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If you feel your water bill is too high and you have not increased your day to day consumption, you may have a leak. Two of the most common leaks are associated with faucets and toilets.
If your toilet leaks, you may be wasting enough water to keep a small creek flowing. Don’t assume that your toilet doesn’t leak because you can’t hear it. A toilet has to leak 250 gallons a day before it can be heard. A quick check can be made by completing the following steps:

Water and Sewer Rate Schedule

Below you will find the schedule for water and sewer rates. These rates were effective with the January 2016 regular meter reading.

Monthly Water and Sewer Rates

In Town RatesMinimum Bill (First 1000 Gallons of Water Usage)$40.31 $25.75
Usage Over 1,000 Gallons$8.49 per 1000 gallons$6.44 per 1000 gallons
Storm Water RatesResidential ( Residential properties are assigned 1 ERU)$2.54 per ERU
Non-Residential ( Non-Residential properties are assigned number of ERU’s based on the impervious area of the property$1.21 per ERU
Out of Town Water RatesMinimum Bill (First 1000 Gallons)$55.17
Usage Over 1,000 Gallons$8.49 per 1000 gallons
Sewer (Based on water usage)Minimum usage for 0 – 1000 Gallons $26.52
Usage over the first 1000 Gallons $6.63 per 1000 Gallons
Sewer Rates
(Ceramic Road South/SR 669 Area)
Residentially MeteredMinimum Bill (Up to 2000 Gallons) $52.00
All Usage Over 2,000 Gallons $5.00 per 1000 gallons
Sewer Rates
(Ceramic Road South/SR 669 Area)
Non-Metered $67.00
Industrial Water and Sewer RatesMinimum Bill (First 1000 Gallons of Water Usage)$159.15 $159.15
Usage 1001 to 100,000 Gallons$4.78 per 1000 gallons$6.63 per 1000 gallons
Usage above 100,000 Gallons$4.64 per 1000 gallons$3.55 per 1000 gallons
Storm Water RatesNon-Residential$1.21 per ERU
Minimum Utility Bills, Including water, sewer and Storm Water
In Town Minimum BillResidential$69.37
Non-Residential$66.83 plus Storm Water (based on number of ERU’s)
Industrial$318.28 plus Storm Water (based on number of ERU’s)
Out of Town Minimum BillWith Sewer$81.69
Without Sewer$55.17
Out of Town Sewer South Area$107.17
New Water TapsIn Town Water Tap Fee$2000.00
Out of Town Water Tap Fee$2500.00

Minimum Utility Bills including water, sewer and storm water

Stormwater Utility

The Village has developed a Stormwater Utility (SWU) program to create a dedicated fund for the repair, replacement, maintenance, equipment, and administration required to operate a stormwater management system. The SWU charges are not established as a tax on the residents of the Village of Crooksville; these charges are established as a utility usage fee, similar to a water or sewer fee.
The following document explains how the rates were determined for residential and non-residential properties within the Village:
Below you will find the schedule for stormwater utility rates. These rates were effective on January 1, 2019.

Monthly Stormwater Utility Rates

Residential1 ERU (Equivalent Runoff Unit)$2.54
Non-Residential1 ERU (Equivalent Runoff Unit)$1.21

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