09-25-2017 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, September 25, 2017

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Jan Driggs, and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was present.

  1. The first item on Brittany’s agenda was a fund summary report for Council to review. This was updated through the end of the day with all bills paid and all transfers done.
  2. Next item on the agenda was a Building Permit for David Adams at 330 Delaware Drive for Council to review. Mr. Adams has already started work before realizing he need a permit. He is building a roof from his garage to his home. This will be on the agenda for approval next Monday night.
  3. The last item on her agenda was to let Council know that we have received the initial health insurance renewal rates and that our broker is still working to get our premium lowered with discounts and looking at other avenues. There will still be a significant increase but not sure exactly how much at this time. She stated that Kathy will attend a meeting, probably in October, to go over in further detail.
  4. The first item on Tom’s agenda was to let Council know that several people have interest in removing materials (doors, windows, and etc.) prior to the demolition of the houses. Council discussed in further detail about having a form showing no liability for the Village to be discussed with the Solicitor and that Tom can put together a plan on keeping this organized on who can get what. This was discussed in further detail about how to handle this.
  5. The next item on his agenda was a copy of the Flood Insurance Premiums for Council to review. Tom asked them to note that 35 China Street (the Elliott Building) will be deleted from payment. This will be on the agenda for next Monday night. It was discussed on keeping current coverage or to take the option to increase. Most seemed to go with the increase, which will be the option for approval on the agenda.
  6. Tom stated that he picked Forest Green for the color of the new water storage tank to help blend it in with surroundings a little better.
  7. The last item on his agenda was an FYI for Council that they are planning on holding a Public Meeting to inform Village residents of the Water Improvement Project and to answer any questions they may have. This will be held at the Rec Center during the Workshop meeting on October 9th. This will be advertised on the cable channel as well as on the radio station 107.3.
  8. Chris Rice stated that he would like to discuss raising the rates for the Rec Center from $1.00/$2.00/$5.00 to $2.00 for kids, $3.00 for adults, and $6.00 for families. It has been years since the cost has been reviewed. This would be across the board for all activities at the Rec Center.
  9. Tom stated that he did not have it on his agenda but wanted to remind Council that the Timber Sale bid opening is October 5th at 10:00am.
  10. Mayor Redfern stated that he has passed out to Council a copy of the meeting summary and some resources available that were given to the Village by MORPC. This was discussed in further detail. Mayor Redfern presented them with the Village’s Capital improvement plan with suggestions given by MORPC. Council’s email addresses were given to MORPC so they can also receive important information regarding this. The Village has one vote at the meeting on some of the committees. Mayor Redfern would like for Council to look over the list of projects and let him know if any would be good for us to apply for.
  11. Fire Chief Ralph hill is supposed to complete the Final inspection for the Haunted House this week. The insurance information was presented and the Village has on file.
  12. Mayor Redfern asked TJ Glanemann why there are empty spots on the schedule for EMS and asked what the cause was. TJ stated that there are 4 off on medical leave and a couple of them usually cover at least 24 hours. He stated that they should be coming back for October and this problem should be taken care of.
  13. Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.


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