11-26-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes Monday, November 26, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Chris Mohler, and John Loomis. Asst. Police Chief Bryan Alexander was present as well. Tom Collins was absent as well as Fire/EMS Chief Ralph Hills.

  1. First on the agenda was a Fund Summary Report that was updated at the end of the day with most transfers done and all bills paid.
  2. Mayor Redfern wanted to discuss with Council Capital Improvement Projects for 2019. He explained that he had two gentlemen from HAPCAP visit him last week and wanted to make sure that Crooksville had an opportunity to apply for CDBG funds. They discussed projects that the Village would like to be done and Mayor Redfern explained that Crooksville had been working with Buckeye Hills. Based on this discussion they felt that Crooksville should apply for a Neighborhood Revitalization grant for $500,000. He would like Council’s input on what projects they feel should be on here. He stated that sidewalks and curbs are on the list along with paving, rec center rehabilitation like the roof that is leaking along with HVAC if eligible and walking trail at the park with some security lighting. HAPCAP thought that these were viable projects to apply for but Mayor Redfern asked what Council would like to add to it or take from it. The match is zero and the Village can do in kind but the scoring is better if money can be put into this as well as the county commissioners adding money into this as well. Chris Mohler asked what the scoring would be on different projects. Mayor Redfern stated that they were not able to be at the meeting tonight. Bill Hampton would like to see sidewalks and curbs. Mayor Redfern suggested focusing on a specific area for sidewalks like China Street or Buckeye Street to the Park. Chris Mohler would like to see sidewalks and curbs too but want to know what can give the Village the most points. Mayor Redfern stated that it is not suggested to put it all into one project because multiple projects are favorable. Chris Mohler suggested adding lighting/electrical upgrade down at the Park. Chris Rice asked if maybe they could just give the capacity to hook up lights along walking trail. Mayor Redfern explained that once these are prioritized, the list will be sent out to residents for them to score which they feel is priority and this is what is used. Mayor Redfern stated that he also added on doors for the Rec Center allowing $25,000 for this, $250,000 for the Rec Center roof/HVAC/ plumbing, $125,000 for sidewalks/ curbs, and $100,000 for a walking trail and security lighting. Council would like to see sidewalks that are currently in place to be fixed before new sidewalks are added. It was also discussed about regulating what trees can be planted around sidewalks and curbing. This was discussed in further detail. Mayor Redfern stated that he will contact Buckeye Hills regarding this so when they come back, they will have what we need put together for these projects. Mayor Redfern asked if the Village should get Phase II of the Storm Water Utility done under the Critical Infrastructure grant. Council thought so and Mayor Redfern stated that he can ask and see what can be done. Different parts of the grant are covered while other parts are not and can be discussed further at a later date.
  3. Next item on the agenda was a discussion regarding health insurance coverage for employees. Brittany explained what Kathy Maguschak has sent her regarding the response from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Anthem will not give the Village a rate reduction of any kind. She sent over a few different options. She could not make it to discuss this evening but can the following Monday. There was another grandmother plan available with a higher deductible and higher office visit cost that would result in a 2% increase. Council is looking at this as a favorable option as the renewal date is January 1st. This was discussed in more detail and will have this to vote on next Monday evening.
  4. Council went into executive session per ORC 121.22 (G) (5) for matters required to be kept confidential.

Council is out of executive session with no decisions made.

A citizen stated that she does not agree with being charged for runoff water. Mayor Redfern stated that a lot of towns are doing this. She explained that some residents cannot afford this. The cost will be a residential rate of $2.54.

Mayor Redfern stated that the only other thing he had was the report from Jerry Marks regarding Community Service.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.



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