10-12-2015 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, October 12, 2015

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Fred Redfern, Chris Rice, Billie Smith, and Jan Driggs. Tom Collins was present. Mayor Lantz and Bill Hampton were absent.

  1. Julie Ward was present for the Public meeting with RCAP for the Improvements Project to discuss with citizens the project description and the need for it as well as the cost and financing. She went over the implementation schedule along with the timeframe for application submittals and grant awards. Julie Ward explained the financial assistance options available to residents that qualify based on income limits. The last item Julie had to discuss was to remind Council that 50% have to complete the training in order to qualify for this principal forgiveness. Alan Brown, Project Engineer from IBI Group was also present and discussed with the citizens his background work with the Village of Crooksville.
  2. Corlyn was present from CSA Enterprises to give Council an updated monthly report for EMS billing. She stated that billable transports are down about 16% compared to last year but revenue is still up by about 2% from last year.
  3. Council was given an updated Fund Summary Report with revenue updated through today as well as all transfers done and most bills paid.
  4. Next, as an FYI to Council, they have been given a copy of the Burr Oak bill.
  5. The last item on the agenda is a discussion of the comparison on health insurance quotes. Council discussed the rates not changing and Fred Redfern stated that he would like to keep our current plan without any changes. This was asked to be put on the agenda for Monday night.
  6. Tom stated that the first item on his agenda was to inform Council that Troy Stevenson at 167 Taylor Street is installing a driveway off of Taylor Street.
  7. He stated that the next item on his agenda is that we received the preliminary plans for the Waterline Replacement Project if anyone would like to look at them.
  8. There are new rules out as of January of next year for OUPS (Ohio Utilities Protection Services). Tom stated that three or four of the guys will be going to Athens November 5th for the Excavator Seminar they are hosting.
  9. The last item on the agenda for Tom was to let Council know that Delaney and Associates would be here next week to look at replacing the high service pumps at the plant.
  10. Fred Redfern stated that there are two demolition permits, one for Burley Street that is being completed, and one on E Main Street but this one has not made any indication as to what he was planning to do with the utilities. He stated that this is not marked on the map showing where these should be abandoned and he feels this needs to be done. This was discussed in further detail about tracking all of the abandonments or temporary termination of utilities.
  11. Police Chief Rodney Walters was present to give Council the September Activity Report. He discussed the recent calls and types of cases for September as well as the schedule for the Officers that will be working with their new times. There are also six spots open on the Police Auxiliary and Chief Walters would like to have these filled with qualified applicants by the beginning of the year. Chief Walters asked if it was discussed about Tracy yet. Council stated that they have not. Council discussed with Chief Walters about all the scam calls that residents have been receiving. Chris Rice asked if something could be put on the runaround channel about the phone scams that is going around.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.



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