Council Workshop Minutes 11-23-2015

Council Workshop Minutes    Monday, November 23, 2015

Chris Mohler called the meeting to order. Present were Fred Redfern, Bill Hampton, Billie Smith, and Jan Driggs. Tom Collins was present. Mayor Lantz was absent.

  1. The first item on Tom’s agenda was to inform Council that the new water line plans have been submitted to OEPA for approval.
  2. Next item on his agenda was to let Council know that Levi Dickerson passed his Class I Sewer license; now he has a class I in both water and sewer.
  3. The last item on his agenda is that authorization for the Fiscal Officer to sign Service and Billing Department time cards, approve comp time request, and approve sick time off and vacation time in absence of Village Administrator. He asked that this be on the agenda for the first meeting in December for Council to approve.
  4. The first item on Brittany’s agenda was to inform Council that they have been given an updated Fund Summary Report with revenue updated through today as well as all transfers done and most bills paid.
  5. The next item on her agenda was a discussion on putting the utilities in the property owner’s name. Fred Redfern stated that he was still waiting on Jan Baughman to get back with them about the result of the vote from the prior meeting.
  6. Next on the agenda is the discussion on trash hauler bid packets. Fred Redfern stated that Council needed to go through Jan’s recommendations and finish up on what needs fixed in order for this to be complete and ready. Council discussed the complaint procedure, changes to proof of insurance as in allowing them to provide after winning bid to keep expenses minimal. Fred Redfern explained that he would forward all the changes they have agreed on to Jan so she can finish up the bid packet.
  7. The last item on her agenda was a discussion on adding an extra police officer to the department. Fred Redfern wanted an idea on how much it would cost. Brittany explained that based on this year and what we have set for next year; we are already at our expense amount for next year. She explained this in further detail about it and what could be done. She stated that they are already at the limit for next year and that adding Tracy pretty much took what we had to take off for Corder leaving the department so adding another officer would be a complete additional expense. This was discussed in further detail about hiring a part time and keeping them under the hours to keep cost low on fringe benefits.
  8. Fred Redfern stated that we definitely need someone for property maintenance.
  9. Chris Mohler asked Chief Walters about an auxiliary officer moving up but they all have full time jobs. He asked Chief Walters to advertise for the part time position.
  10. Council discussed going to a single trash hauler in more depth with B.A. Disposal as well as Boyd Sanitation. They disagreed on people wanting to choose their own trash hauler compared to saving money and which is the best way to go. The overall request from the trash haulers is to put it on the ballot to allow the citizens to vote. It was then discussed about going to single axle trucks and what that would save. Tom asked about trash haulers still being in town with businesses because the bid packet is only for residential. Overall, the trash haulers feel that if Council would make it a requirement to have single axle or/and putting trash on streets then this would not have to be done and they can all continue with their business as normal. Chris Rice stated that we need to look at this last alternative to try and save money by going to a single trash hauler. All the options need to be looked at before a decision can be made.
  11. Tom asked if we were going to continue and do the third reading the first meeting of December. Chris Rice stated that it cannot be put out for bid until 30 days after so it will be beginning of January before any decisions will be made.
  12. Bill Hampton stated that he as well as several other volunteers scrubbed and waxed the floors in the rec center so if anyone wants to see before all the chaos begins in there. He thanked Chris as well as all the other volunteers and that basketball is getting ready to start.
  13. Fred Redfern asked Council their opinion about hooking up the sound to the cameras to have it on the cable channel.

Chris Mohler adjourned the meeting.

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Brittany Ross                                                              Chris Mohler

Fiscal Officer                                                              President Pro Tem