The Village of Crooksville has two major parks: Village Park, which is located at the north end of the Village; and South Park, which is located on the south end.

Village Park

Village of Crooksville - Village Park Entrance
Entrance to Village Park

Village Park can be accessed from China Street and North Walnut Street.

The amenities at Village Park include:

  • 26 acres
  • Municipal swimming pool
  • Fishing pond
  • Tennis courts
  • Playground equipment
  • Two shelter houses
  • Athletic fields
  • Football stadium

South Park

Village of Crooksville - South Park - Playground Equipment and Athletic Field
South Park Playground Equipment and Athletic Field

South Park can be accessed by Amerine Street from South State Street.

The amenities at South Park include:

  • 10 acres
  • Playground equipment
  • Athletic fields
  • Batting cages


Reed’s Station Park

Reed’s Station Park was developed in honor of Crooksville’s Founding Father, Jacob Reed. The original name of the Village was “Reed’s Station”.

Reed’s Station Park is a little “get away” park on West Main Street near Moxahala Creek. The park has a wooden fence, water fountain, brick walkway and beautiful shrubbery.

Shelter House Rental Information

There are two shelter houses in Village Park, one large and one small, that may be rented for parties, reunions, etc. The rental fee is $50.00 per shelter house per day. You are permitted to rent out both at the same time if needed.

For more information about renting a shelter house, please go to the Shelter House Rental page.