10-14-2013 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes Monday, October 14, 2013

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Bill Hampton, and Tim Moore. Mayor Lantz, Jeremy Allen, and Fred Redfern were absent. Tom Collins was present.

Chris Mohler stated that Corlyn was present and wanted to give an EMS update. She stated that revenue is up by 10% over last year and billable transports are up by 8% over this time last year. Bill Hampton asked her if she had seen a difference since Sunday nights were added to EMS. She stated that the transport percentage has gone up and that if Council would like to know more information she can provide them with it.

Next, Chris Mohler stated that Pastor Richards and Julie Stalling were present from the Anchor Church. They stated that they had an alley that goes through their parking lot and next Sunday they are having a trunk or treat and wanted to know if they would be able to close this off during this and that it would be on the 27th from 11am- 1pm. Chris Mohler stated that he does not feel it would be a problem. They stated that it would be just where their parking lot is at. Tom told them that if they needed orange barrels to let him know and he will have some brought down for them to use.

Chris Mohler stated that Kathy Maguschak was present to discuss health insurance. She stated that she was here to talk to Council about the early renewal for Anthem. She explained what was going on with exchanges and what this will entail for our policy. If early renewal is chosen, it will lock in our same plan for another year before it will become part of the exchange healthcare that will be starting in January 2014. Council decided to go with the early renewal and open enrollment for this will be November 1st through November 30th. The new reform will only be based on age, geographic location, tobacco or non-tobacco user, and family composition. Kathy made a rough estimate that we will have a potential additional decrease in 2014. She stated that if there are any questions, Council can contact her.

Brittany Ross stated that she has presented Council with a statement of cash for them to review. She explained that the water fund is looking fairly well this month.

Chris Mohler stated that Council has been given a copy of the Burr Oak bill. He stated that this is the lowest water bill we have had for three months. Bill Hampton asked Tom Collins if he had found more water breaks. Tom replied that it has not been possible with the staff we have available at the time because we have two guys doing everything.

Brittany gave Council an overview of the meeting with Tony Veljanoski from OCJS. She explained that he was here to audit the grant money that was received for the marcs radio that the Police Department had purchased. He explained that the Village should have a fund set up specifically for ARRA grant monies to go in and that we should also have a general grant fund to track any grant money we receive more efficiently. She explained that the letter shows what he recommended. Chris Mohler asked if Chief Tysinger was looking to get more ARRA grants and that is why we need these funds set up. She replied that she was unsure but possibly. Chris Mohler told Brittany to put it on the agenda for Monday.

Brittany explained that the current lease of Joe Messina, the current renter of the lots on W. Main Street, is only through November 6th. She asked what needed to be done in order for him to continue renting them lots if he chooses to. There was a discussion on whether he should be there for certain periods of time without moving out and how it is affecting other businesses in town.

Chris Mohler asked Tom Collins to start his agenda.

Tom told Council that they have a letter in front of them about abandoning a water tap out on St Rte 345 from the resident’s attorney. Chris Mohler advised Tom to give this letter to Jan and we can go out and abandon the tap. They discussed a new possibility to the water tap abandonment that will affect how much people will pay and what all is involved to get these done. It is to be put on the agenda for Monday night.

Tom stated that the next thing on his agenda is about the HVAC estimate that he received from Theisen’s for the Rec Center. This estimate includes one option of replacing compressor, which would cost $2,750.00 and another option of replacing the whole unit, which would cost $7,500.00. Bill Hampton asked if this affects the cooling or both the heating and the cooling. Chris Rice asked Tom what he thought should be done and he stated that he would not replace the unit without getting more estimates first. Chris Rice feels that another estimate should be obtained.

Tom stated that the last thing on his agenda is about the water line extensions for the Sportsmen’s Club. He presented Council with a chapter on waterline extensions and the plans that are applicable. Tom feels that plan number two would work the best in this situation. This means that the Sportsmen’s Club would do the construction and the Village would waive the tap fee and pay any engineering costs that would arise. Tom stated that the EPA wanted this one inch line replaced. He stated that he told them that they need to make formal application for water first. Tom stated that they need to make a formal commitment before he gets the ball going. Tom stated that the Sportsmen’s Club needs to take care of the permit from EPA, construction, and whatever else they need to do.

Tom stated that he felt Council should back go back to the water tap abandonment issue. He asked Council if what he and Chris Rice discussed is what Council wanted to go with. Council was in agreement with this.

Tom Collins stated that Council needed to go into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (1) for personnel.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Chris Mohler asked if there was any feedback from the bike riding from Sunday. Chris Rice stated that this went down almost to burr oak and seen some bike riders in Rosefarm. Chris Mohler stated that there were several hundred people that participated in this event.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                             Chris Mohler

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem