Council Workshop Minutes 07-09-2018

Council Workshop Minutes Monday, July 9, 2018

Mayor Redfern called the meeting to order. Present were Chris Rice, Scott Locke, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, Chris Mohler, and John Loomis. Tom Collins was present. Bryan Alexander and Ralph Hill was present as well.

  1. First on the agenda was Alan Brown with Jobes Henderson as well as Jim, who completed this study to discuss and review the Stormwater Utility Study with Council to see if they had any questions before the next steps are made. They discussed the credit program that may be available for larger non-residential users and that they could possibly get up to a 50% credit but only believe that 10% may take advantage of this. Jim explained why having a flat rate is not legally defensible or equitable. Jobes Henderson has a recommendation for the Village of charging $4-$6 per ERU but the Village has the final decision on how much to charge. There was a discussion on alternatives to implement these Storm Water Utility charges. Jim explained the need for this to be put in place as it is a user fee and an enterprise fund. The process and findings of the study were discussed in further detail including the Cost of Service Analysis that shows proof for the need of this Strom Water Utility charge. Having this fund will relieve the General fund and Street fund a little bit. Jim recommends having it written in the legislation that the first money someone pays on their utility account will go towards the storm water first.

Alan Brown explained that regarding the Water Project, CDBG will now be releasing those grant funds to be used since the surety has stepped in to take care of the finances for Freedom Construction. There are still schedule and quality issues but sub-contractors are now being taken care of by the Surety. The problem is that the CDBG has a schedule and could grant an extension, which is usually 6 months so this would allow the funds to be used through May 2019. The scheduling is still a problem and that looking at their time frame continuing at the pace they are at; they are not 50% done. Alan asked Council to keep in mind they are going to allow an extension but if nothing changes with Freedom, this will still not be enough time. Tom stated that he would like to see what they have expended thus far and he does not want Council to wait until last minute to decide what needs to be done. Tom expressed his concern regarding the quality of work that has been done. Tom explained that at the construction meeting they are having on Thursday he will stress to Freedom that if they cannot get that bore done under Industrial Drive bridge then there will be no more cutting of streets. Tom asked Alan if they could shut down the main line crew and have them go back and complete all that they have done thus far including paving before they complete main line again.

  1. The next item on the agenda was Gary Kinney and Kaylene Cochran to discuss having a Fundraiser for the pool and asking Council for approval. They explained that they would like to have a 24-hour game night from July 27th– July 28th. They will keep the concession stand open the whole time as well. The goal for this is to raise enough money for three basketball hoops at the pool. They plan to charge $5 per person without a pass and $2 if they already paid for season pass. If they do not raise enough from this fundraiser they would like to have a four corner donation like the boot drive. They are asking Council if they would allow this since it will be open 24 hours. Council told them that this is fine for them to do.
  2. Next on the agenda was a discussion on the closing date of the pool. Council discussed finding out when school starts back up and Tom stated that they will get with the Manager to discuss with her before this is determined.
  3. There is now a recycle bin down at the park for the pool and Brittany is asking for Council’s thoughts on this. Tom stated that he does not want this down there because it will just be another dump spot. There is a recycle bin down by the Rec Center that everyone uses. Brittany explained that Jody sent her an email asking if this could be put down there. Mayor Redfern stated that there is already one down there. Chris Rice stated that Jody needs to have this removed and Mayor Redfern stated that he will have this taken care of.
  4. Mayor Redfern explained that Missy Lundell called and would like to have a pool party for the Hall of Fame on July 30th and that there are 4 guards and Manager that is willing to donate their time and wants to know if she would still have to pay the fee for the Swim party. Tom explained that they should be at the meeting to present to Council. Council stated that she needs to pay this fee as stated in the Ordinance.
  5. Next item is a review of the updated District Solid Waste Management Plan. Mayor Redfern explained that they sent a sample resolution for the Village to adopt as well as information about what was changed. Being that the Village of Crooksville is a participant in this, they have to pass the resolution that accepts the updates to this plan.
  6. Council has been given a Fund Summary Report that was updated at the end of the day with most transfers done and most bills paid.
  7. Council was given a copy of the estimated annual payments that the Village could be given for the Proposed Fire Station. Bond Counsel shared an excel sheet that allows you to input the amount you want financed and shows the payments based on different interest rates and number of years financed. Brittany explained that based off of $1.5 million financed for 30 years at 6% showing worst case scenario, the annual payment would be $108,984 with a breakdown from Fire and EMS transferring $4,500 each monthly to cover this cost. This was done just to give Council a general idea if we had the highest rate and highest amount financed. There are no new numbers yet from Pat Kelly and until then, we would not be sure which cost to look at.
  8. Last item on the agenda is that Council was given a copy of the current Burr Oak Bill to review.

Fire/EMS Chief Ralph Hill asked Council if they all received his email regarding the FEMA Grant. This money will go to replace all of the SCBAs as well as the PPE. The information is all being verified and are just waiting to receive. The grant is for approximately $80,000. Chief Hill let Council know that he will get last months’ run numbers to Council by the end of the week.

Lee Murphy was present and asked Council if he could speak. He explained that there were kids out at approximately 2am letting off firecrackers and going on personal property from park area up the street and asked if there was a curfew. He explained what all happened. He asked if a neighborhood watch could be put together. Bill Hampton stated that the problem is getting people to volunteer. Officer Alexander explained to him that this is being taken care of as they know who the kids were doing this. Officer Bell had chased one of them and Scott Locke asked if there was a report done on this. Alexander explained that there would be one done by Bell. John Loomis asked Lee if his neighbor caught any of them on his camera. This was discussed in further detail. Mayor Redfern explained that there is no program at this time. Mayor Redfern agreed with Lee that the town is getting worse. Lee Murphy stated that it falls back on these kids and their parents for showing them no different. Mayor Redfern stated that they will try to keep a better eye on things.

Mayor Redfern stated that there is nothing else to come before Council.

Mayor Redfern adjourned the meeting.


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