11-24-14 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, November 24, 2014

Mayor Lantz called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Jan Driggs, and Chris Mohler. Tom Collins and Bill Dennis were absent.

  1. Council had been given a copy of the updated Fund Summary Report with all transfers complete and most bills paid.
  2. Council discussed which debt payments would be coming off soon.
  3. Fire Chief Ralph Hill was present and discussed with Council having two part time people taken off and looking through applications now to replace those to.
  4. Chief Hill also explained that it is still moving along with the estate money that included Crooksville EMS in receiving a portion but did not have any more information than that at this time.
  5. Chief Hill gave Council an update on everything going on with the department. He also explained that we will be getting a new 50 foot section of fire hose because the last one was ran over by another Fire Department.
  6. Mayor Lantz stated that Police Chief Rodney Walters along with Jeff Slack and Tom has been looking at the cruisers at surplus. They are going this week to look at them and possibly get them. This was discussed in further detail. Mayor Lantz stated that we will check with Jan Baughman to make sure this could be taken from the Police Equipment Replacement fund.
  7. Chief Walters stated that they would like to get the cameras that hook onto the vest for the drug busts to catch anything they may miss. Mayor Lantz stated that he wanted him to bring this before Council.
  8. Chief Walters explained about the policy in place for bad roads. This was to let them know what the order of call should be for snow removal. Mayor Lantz stated that Mark Dalrymple knew how to handle that. They discussed this in further detail.
  9. Chris Rice asked Ralph about the breakfast and if it was advertised. Ralph stated that there are fliers and on the run around channel.
  10. Mayor Lantz asked Police Chief Walters about the bikes that we are storing. Council discussed what to do with them. It was stated that it would be a good idea to put on the run around channel about a last chance if anyone was missing a bicycle before donating them to the church.
  11. Mayor Lantz asked Bob if he had anything and he wanted to know if there was a date set for the wall to be done. Ruth asked if they would get their money back. Council stated that it would be discussed on whether or not they can get their money back that they paid for a lawyer.
  12. Fred Redfern wanted to discuss giving Jack a raise from $9.50 to $10.00 per hour. Mayor Lantz stated that once Tom was back this will be discussed too. This was discussed in further detail.
  13. Fred Redfern asked about the demolition permits for the house on Mill Street and the one on E Main Street. Council discussed this and the process that needs to be done. Brittany explained that Fra Mor completed their abandonment permits but they have not been checked yet.
  14. Police Chief Rodney Walters stated that Officer Taylor resigned and will be going to New Lexington Police Department.
  15. Fire/EMS Chief Ralph Hill asked if there were any recommendations for someone fixing roof leaks. He explained that they have patched it before but they are starting to leak again. Council suggested asking Matt Headley about doing this.

Mayor Lantz adjourned the meeting.


Brittany Ross                                                              Darrell Lantz

Fiscal Officer                                                              Mayor