12-09-2013 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes                Monday, December 9, 2013

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Bill Hampton, and Fred Redfern. Tom Collins was present. Mayor Lantz, Jeremy Allen, and Tim Moore were absent.

Chris Mohler stated that Ralph Hill would not be present this evening.

Chris Mohler asked Brittany Ross to start her agenda.

Brittany informed Council that they had a statement of Cash in front of them to review.

Brittany stated that Council has been given a copy of the Burr Oak bill. Chris Rice and Chris Mohler stated that they thought the bill would be higher. Bill Hampton asked if this bill includes the water break loss on it. Chris Mohler stated that this did. Tom Collins stated that he thinks this bill is extremely high and the loss from the water loss was only about 200,450 gallons and if you multiply that by .002 it’s a lot but not that much. Chris Mohler stated that he doesn’t think the bill has been $38,000 ever. Tom stated that the lowest bill for Burr Oak was around $34,000. He stated that it should average about 8 million gallons.

Chris Mohler asked if there were any questions on the cash report.

She stated that Council has a list of the trash haulers in front of them and that they were all sent the new application.

Brittany asked Council if they would do a month-to-month lease for Joe Messina, who is renting the lot on W. Main Street because he doesn’t know how long he will be there. Jan stated that regardless, there has to be a lease. Council discussed the lease and stated that he cannot have a month-to-month lease but if he wants to stay there he has to sign the 90 day lease.

Brittany informed Council that OPERS starting January 2014 has to be reported monthly regardless of when paid. She wanted to see if the Fire and EMS Chief can be paid monthly instead of quarterly because of this change and to make tracking purposes easier. Chris Rice stated that it can possibly be done as long as there is no legislation in place saying otherwise. Council asked if this would make things easier and she stated that it would be.

Brittany stated that Council has been given a copy of the OPWC loan invoices and all of the OWDA payments that are due January 2, 2014 for informative purposes. Chris Mohler asked if she can give Council a report showing the list of the loan names, the amounts due, and when the payments are due/ how many are left.

Tom Collins began his agenda.

Tom stated that the first thing on his agenda was that Council had been given a copy of the Burr Oak Water District Minutes.  He stated that his concerns were highlighted on the back about THM’s. He stated that we are one of the satellites and have high THM’s. We have to start sampling again and give us a specified period of three month time frame to get this done. Chris Mohler asked if this was from our dead end lines or sitting in tanks over in Saltillo and wanted to know where these THM’s are coming from. Tom stated that there is no organic matter in ground water. Council discussed this further.

Tom stated that the next thing on his agenda is in regards to the Small Government Program. The Village of Crooksville did not make the cut for the Public Works grant. He stated that Council has been given a list of ideas to increase our chance of getting Small Government Grant for our Street Paving Project. Brittany stated that with the last total she got from the County and with the Village the total in Permissive tax is about $86,400. Tom stated that in order to get the Grant, these recommendations need done. Tom stated that the Small Government application is due December 13th and the meeting is December 18th. January 2nd, the applicants selected will be sent to OPWC and then it would probably be July before this project could get funded as long as we get picked. Council discussed how many points would be received for completing the recommendations provided by RFG Associates and how the points are figured up. Tom stated that he feels Council doesn’t have a choice because the citizens will be complaining. Further discussion was held. Tom recommended that for 2014, in order to help keep streets in better condition, get one trash hauler in the Village instead of multiple haulers.

Chris Mohler asked if there was anything else to be brought before Council.

Fred Redfern stated that the Mayor told him that the Fire Department has been washing their vehicles in the wash bay and the Village vehicles has to wait to be washed. He stated that they should be suspended. Tom stated that when the back hoe was going to be washed, they had to wait for someone washing their personal vehicle and that if it was up to him, it would be towed. Tom stated that this is considered theft and Council agreed with suspension or dismissal as a consequence. Tom stated that the Municipal Building was broken into and three batteries were taken. Fred Redfern stated that the Mayor stated he was going to take care of the water theft. Chris Mohler asked if there was a list of who was using the wash bay. Fred Redfern stated that there is no list and no names mentioned.

Chris Rice stated that the climbing wall opened last week and there have been 10-12 people so far.

Chris Mohler told Tom to tell the guys thank you for their work Friday night and with the snow, as well as the water break on Vaughn Street. Chris Mohler stated that there were valves that were hard to get on or off and that they need to be replaced as we go. Tom stated that they will get done. Fred Redfern stated that they need to get ordered since the mag meters are still sitting there and asked what is needed to get them installed. Bill Hampton asked how much it would be to get them installed with a contractor. Chris Mohler stated that he believes it would cost between $8,000 and $12,000 and Tom stated that he thinks probably around $4,000. Chris Rice stated that when we get ahead a little bit; we can start putting money towards this. Bill Hampton asked if this was something that should be invested in quickly and Tom replied that right now would not be a good time to put them in because of the water breaks and the weather. Chris Rice stated that the mag meters and the loop in the high school should be on the top of the list to be done. Fred Redfern stated that things are not getting done as they should.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.

Brittany Ross                                                              Chris Mohler

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem