged to have 100 hours of community service. Mr. Piccone stated that he would like to have a Halloween Party at the Rec Center to raise money for the animal shelter in Zanesville and proceeds from money collected would be donated to the Rec Center. Mr. Piccone stated that he was looking at the 26th of October from either 2pm to 5pm or 5pm to 8pm and he would need time to prepare and clean up.

Brittany Ross stated that Council had been given a copy of the Fund Summary Report. She stated that this is current, with all transfers and bills being paid. Fred Redfern asked about Water Works Capital Improvement and Roseville Debt Service. Brittany explained that with Roseville Debt Service, the entire year is encumbered and the money is transferred into this every month. Fred Redfern asked if this report will show a decrease every month and Brittany replied that it would. She explained that with Water Works Capital Improvement, the invoice for ME is included in the encumbered balance and we are just waiting on the transfer from OWDA to pay this.

Brittany stated that the last item on her agenda was to see if Council wanted to discuss Mayor’s pay any more at this time. Chris Rice stated that until Council has spoken to Jan on this about if the requirements are allowed then there is nothing to discuss at this time. He feels that all is in agreement but are just awaiting Jan’s opinion on this.

Mayor Lantz asked Tom Collins to start his agenda.

Tom stated that the roof was done last weekend for the large shelter house.

Tom stated that the only other thing he had on his agenda was the current flood insurance premiums. He stated that according to the premium amounts, they are the same as last year. Fred Redfern stated that he feels the coverage should be dropped at Heritage Hall at 14 W Main Street and save approximately $400 a year. He stated that we were supposed to be trying to sell it and maybe if we drop the flood insurance, this will be incentive enough to move forward. Fred stated that he also thinks that the flood insurance for the old municipal building should have zero for the coverage on the building. Tom stated that this one he is talking about is actually for the Sanitation building. The flood insurance for 35 China Street is the Elliot Building. Fred feels that for the rec center, the deductible for 100 S Buckeye should be raised to $5,000 to lower the premium as well as for the fire house. Council discussed changing the deductibles in further detail. The prior two floods that the Village experienced was discussed.

Police Chief Walters stated that the 2009 Crown Victoria was looked at by Tim and they think that the head is cracked. He stated that the cruisers that will be put for sale in Gahanna soon. Joey Carr feels that the car is worth fixing. Mayor Lantz stated that he would like to speak to Tim Bobb about this. This would cost a couple thousand to be fixed and this car only has approximately 90,000 miles. It was decided that this will be looked at and see how much it would be to get fixed.

Fred Redfern stated that in regards to Heritage Hall, it was passed that this was excess property; he stated that we need to get a realtor to look at this and give us an appraisal so we know what to ask for it. It was discussed in further detail about what next steps need to be done. Jan Driggs stated that the realtor will not want anything to give a market appraisal. She stated that she will get a hold of a realtor and see what she can do.

Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.


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