10-22-18 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes Monday, October 22, 2018

Chris Rice called the meeting to order. Present were Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Chris Mohler, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Police Chief Walters and Fire/EMS Chief Hill were present as well. Mayor Redfern was absent.

  1. First item on the agenda was a Fund Summary Report that was updated at the end of the day with most transfers done and all bills paid.
  2. Buckeye Hills was present to go over the next step of the Comprehensive Planning Program. Council moved down to the tables set up in order to review maps they have put together. They reviewed and are continuing to review the SWOTs submitted by all of Council. Bret Allphin with Buckeye Hills explained that they put together the maps that they felt most closely went along with Council’s SWOTs and most interesting. The purpose is to provide the information that will help most. These included a population summary broke down by age, household type, etc. This information is collected from the American Community Survey which shows these results with a margin of error. The first map showed the breakdown of residential properties within the Village. A business summary was given to Council to look over as well that is broke down by business code. This will give some context to what businesses are out there as well as the retail marketplace profile. This is broke down by category and shows the demand and supply for this industry. If it is green, there is more demand in your community than there is supply. If it is red, that means people are coming to your community. The only ones showing that people were coming to Crooksville was for lawn & garden equipment and supply stores, beer, wine, and liquor stores, and miscellaneous store retailers. Bret asked if data like this is helpful and if so there are many more things that they have available to help. Bret brought a general Village map and asked Council to circle where they want to focus on as the downtown area on this map so they can do a brief parking overlay. They believe this would be around Main Street area down to Buckeye and along 93. Parking issues was discussed and that Buckeye Hills will do a basic parking inventory where they will highlight the lots there and see if they can get information on whether it is private or public and bring to the Village so it can be used. A lot of the time it becomes a problem of desirability to walk not supply of parking available. Highlighting this issue may make the Village aware of what is available and clarification on if people are allowed to park there on weekends, after hours, etc. Next, Buckeye Hills brought a map showing traffic counts and this shows the recorded number of vehicles that goes through different intersections. This was discussed in further detail in regards to how this will help justify road improvement projects and so forth. Buckeye Hills can perform traffic surveys on any area the Village finds a need for this to be recorded. Council was surprised to find that one has not been done on the major part of China Street or on Main Street. A map has been provided to Council also showing crash counts and the severity of them with the location of where they occurred. Crash data is important for any safety improvement project because you have to meet a certain number of crashes over a period of three years or a fatality. They can narrow these reports to show if these were related to drinking or drugs and even certain times of days and road conditions. They release this crash information to the media and try to right before prom. A map was made also to show sidewalks in the Village of Crooksville and if it is on one side or both sides as well as crosswalks. The final map that they put together showed housing within the Village using parcel data from the County and joined it with information from the Auditor’s data base. This shows the breakdown of classifications. Just because it says vacant residential does not mean it is a vacant home but rather a lot that has its own parcel. Buckeye Hills could try to put together which residential properties are not owned by people. They asked what other information can be given from Buckeye Hills to help Council. Bill Hampton asked about how to do the sidewalk status. They suggested doing a walking survey based off the sidewalks shown on the map provided. Buckeye Hills is going to look into a different way to identify vacant houses and may be able to look into the 911 database and could be more helpful. They will send these informative sheets and maps in PDF form. Bret asked if there are any others maps Council would like to see, for them to please let him know. For the next meeting, it will be held on Tuesday, November 13 due to Veteran’s Day. Buckeye Hills will be bringing back the information that Council gave them from the SWOT analysis and put them into categories and will put together a list as well as resources that will help address those things. The next meeting, will be a discussion on what Council would like to have in the document that Buckeye Hills will be putting together. If there is other information that Council wants them to bring, Bret asked to let them know so they can get it. They will be doing a GPS map of all of the infrastructures within the County and will be doing Crooksville’s after the waterline project is done if Council wants. Bret explained that he will send PDF to Brittany and she can distribute to Council. He asked if this was helpful to Council and explained that this will be put into a packet that they hope will be helpful so in the future they can try to help other communities with this same program.

Mayor Redfern is now present.

  1. Last item on the agenda was to discuss requiring all trash haulers to go to single axle. Mayor Redfern had this added to see if Council Could get a jump on next year to limit trash haulers to single axle. This would be a requirement for all trash haulers and asked Council their thoughts on this. This would help save the alleys within the Village. Chris Rice asked to add this to the packets. Mayor Redfern stated that he will have to ask Jan about any changes to Legislation that would need to be done with this. John Loomis asked if this would apply to all or just residential, and Mayor Redfern explained that this would just apply to residential. Chris Mohler stated that there is a dumpster behind Peach’s in the alley so the trash truck would have to go down that alley. Trash haulers would be limited on these areas. Friday night BA Disposal picked up trash after dark. There was no notification that they had a breakdown and the Ordinance states Tuesdays and Thursdays. Chris Mohler asked if only single axle or a weight limit change. The single axle requirement will reduce the amount of weight.
  2. Jan will update Council on the Surety meeting next Council meeting and Tom explained to Council that they should know what went on.
  3. Mayor Redfern asked Police Chief Walters to explain what his findings are regarding CMI Waste Removal. He explained that he and Jerry are going to do individual reports based on complaints received about them and give to Jan to summons the company heads to court and not grant them a trash hauling permit the following year. Residents have shown their receipts showing they paid to have their trash picked up and it has not been done and CMI will not answer their phone. Tom asked if the company was still in existence or filed bankruptcy or been in town to pick up at all. Chief Walters stated that he does not know if they are still operating or filed bankruptcy but they have not been in town to pick up any trash. Tom asked if Chief Walters had an address for their business and Mayor Redfern stated that it may be worth a trip over there to hand deliver the summons.
  4. Fire/EMS Chief Hill stated that they had over 80 squad runs this month and a handful of fire runs. Mayor Redfern asked if there was any update on the funding on the new Firehouse at all. Chief Hill explained that he has feelers out and awaiting answers back regarding any grants that may be available for a new Fire Station. Tom stated that he thought that a bond counsel was going to do the financing but Chief Hill stated that he was looking for grants that could help. Mayor Redfern asked him if there were any scheduling problems with EMS. He explained that there were but now that most of the people are back from medical leave it is working itself out.
  5. Mayor Redfern apologized for being late and explained that he had a meeting with Mid-East Vocational School.


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