11-12-2013 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes                Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Chris Mohler, Bill Hampton, and Fred Redfern. Jeremy Allen, Tim Moore and Tom Collins were absent.

The Mayor asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany informed Council that they had a statement of Cash in front of them to review.

Brittany informed Council that they have a copy of the Burr Oak Bill in front of them. Council discussed the effects that the major water break on State Route 93 had on the Village and how it will affect the Burr Oak Bill.

She stated that the next thing on the agenda was to let Council know that the liquor permit renewal has to be completed by February 1, 2014 for all businesses that sell liquor. She explained that she received a letter from liquor control explaining the process of what needed to be done if Council wanted to decline any permits. Brittany stated that she would call and get more information on this letter and what needs to be done for this.

The next thing on Brittany’s agenda was to review the old trash hauler contract from 2004. Council discussed how many containers we have in reflection to what the old contract says we have. They discussed all changes that need to be made to bring this contract up to date. Chris Mohler stated that the next year he feels that the leaf pick-up should be done. Chris Rice stated that this would be a good idea anyways. Fred Redfern stated that at the Park it should be collected two times a week March 1st through November 15th. Council then stated that it needs rebid and a new version of the contract needs typed. Chris Rice stated that it needs to be given to Jan to legalize.

Brittany stated that Council has been given a copy of the 2014 Appropriations that need reviewed with a first reading needing done on November 18th.

Mayor Lantz stated that a lot of equipment like wrenches and extensions are missing as well as flash lights and flat shovels. Mayor Lantz stated that not all is a result of someone taking them but some things get broke or misplaced. The Mayor stated that there will be a meeting with employees on how to block off the road with proper signage and about what is needed to be worn in situations like this so they are prepared. Fred Redfern stated that the initial call was around 2:30A.M and it was not turned off until around 5:30A.M because people were not in a hurry to get it done. Fred Redfern stated that Tom cannot train them all by himself. Mayor Lantz stated that no one knows where the valve was. Council discussed different options on locating valves and simple solutions that could be done in order to help employees. Fred Redfern stated that the emergency numbers did not work and there is no one out to the water plant.

Chris Rice stated that Tom has given everyone a copy of his ideas for the water/sewer service disconnection specifications. Chris Mohler stated that he agreed with what all Tom has down and it looked like Tom had a few questions about what the reconnection fee should be. Chris Mohler thinks that it should not cost anything. Chris Rice suggested that an inspection fee be charged and Chris Mohler agreed with this. Fred Redfern stated that we do not have anyone qualified to do inspections at the time. Chris Rice stated that he will stop and discuss with Tom what should be put in the reconnection fee section. Council discussed the payment options for the water tap fees. Fred Redfern asked if the fee will stay $20 for the temporary abandonment when we have a 3% increase. Council stated that it would. They also discussed our debt payments and that the Water Works Debt will be paid after two more payments, one in January and one in July. Chris Rice stated that this should be done by the end of the year.

The Mayor asked Council if there was anything else that needed to be discussed.

Fred Redfern stated that he was called with a complaint about a Business Owner that was not notified when she thought she should have been. She stated that she had her employees come to work and they could not do anything.

Fred Redfern stated that the list of contact numbers needs to be taken up to the County so they know who to notify with correct numbers. Mayor Lantz stated that this will be done once Donna gets it typed up.

Mayor Lantz stated that he learned quite a bit from this water break and hopes that the rest of the guys did as well.

Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Darrell Lantz

Fiscal Officer                                                              Mayor