11-13-2017 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, November 13, 2017

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Jan Driggs, and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins was present. Chris Rice was absent.

  1. First item on her Brittany’s agenda was the Fund Summary Report that was updated at the end of the day with all bills paid and most transfers done.
  2. The other item on her agenda was just to the burr oak billing spreadsheet for Council to look over. She stated that the last bill we received was the lowest she has seen in quite a while.
  3. Tom stated that the first item on his agenda was to inform Council about the monthly construction meeting that will be on Thursday the 16th at 9:00 am. He stated that the Mayor and any Council members who has comments, questions, or concerns should attend.
  4. The next item on his agenda was an update from ODNR. The dam fees are increasing in 2018 by approximately 15%. Mayor Redfern stated that he met with the Health Department today and last week with Ohio EPA and Health Department regarding the cleanup of tires out at the reservoirs. It was suggested by the Health Department to block off the roads to prevent further dumping but don’t know how this will affect the harvesting of the timber. He explained that he will speak with Morgan County Sheriff’s department to see if this could be patrolled. This was discussed in further detail. It was suggested that maybe the harvesting crew could throw logs across the entrance to the reservoirs or tree tops to prevent anything from being taken or from anyone dumping trash or other debris. Mayor Redfern stated that he is supposed to get back with the Health Department on what Council’s thoughts were on this situation.
  5. The Nature Works grant ($29,724) the Village submitted was not approved but the CDBG Grant was approved through the Commissioners for $35,000 for the Park Restroom Facility. Tom is asking Council how they would like to proceed with this project and if they want to utilize Capital Projects Funds for this. He explained that Council will need to make a motion for this next Monday night if they would like to move forward and how they are wanting to move forward. He stated that he would like for the Park & Pool fund to pay back into the Capital Projects fund so this fund isn’t depleted.
  6. Next item on the agenda is an explanation on the service line replacement. Tom stated that all galvanized or lead service lines must be replaced by the property owner. Notice will be given by the Village once determined by the Engineer’s inspector that the line is galvanized or lead. Tom asked Council how much notice will these property owners be given to replace these lines. We will have to send out the notice to the residents whose lines need replaced. He suggested 60 days and asked Council’s thoughts on this. This was discussed in further detail.
  7. The last item on the agenda was regarding Christy Catalytics and the submittals for building plans and access driveway off SR 669. This will include a demolition of a building as well. Tom stated that he spoke with ODOT and that Christy Catalytics will need to get a permit from them as well as submit a Village building permit as well as a demolition permit. John Loomis stated that Paul Construction pulled their quote today and that they have not decided on a new contractor yet. John Loomis gave a timeline on what Christy Catalytics had to do and what their plans were. John explained that there will be a lot of materials setting around until the building is demolished and the new one built due to this going to be a warehouse for storage of the materials. Tom asked John if Christy Catalytics wanted to revisit the matter of the alley and he stated that he is almost positive they would. Tom stated that he wouldn’t have a problem with it as long as there is an agreement for an easement for underground utilities, etc. He explained to John that this is something they will need to reintroduce to Council at a later date.

James Justice, owner of 239 Cemetery Street was present to talk with Council again about the property next to this, 245 Cemetery Street. He stated that Carla Blosser should not have been allowed to move in a mobile home as he states it is against the Village’s ordinance. He explained that she received a permit. He has brought forth this to Council before and is back again to see if anything could be done. Tom asked him if he hired an attorney for this because the Village’s Solicitor had been in contact with his lawyer before regarding this situation. Mayor Redfern told him he needs to work with his attorney so they can work with the Village’s Solicitor to try and resolve this because there needs to be a legal opinion. Mr. Justice stated that he will have to get a new attorney to look into this further. He stated that he has spoken with Police Chief Walters about this.

  1. Council went into Executive Session for possible litigation.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

Chris Mohler explained that he spoke with Fire/EMS Chief last week about putting in a paper with the water bill possibly explaining what is going on with the new fire station and what will be done and that the siren will not be moving, etc. This will help all the residents understand why we need that space. Mayor Redfern stated that he looked at a system that Zanesville fire put in their gear room, it off gases. This is a new filtration system that cost them $21,000.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.


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