02-26-2018 Council Workshop Minutes

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, February 26, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Billie Smith, Bill Hampton, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Bill Dennis was absent. Brittany Ross was absent.

  1. First item on Brittany’s agenda was Chris Sparks from Christy Catalytics. He explained that he had one more proposal/ offer for the Village. Christy Catalytics will hire an engineering firm and have them lay out the parking lot/drainage and check the current drainage there. They will pick up the complete cost of engineering, installing drainage, and give Village the utility easement if the alley is vacated. He asked that Council discuss this and let him know if they can move forward with this. This was discussed in further detail. Chris Rice asked Chris Sparks to let Council discuss and get back with him on this. Bill Hampton stated that he does not have a problem with Christy Catalytics doing it this way and believes that we should move forward with this. Tom stated that his stance hasn’t changed but he does not have a vote in this. Chris Rice stated that he does not want to consider this without having new pipe and they are willing to do that. He wants to be sure that if we do something that it will not ruin things for future use. Tom explained that there is more than what Council realizes entailed with drainage and other things. He does understand their need for it as well as the Village’s need for Storm Drainage and believes that if it was done to the Engineer’s specifications and willing to do all of this, he is not against the easement but is unsure if this will get done. He is explaining that there is more to it than just giving them the easement. Tom recommends if Council does move forward with this, that their Engineer works with us and that there is nothing on their property collected via storm water, he is willing to help do our part but it all needs to be done with exact language that there is nothing built over it. Tom stated via email that he would like to have the engineers look at it, the storm drain issue and come up with engineering and the Village finds it acceptable then we could move forward. Bill Hampton asked John Loomis if he would be able to relay this to Christy Catalytics. Scott Locke stated that he agrees with Bill Hampton but believes that this is only if they bring back an acceptable engineering specifications. Tom stated that maybe him and Chris can get together and get a hold of the engineering firms regarding this. Scott stated that the approach that Chris brought tonight made him feel better about the whole thing. Council believes that the Village and Christy Catalytics is on the same page now. This will be a maintenance easement. Tom stated that he would go over to Christy Catalytics tomorrow and discuss further with John before approaching Chris Sparks with all of this.
  2. Next item on the agenda was regarding the fence permit for Kyle James. Mayor Redfern explained that there was one part that wasn’t signed off on and they were supposed to remark lines and he changed it to put in two 6’ fence gates for Village access to the septic tank if ever needed. This will be on the agenda for approval at the next Council meeting. This has already been started but Mayor Redfern stated he can move forward since the lines were marked and everything is okay.
  3. Mayor Redfern stated that he spoke with Lonnie Maley regarding Pelican Missions requesting to use the Pool House showers for workers from July 28th through August 3rd for these Church Mission Workers. They will need to negotiate times for this but Council is okay with these workers using them. Mayor Redfern stated that he will pass on to them.
  4. The next item on the agenda is regarding a sign permit for James Bates for Main Street. This is for the sign on the window.
  5. Boyd Sanitation will be voted on Monday night and has all of their information for Council to vote on their trash hauling permit.
  6. The division of liquor sent information wanting to know if the Village has any objections to them issuing a liquor license for 826 China Street.
  7. Last item on Brittany’s agenda was a Fund Summary report that was updated at the end of the day with most bills and transfers done.
  8. Mayor Redfern stated that a couple of the ladies that were walking in the Rec Center wanted to know if they could use their silver sneakers to walk there. Information needed was contact information, dues for entrance, and annual maintenance fee. This is if we would use the silver sneakers for them to pay. This would involve putting in a card swipe machine. This was discussed in further detail about getting them a senior discount and giving one of the ladies a key to get in.
  9. Tom stated that the first two items on the agenda are just for Council’s information. First was that Bill Dennis will be out for the next 2-3 meetings due to health reasons. The next item was that a representative from Verdin Clock will be here Wednesday, March 7th between 9-9:30am.
  10. The last item on his agenda is a discussion on whether or not to submit the application to replace the Industrial Drive bridge. Tom explained that he has attached an outline for if we would apply for Public Works money. It was estimated at $1.1 million to replace the bridge and it is in dire straits. Chris Rice stated that this needs done. Mayor Redfern emailed the engineer back that $100,000 was a rip off but once explained what is entails, he understands a little more. Tom believes that $175,000 isn’t too bad for us to pay out considering how much the total cost would be. The cost of adding a sidewalk is approximately $75,000- $80,000. This was discussed in further detail and the application is due by March 1st. Tom explained that this will be about $4,100/ year with 0% interest loan.
  11. Mayor Redfern stated that he has a couple of correspondences to go over with Council. One was from MORPC regarding an opportunity zone available regarding properties to use as a community development tool. He also had a reminder about the CDBG available that we may be able to use for projects as well as ARC grants, and the OWDA water/wastewater funds available if there were any other projects the Village wanted to do.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.

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