11-10-14 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, November 10, 2014

Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Jan Driggs, Bill Dennis, and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was absent.

  1. Kathy Maguschak was present to go over the Village Health Insurance review/ renewal. It was discussed in further detail as to which would be better for the Village as to stay with what we currently have at an 11% increase or switch to the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance plan with changes for approximately $2,100 less per month for the premium; both still being with Anthem.
  2. Council had been given a copy of the updated Fund Summary Report with all bills and transfers complete.
  3. Council had been given a copy of the Burr Oak bill which has decreased about $3,000 from last month. Mayor Lantz stated that it will probably be up next month because the lines had to be flushed.
  4. Brittany stated that the last item on her agenda was the 2015 Appropriations that Council needed to review. She stated that if there are any changes to be made that she know immediately since the first reading will be on the agenda for next week. Council reviewed this in further detail and received an explanation about how these numbers were calculated and what they refer to in regards to account codes.
  5. Council questioned about BWC claims. Brittany explained that there has been very few BWC claims, only one being from EMS department.
  6. Brittany let Council know that we received a rebate refund check from BWC based on the billion back programs that they are doing. It was about $17,000; which is 60% of the premium paid for 2012.
  7. Council questioned the income tax fund and if money was still being put back. Brittany explained that we transfer $10,000 every month and she has been putting it in Star Ohio to draw interest. It was discussed if there is enough to cover if anyone comes back for the refund they are owed.
  8. Brittany explained that Jack brought her in the hours he spent on mowing and taking care of Highway and the hours for the tractor. It was discussed in further detail on what the State Highway fund could be used for again.
  9. Police Chief Walters stated that they implemented the Mutual Aid Agreement with Roseville on Sunday and they are already answering calls for Crooksville. He stated that the Marcs radios need updated and the Muskingum channel needs put in the radios and he will have to bring Council the amount. Chief Walters stated that the camper is moved from the house where there were complaints. He stated that next week he will have two auxiliary officers to be brought before Council that he would like to add to Crooksville’s auxiliary.
  10. Fire/ EMS Chief Ralph Hill was present discussed Commercial Electronics upgrading our radio signals up on the hill and put another radio up there with a new antenna. He stated that he has portable high bands that need to be reprogrammed in Muskingum County for six radios. He stated that we are getting Marcs radios for free and they will be programmed once received this is from a grant from Perry County EMA. Chief Hill discussed the condition of the vehicles and what needs to be done. On EMS runs he stated that they are around 1,500 runs and last year there were only around 1,400. He stated that Corlyn is doing great at collecting for the EMS billing and she is all set to work with Ohio Attorney General’s Officer for collection assistance. Ralph stated that he needs to get the breakers/ shoreline upgraded so all the vehicles equipment can be put onto this to charge. Council discussed when the Fire Levy money would be coming in. Chief Hill stated that the ATV was used on a rescue as no other vehicle could go back in where the person was that needed help. Chief Hill stated that their annual Christmas banquet will be held on December 13th at 6pm at the VFW.
  11. Mayor Lantz told Council that on November 18th there will be a VA mobile unit from 9am to 2 pm in Crooksville.
  12. Fred Redfern asked questions on the 2015 Appropriations. Brittany explained what the account codes referred to in regards to the breakdown of each fund.
  13. Police Chief Walters discussed the option of combining courts between Crooksville and Roseville because Nancy Nash Ridenour is used for both.
  14. Mayor Lantz stated that he will bring his recommendation before Council next week for Police Officer.
  15. Chris Rice asked about doing a Christmas party for climbing wall and everyone bring a toy to go climbing. It was discussed what all can be done and how they can become involved.
  16. Fred Redfern discussed the letter from the American legion with Council. Council stated that George is looking at this and would be better to wait and discuss when they know something.
  17. Ralph Hill stated that he had one more thing. He stated that at the next meeting he would like for Mark Dalrymple to be appointed to Assistant Fire Chief. He only has to go to the Chief’s symposium.

Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.



Brittany Ross                                                              Darrell Lantz

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