Clay Center of Ohio

In addition to being rich farmland, the area surrounding Crooksville and Roseville had deep veins of clay and coal, which resulted in the creation of thriving pottery and coal mining industries. According to Bob Frame’s book, “What Is There To Write About In Perry County?”, the communities of Roseville and Crooksville were known as The Pottery Center of the World. 1

At the Clay Center of Ohio, you can learn more about the legacy of pottery in the Crooksville and Roseville area.

The mission of the Clay Center of Ohio, formerly the National Ceramic Museum and Heritage Center, is “to create, share and preserve experiences through clay”.

  • Clay Center of Ohio
  • 7327 Ceramic Road
  • Roseville, Ohio 43777
  • Phone: (740) 319-0138
  • Facebook Page
  • Dale Hague, Director

1 “Pottery Festival connects two villages for 50 years”, Zanesville Times Recorder, July 9, 2015.