11-13-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Billie Smith, Chris Mohler, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Officer Rick Saylor was present as well. Chris Rice, Scott Locke, and Bill Hampton were absent. Fire/EMS Chief Hill was absent as well.

  1. First on the agenda was Buckeye Hills to present the next step of the Comprehensive Planning Program. The goal of tonight was to discuss the common ideas that were presented on the SWOTs submitted. This part is more important because they are looking for feedback from Council. Buckeye Hills are trying to provide resources and give Council some things to think about. Bret would like to know how Council feels about the findings presented. The top thing that came up was the Park and Rec Center as well as trying to establish a Walking Trail. This was discussed in further detail about what Council was looking for and if there has been much discussion regarding this. Melissa discussed the CDBG funding that may be available to help with the Rec Center repairs that may be needed also. The next item to discuss was downtown and what Council would like it to be. Buckeye Hills give Council different options and recommended getting a hold of Heritage Ohio to help get a detailed downtown analysis to evaluate. There may be funding available to help pay for this to be done. A historic district could possibly be established. The parking data was presented that Buckeye Hills had found and put together. They asked if there were specific hours and let Council know that it should be a last resort to tear down a building for parking. Jason went over his findings on parking and gave some thoughts as to what this information could be used for. Tom reviewed what was presented and let them know that certain places, parking would not be allowed. It was discussed about making parking have a two hour limit but then you would have to enforce and this could be an issue. There are not a whole lot of resources to help existing businesses. The state can help assist using APEG with preventing any type of reduction in labor force or closure. Bret recommended Mayor Redfern go along on the visits from APEG to PCC because he feels they would be helpful to all parties. Bret asked Council to keep tax abatements in mind. It was discussed about historic preservation and which more cost effective, remodel and renovate or tear down and rebuild. Buckeye Hills discussed exterior property maintenance and let Council know that he has some codes available that he would share with Crooksville in regards to what other communities are doing. Tom explained that the biggest issue is getting Council on board to do this. Bret explained why this is where the enforcement is lacking. The next item is to discuss the Land Bank that is available in Perry County and how great an asset this presents. Bret has been in contact with the operator of this land bank and let them know that they could be working with Crooksville in the future. Tom asked if they are going outside of New Lexington. It was explained how land banks work and how they are funded from taxes on these properties that are sold. There were a lot of comments regarding transit in the Community. He discussed this in further detail and about Perry County having one of the best in the Southeast region. The transit is available for everyone and is reasonably priced. Bret said there were several comments regarding negative feedback and comments with no participation from citizens. Council explained that they hear them out on the street more than during meetings. Bret asked Council to consider letting citizens interact with them in numerous ways to let them know you want their input. He stated that the Village has a great website. There were many concerns about flood information. Tom explained that the meaning behind flood concerns was regarding building in the flood plain and Mayor Redfern feels that a gauge is needed to measure water levels to help inform the Community. Bret encouraged Council to remain in contact with Buckeye Hills staff about current projects. Mayor Redfern asked how many communities they know of that has an ordinance regarding planting near curbs and sidewalks and if this would be a good one to have in place. Bret asked if there were any issues that they did not discuss or if there is something they would like them to do more on. The next meeting they will have the needs assessment to present Council with and then this can be used to plan more in depth based on what the next step is. There are many other resources available that will be brought next time to share with Council. Jason gave Council an updated map showing which properties were not owned by individuals to compare to see if it helps with vacant issues. Buckeye Hills will be back on November 26th.
  2. Shane Dorsey was present to discuss with Council about renting the Rec Center for youth basketball. He explained how this was going to be handled at the beginning with games held at the school and only using the Rec Center for practices. He explained that this was not affordable and would be willing to give the Village the gate money since the sign up money has already been used for jerseys and tournament fees. They will keep the money they make off the concession but are explaining that they cannot pay the $25 an hour for practice as well as give gate money. It was decided that the Village would get the gate money, they would not have to pay the $25 an hour for practices and they can keep the concession money. Practices will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays with the older kids practicing on Thursdays to share the gym with the Climbing Wall. Shane explained that he can make it a requirement for the parents to drop their child off for practice and wait outside or come back to pick them up to keep any children from running around. The specifics of what needed done and who needed to handle certain things were discussed in further detail. Tom suggested Shane get with Bill Hampton about charges for games and what to do.
  3. The next item on Brittany’s agenda was a fund summary report that was updated at the end of the day with most transfers done and all bills paid.
  4. Next on the agenda is a discussion on the Stormwater Utility. Mayor Redfern explained that Grant had provided him with examples of how other towns used the credits for commercial or industrial properties because he would like to have this finalized. Tom explained that there would not be any credits because the rate was cut in half for non-residential properties. Mayor Redfern stated that Grant recommended they not do it this way because there will be over $10,000 in loss. Tom explained that this would have to be taken back for vote if it is needing to be changed again. He feels that they need to finish this up and thought there was supposed to be a public meeting. Tom asked Mayor Redfern if he wanted to follow up on this.
  5. The last item on Brittany’s agenda was a discussion on vacant property registration that has been brought up before. Mayor Redfern stated that he feels this is necessary to know who owns which vacant properties.
  6. Tom stated that the first item on his agenda was the Park Restroom Update. He explained that there were no bids because of problems within the specs because it would not be possible for the amount shown. He discussed this in further detail.
  7. The next item on his agenda was a petition presented from Township Residents regarding water being brought up to be available at these resident’s homes. He asked Council what they would like to tell these people and explained that if someone else would like to start this that they can. Chris Mohler stated that this is not a project that can be completed at this time.
  8. PCC would like to meet to see where they may be able to park some of their vehicles. They have over 340 employees and some need moved in order to move snow and have a place to put the snow. They may be able to park in front of our old Municipal Building or get a hold of Misty Reed or the Dairy Queen property in order to see if they can park there.
  9. Council has been given a copy of the Bridge Inspection Reports for review from ODOT. This was discussed in further detail. The Village has no scale in order to check weight on the trucks that go back and forth. Tom asked the Mayor to contact them in regards to this instead of him.
  10. There was a quote for a truck cap for the new Dodge Ram 1500. The price with installation was $2,746.80 and is a commercial cap with front and rear glass for the meter reader.
  11. The last item on the agenda was a discussion on naming the alley off Industrial Drive where all the trailers are Ferguson Alley to help with locating these homes. This was decided to be discussed at a later date when all of Council is present.



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