10-28-2013 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes Monday, October 28, 2013

Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Jeremy Allen, Chris Mohler, Bill Hampton, Tim Moore, and Fred Redfern. Tom Collins was present.  

The Mayor asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany stated that Ralph Hill was present to discuss applicants for Part-Time EMS. Ralph presented Jacob Waltemire, who is applying for Part-Time EMS. Ralph stated that Jacob’s father was the Assistant Chief in Zanesville. Jacob stated that he has roughly 1 year fire service from volunteering at Falls Township Fire Department in Muskingum County. He explained that he is in a Fire Service Program at Zane State. He is applying for EMS only. The Mayor stated that these applicants will be on the agenda for Monday night.

Brittany Ross stated that Council has been presented with a statement of cash report to look over. She explained that the water and sewer funds are looking better. Bill Hampton asked if all of the transfers are caught up and being made. She explained that we have been caught up for a while and all transfers are being done each month.

She stated that the next thing on her agenda was a discussion on purchases without PO numbers and not receiving bills and that she keeps getting calls on past due invoices. Tom stated that you need to get a requisition form to get anything and that another instance may be that the vendor is not getting the bill to us in a timely manner. Council stated that it needs to be done in the order it is supposed to be done unless there is an emergency.

Brittany stated that the last item on her agenda was a discussion on the trash ordinance. Fred Redfern stated that this was in reference to trucks breaking down and what actions need to be done. Tom stated that another problem was that we do not have a contract set up and the insurance company does not like it. The Mayor stated that the contract needs to be rebid. Chris Rice said that there should be a contract put together. It was decided that our contract needs changes done to bring it up to date. The Mayor stated that at the next workshop meeting, Council will need to go over the old contract for trash pickup.

Tom Collins started his agenda.

Tom stated that the first item on his agenda was just a FYI that George has been installing cameras. He stated that George has already begun to run wire and it should be up and running soon.

Tom stated that the next thing on his agenda is that since we have the money in the Park & Pool fund, he feels that we should go ahead and purchase the Exmark Zero Turn Mower from Buckeye Power Sales for $14,002.00. He stated that they did no a demo with it and that he thinks the Village should get it. He wants it on the agenda for Monday night for Council to approve.

The last item Tom has on his agenda was about the new water taps. He stated that he has had some people inquiring about if a payment plan is possible to pay the tap fee and wanted to bring it before Council. He stated that when Cloverhill was done, a payment plan was available but did not get their water until it was paid off. Council discussed the pros and cons about allowing customers to make payments. Tom stated that as of right now he has had two people ask him about making payments on the tap fee. Tom stated that he thinks whatever is decided, the money already collected should be non-refundable. Bill Hampton stated that he agrees that it should be non-refundable and strict guidelines set up. Chris Rice stated that 90 days, with three equal payments would be acceptable. Chris Mohler stated that he feels the fees for materials need collected up front. Tom stated that he will look around at what other places are doing in regards to this and get back with Council on what he finds.

The Mayor asked Council if there was anything else that needed to be discussed.

Fred Redfern stated that he feels changes need made to the ordinance for pay in regards to the Mayor. He feels that there should be a set pay amount for a Part-Time Mayor and a set pay amount for a Full-Time Mayor. He also feels that Council’s pay need changed to include docking pay based on how many meetings are missed. Chris Rice feels that he should be able to miss as many meetings as an employee has in weeks off based on how long they have been working for the Village. Fred Redfern stated that this needs done because important items are not being passed because of Council Members not showing up. Tom stated that he think it is 120-140 days prior to the election that you cannot change this and that this would go into effect for the next election, but will not affect this year’s election. Chris Rice stated that the wages need adjusted for a Part-Time Mayor but the Full-Time pay should remain the same. Bill Hampton asked how it will be determined if the Mayor is part-time or full-time? Tom stated that this isn’t based on what your hours are but what all you do; an example would be if the Mayor had a full-time day job and cannot come in until the night, this would be a part-time job. Fred Redfern asked Council what they thought about the pay for Council. Chris Mohler stated that he will not support docking pay for Council members after missing three meetings. Tom stated that he thinks it should be more than three. Chris Mohler stated that he thinks it should be between 8-10 meetings per year. Tom stated that he thinks six would be acceptable and with a doctor’s slip and bringing it before Council; it will just depend on the circumstances. Tom stated that he feels more research should be done on what other Council’s do. Fred Redfern stated that he can look into this some more.

Chris Rice asked what the new number was for earnable wages in order to qualify for service credit in regard to PERS. The Mayor stated that he thinks it is around $600.00.

Tom stated that he feels one regular meeting should be cut out each month and if we need to pass anything as an emergency, we could still have a special meeting. Chris Rice agreed with this. Fred Redfern stated that he does not agree with this because things are not getting done now.

Fred Redfern stated that our streets look horrible and the Village looks bad and that you cannot even get people to mow their grass. Joanne Boring asked about tree trimming and where the tree commission was. Chris Rice stated that it is no longer around because there was an individual running it and now they do not want to. Joanne asked why all of the committees were gone. Tom stated that there is no one that wants to have these committees. She stated that people in the Village need to care about their community and that they are not interested. Joanne stated that people do not even recycle. Tom stated that he got the recycling bins from the County and that we have recycle bins to recycle paper in our Municipal Building. Joanne stated that no one wants to take the responsibility to make sure that recycling gets done and our trees are in bad shape; the tree commission should be around to take care of it. She stated that we need volunteers.

Mayor Lantz asked if there was anything else that needed to be discussed before Council.

Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Darrell Lantz

Fiscal Officer                                                              Mayor